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    Why see a city with City Unscripted?

    Private & personalized

    Our experiences are private and tailored to your wishes. No two City Unscripted experiences are the same because no two travelers are either.

    Knowledgeable, friendly hosts

    Knowledgeable hosts

    Our hosts are carefully selected based on their deep knowledge and love for their city, and friendly and hospitable personalities.

    Perfectly matched

    After booking, we’ll ask you a few questions to match you to the perfect host, so you feel like you’re being shown around by a friend.

    for every type of traveler

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    Shore excursion
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    Experiences for every type of travelers City Unscripted

    We don’t do deals with restaurants, shops or attractions so you’ll always get unbiased recommendations from our hosts!

    What’s so special about our hosts?

    We handpick only the best hosts through a rigorous selection process, from diverse ages and backgrounds and with unique interests, but all share these exceptional traits


    They possess an in-depth understanding of their city, allowing them to create unique, personalized experiences that take guests beyond the beaten tourist path.


    Our hosts are friendly and outgoing and can swiftly transition the relationship to a friendship rather than an awkward one between strangers

    Organization & commitment

    Our hosts personalize experiences that exceed expectations while remaining flexible and committed to providing guests with an unforgettable experience

    What our guests are saying

    Aw we’re blushing!

    City Unscripted asked what I was interested in and my host delivered! I enjoyed my time in the city and learned a lot. My host was well-informed and engaging. I highly recommend this, especially because they really listen to what you are interested in and deliver!

    Mar 2023


    We had a tour with Mirko who showed us how to truly enjoy the best of Bologna history and the food. Would highly recommend booking with him. His deep knowledge of the city and genuine interest in giving us the best possible tour was definitely worth it.

    April 2023


    Gabriel let us see a side of Tokyo that we otherwise would not have seen. He led us through Shimokitazawa, where we enjoyed one of the local specialties: Japanese curry. We got to explore small streets and a few stores. This was a great tour, and I’d highly recommend Gabriel.

    May 2023


    Latest reviews from our guests

    Aw we’re blushing!

      Had a nice sincere easy to talk to host, can’t complain.

      May 2023


      Anne D

      Gerry was really patient and knowledgeable!

      May 2023


      Babafemi O

      Ce fut une très belle visite et notre guide connaissait très bien sa ville et son histoire. Ce fut très agréable et il s’est très bien adapté à notre volonté de connaître la ville de Bologne. C’est un excellent guide. It was a very nice tour, and our guide knew his city and its history very well. It was very pleasant, and he adapted very well to our desire to know the city of Bologna. This is a great guide.

      May 2023


      Anouk L

      She was a perfect match for my sons and I. I really appreciate the the match and how engaging she was with my 3 twenty something sons. She also followed up with some great reading recommendations. Thank you for making this a great part of our trip.

      June 2023


      Pamela S

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    Hi! We're Nick, Yunna, Anna, and Joakim – the founders of City Unscripted.

    When we look back on our most memorable travel experiences, they're connected by one common thread: the people. Our friends in the countries we've traveled to have given us a profound understanding of their city's spirit and soul. Seeing a city through a local lens makes it so much more than a destination; it becomes a second home. These intimate connections with people and places around the world are what we want to replicate for you with our diverse network of incredible hosts from all ages and backgrounds. Between them, we'll find your perfect match – consider us your friend in the city.

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    Trip planning via video call
    Plan your perfect trip with help from a knowledgeable local via a zoom call. From things you should know before arrival to advice on the best areas to stay to top things to do, best places to eat, and tips on avoiding tourist traps, you’ll get the insider info to make your trip unforgettable!
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    City Unscripted Zoom with a local
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    Over 35,000 guests perfectly matched to their host

    Our post-booking questionnaire gives us essential information about you and what you want from your experience with us. We can then match you with the best-suited host who will personalize the perfect experience for you.