• Private experience, tailored to you

  • 4 hours

  • Matched to your ideal host

  • Walking tour (may use public transport)

  • Hosted in English (On request: French, German, Spanish)

  • Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

Things to know


    We had a great time hopping around to different local spots down by the waterfront and then headed up to Capitol Hill for some delicious Palestinian food and a couple of drinks!

    September 2020

    West L

    The experience started out great with Gail and Lauren. I needed to adjust my mentality because this was my first tour in Seattle. We started out heading to the Smith Tower observatory, on the 35th floor of the historic building. Once we arrived there, we found out there was an hour wait to get in, so I suggested to go to Elysian Brewery on Capitol Hill. They were very easygoing so we headed there. We started talking over beer and things. An hour later, we have arrived at Smith Tower. I haven’t been up there for over 10 years, so the building has undergone a modernization, especially the automation of the lifts/elevators. They were looking forward to the experience, and the view on the observatory bar did not disappoint, we had drinks, and talked out how rooftop bars were popular in Hong Kong, and some history of Seattle. Our last drink stop was the Merchant Cafe, the oldest bar of the city that is still operating. Then I have found out they were educators (teacher and principal), and we enjoyed the short tour. To top it off, I brought them to Dick’s Drive In, to have some cheeseburgers and fries, then dropped them off at the hotel. They were great, very easygoing, and the rain did not stop them :)

    September 2020

    Edward C

    Before the appointment, Jill contacted me and asked more in detail what I was interested to see in Edinburgh. She prepared a nice itinerary. During our walk, she provided information that I hadn't read anywhere. For health reasons, I get tired easily. Jill found a nice place for us to stop. While resting, she kept on providing information on the area in which we were and modified the itinerary to adapt to the situation. All this, while being extremely kind. An extremely well prepared guide.

    June 2024

    Virginia F

    Not only was Enya an expert on the history and architecture of Naples, she was sweet, friendly and delightful. Our three hours together was chock full of neighborhood walks, tastings of the delicious foods, and a really great pizza lunch. She also took us to an area that we wanted to see, and we purchased preseppios. We felt that we were able to understand a bit more of this great Italian city.

    June 2024

    Lorraine M

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