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    What makes a good experience

    What makes a good experience

    Guests buy experiences because they trust the creator's knowledge and often identify with what they like. With this in mind, it is important that all experiences are created in an authentic and accessible way - that is true to you. 

    Building from your past experiences is a powerful head start and allows you to create something from first-hand experience. We urge caution on creating experiences that aren't built from first-hand experiences as quality or accuracy could be an issue. 

    The City Unscripted Creator team is on hand to ensure experiences are of exceptional quality and we have noted some key points that are useful to consider for whatever kind of experience you may be creating.

    Do one thing really well

    Guests have on average 3 hours to spend on an experience. It’s likely your past travel experiences span multiple days, weeks, or months - this can be challenging when trying to identify experience opportunities. 

    Don’t try to cover too many subjects or locations in one experience. The best experiences relate to a single theme. Break down your adventure into bite-sized chunks that focus on specifics, for example, a food experience of a particular market vs over multiple locations. 

    Remember guests can buy more than one of your experiences so having follow-ons or expansions gives an extra opportunity to earn.

    Guests have on average 3 hours to spend on an experienc

    It’s yours

    This is your product, it is a reflection of your own experiences but also you as a traveler. Write in your own words, in your own style, and include images and videos that reflect exactly what it is you are offering in the experience. It’s worth noting that guests like to see you in the images that relate to the experience specifics, showcasing you have also lived it.

    Who is it for?

    Be clear on who you are building the experience for. For example: A family is probably not going to find value in a beer tasting experience. It's ok to serve a specific audience, this will be a reflection of your community and you should be clear on who the experience is for. 

    Experience accuracy

    Consider the accuracy and accessibility of what you are planning out - these experiences should ideally be available year-round. For example: Are the marquee elements of the experience available to all or only at specific times or cases (i.e. Cherry blossom season)? If experiences are time-limited or seasonal please let your CU Creator manager know and we can ensure they are only available for delivery during appropriate windows.

    Otherwise, guest experience accuracy is important. Consider things such as the ability to complete the experience in the time given as well as limits on things like group size, extra costs, or ability needed. For example: Is it possible to complete the experience comfortably in the time given, considering queues, etc or do you need to allow more time? Is the guest required to have a minimum level of ability to complete the experience? CU Creator managers and in-destination teams are on hand to help with any queries relating to experience accuracy.

    Guest experience accuracy is important

    Get the right host

    Think carefully about the best kind of host for this experience, it might not always be the same across each experience you create. In some cases, it can be a personality type that is different from your own but ideal to bring your experience to life and give guests a great time. You have the opportunity to highlight host preferences during experience creation.

    Moving around

    How should guests be moved from one location to another? Is it possible to walk or should they take public transport or taxis? These considerations are important as they can require additional costs or considerations for traffic etc. The experienced host will support and administer the transport type you request.

    Give a little more

    Think about the extra ‘bits’. Experiences allow for reference to places or things that are not part of your core experience but if the guest has time or wants something a little different they are there and you have offered them as an addition. This adds extra value and depth to your offering and aids conversion.

    Think about the extra ‘bits’

    Celebrate your guests.

    Many of your guests will come from your own community, make them feel special with shoutouts etc once they purchase, and drive desire from the remainder of your community to also achieve the same standing.
    Experiences with a good review score typically convert more and appear higher in search results etc. Interacting with your community can ensure that at review time they are more motivated to submit.

    These are just a few of the ingredients that go into making an excellent experience. Keep an eye on the travel magazine or speak to your Creator manager for more insight and support.

    Hello, curious traveler!
    Embark on a unique experience with
    Hello, curious traveler!
    Embark on a unique experience with
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