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    What To Do In Taipei This Summer - Things to do in June, July and August 2019

    By Andrew Thompson

    September 14, 2020

    What To Do In Taipei This Summer - Things to do in June, July and August 2019

    Taipei weather in summer is notoriously hot, so get ready for daydreams of air-conditioned attractions! It’s not uncommon for high temperatures to spike into the 30s, and by the middle of summer the average low temperature is a warm 25ºC. The hottest month of the year is traditionally July, but you can expect temperatures to be hot from June to August. There’s also a good possibility of rain during this time, and in a wet summer it’s possible to experience as much as 230mm of rainfall, which is an important factor to consider if you are looking for things to do in Taipei in summer. But in spite of the high heat, humidity, and chance of rain, many consider it to be the best time to visit Taipei. That’s because the warm weather makes it possible to explore the city inside and out, and with plenty of Taipei summer activities to consider it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself wondering what to do in your time there. So read on if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, and considering what to do in Taipei this summer.

    What To Do In Taipei in June 2019

    June is the start of the hotter summer months in Taipei. It’s officially the start of the peak Taipei summer travel period, and although it’s hot and humid many tourists still plan their trips around this time of the year. The daytime temperatures typically climb into the mid-30s, and the heat and humidity is often too much for those who arrive underprepared. It’s also possible to encounter lots of rain over this time, but with adequate preparation, and knowing what to expect from the weather in Taipei, it’s still possible to have a great time there.

    June is a great time to explore Taipei’s famous beaches, particularly if you’re in need of cooling off in the hot temperatures. It’s easily one of the coolest things to do in Taipei in summer, in both senses of the word! Although many of the most popular beaches are in the south, there are some popular places to visit just an hour east of the city. If you are interested in a more historical day trip, then consider taking a day trip to Pingxi and Jiufen. These two historical towns, nestled in the mountains north of Taipei, are fascinating to visit. June is also a great time to explore the best things to do in Taipei at night - there are usually several outdoor, rooftop and pool parties to keep you busy late into the night. And if movies are more your thing, the Taipei Film Festival takes place towards the end of the month, and into July, and features some of the best local and international movies.

    What To Do In Taipei in July 2019

    There is no relief from the high temperatures and rainfall in Taipei in July. So if you are looking for heat and humidity, then this month is Taipei summer travel at it’s best. The average high temperature over the course of July is 34ºC. There’s also a real possibility of getting caught in a downpour, courtesy of the notorious typhoons that sweep through the region at this time of year. With minimum temperatures hovering around the 20ºC mark, it’s important to stay hydrated, particularly if you find yourself pacing through a list of the best places to visit in Taipei.

    The first two weeks of July see the end of the Taipei Film Festival, which is traditionally one of the most popular Taipei summer events. The festival wraps up on July 14th, and features a range of movies to suit all interests. Taipei also hosts a local version of the popular European music festival Tomorrowland. It usually takes place towards the end of July, and is a summer music festival not to be missed. During July many retreat indoors into popular restaurants to savour both the air-conditioning and a range of local delicacies, and eating like a local is one of the most fun things to do in Taipei.

    What To Do In Taipei in August 2019

    August is one of the wettest months of the year, and so it’s important to pack rain gear if you’re planning a trip to Taipei over this time. Typhoons are possible at this time of year, but much of the rain tends to occur in the afternoons, so if you’re planning what to do in Taipei this summer it’s important to take this into account. The temperatures are also not much cooler than those in July. You can expect a high of around 33ºC throughout most of the month, with the lows still around the 26ºC mark.

    Given the high heat, but slightly drier conditions, August is a good time to discover the city’s popular attractions and hidden gems on a half-day tour. It’s a superb way to learn more about the city and Taiwanese culture, and is a great way to kickstart a trip to the city. After you’ve experienced Taipei’s iconic attractions, you might want to diarise Ghost Month. It’s one of the most important festivals in Taiwan. Although the biggest celebrations take place in Keelung, if you prefer to stay in the city it’s possible to soak up the atmosphere of this traditional event.

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