Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto
Eat like a local in Kyoto

Eat like a local in Kyoto

Kaiseki, tachi-gui stand-and-eat restaurants and jostling for bentō boxes.

  • Private &

  • 4 hours

  • From
    $86.25  USD
    per person
    based on 8 adults

  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
    (including English)

What you'll do

In Kyoto, the number of foods you’ll try is only restricted by the size of your appetite, so come hungry! Jostle your way through the 400-year-old Nishiki Market in downtown Nakagyo - a large, central district -  where you’ll find all of Kyoto’s popular street foods in one mouth-watering place. Keep things moving with a quick trip to a 100-yen sushi bar and have a draft beer in an intimate izakaya, a small local bar where you’ll share small plates of crispy kushikatsu, or take your time at a traditional kaiseki (a traditional, multi-course meal) restaurant in Gion, Kyoto’s central geisha district. For a uniquely Kyoto experience shared with your local insider, enjoy steaming gyoza dumplings and a cold drink as the sun sets over Kamo River. 


What you'll do

Christened “the kitchen of the Imperial Court”, Kyoto has retained its 1000-year status as a culinary capital in Japan. With your host playing the dual role of ingredient explainer and menu decipherer, let the smells of street food guide you down a five-block marketplace filled with spectacular snacks – from seafood-stuffed dough balls under a blanket of unfurling bonito flakes, takoyaki, to fresh beef sushi (yes, beef!) The epitome of Japanese haute cuisine, kaiseki, is a must-try for any foodie. And if you’re feeling adventurous? Try tako tamago, a quail egg-stuffed octopus, or slurp up fragrant green tea noodles in a city known for its uji matcha. Veggie-lovers can dig into ultra-umami okonomiyaki – also known as the “everything pancake”.


  • Eat like a local in Kyoto
  • Eat like a local in Kyoto
  • Eat your way through an especially food-obsessed area of Kyoto with a local host who’ll suggest dishes according to your taste

  • Have a formal sit-down dinner, or simply snack on a variety of street foods

  • Experience local food traditions, like eating gyoza dumplings riverside at the sunset

  • Learn about the history of Kyoto through food – from centuries-old Nishiki Market to traditional kaiseki dining

  • Have your helpful host on hand to translate, order, explain and recommend any dish

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • Private and personalized experience
  • 4 hours with a Host
  • 6-8 tastings of various local food specialties
  • A glass of sake, wine, beer or soft drink
  • Walking experience (if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options)
  • Hotel meet-up (available on request for central location)

What’s not included

  • Food and drinks (other than the ones included in the experience)
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

Cancel 14 days before the experience for a full refund

How does it work?

  • 1 Tell us about you!

    Tell us about you!

    Once you book, fill in a quick questionnaire and tell us what you’d like from your experience.
  • 2 We match you with a host

    We introduce you to your perfect local

    Build your perfect experience together
  • 3 The best part!

    The best part!

    Experience the city like you would with a knowledgeable friend living there

If you’re unsure about what experience to book or would like more information on how it all works, just email me here. I or someone from our Customer Experience Team will get in touch so we can suggest the perfect personalized experience for you.

If you prefer to speak to someone, feel free to send us your WhatsApp or cell number and we’ll give you a call back.

Reviews for this experience

A must-do for foodies.

I originally had this tour planned for Tokyo, but I'm so happy I ended up doing it in Kyoto. The food was absolutely delicious. Honestly best food I had in all 3 cities I visited in Japan. Eko is an awesome guide. Very helpful, good taste in food and just fun to talk to. If you love food like I do, definitely go for it.

October 2019

Reviewed by A. S , hosted by Eko Heru

Reviews for Kyoto

Juraj - probably the best tour guide ever!

We had a half day tour of Kyoto with Juraj. It´s probably the best walking tour we´ve ever had. He´s passionate about his city and just loves showing it off. We had a perfect mix - a bit of history, culture, etc. Yuri is an exceptional guide as he is highly intuitive and so can quickly see what you want to do or don´t want to do. An exceptional guide!

Reviewed by Debbie S, hosted by Juraj

Perfect Day in Kyoto

We spent a perfect day In Kyoto with Airi as our guide. Her English fluency was excellent which made communicating with and learning from her very easy and enjoyable. She took us through Ginkakuji, Gion and Nishiki market, and shared her local knowledge of the shops and food stalls. Everyone in our family had a wonderful time, and we’re already looking forward to our next visit to Kyoto and spending more time with Airi!

Reviewed by Albert S, hosted by Airi

Kyoto: Private Customized Walking Tour with a Local

Although not a native Japanese, Tanya is an experienced tour guide. She knows a lot about Kyoto as well as the history and culture of Japan. She contacted us in advance with a proposal for the private day tour based on our interests. She even managed to bring us to a temple, where a traditional ceremony was held. Thank you for this unique experience Tanya!

Reviewed by Michael B, hosted by Tanya

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