Best Way to watch the light show in Hong Kong

June 17, 2024

Best Way to watch the light show in Hong Kong

The harbour view is one of the most gorgeous signatures of Hong Kong, and it also remains as the top spot where tourists spend their time taking selfies and pictures with their friends.

However, with the hot and humid days, along with the rainy season, standing outdoors would not be a good idea for aged travellers. As a local, I know how intolerable the heat could be when you have to wait for hours before the light show or fireworks starts.

Light Show Hong Kong

Thought of going on a Sky Observatory to view the habour at a different angle? Sky100 is located at the tallest building in Hong Kong, and it offers you a 360-degree angle which captures the landscape of the Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. With no building obstruction, you will be able to capture the best pictures of Hong Kong when you are 393m above sea level.

The Observatory is an air-conditioned indoor place, and it is very unlikely to be closed due to weather (unless extreme weather). I would definitely recommend tourists to consider this place to visit during rainy days as your itinerary will not be affected with the facilities open til 8:30 pm. 


As for the best timing, I would recommend the tourist to come by around late afternoon when they can enjoy the day view of Hong Kong, and enjoy a set of afternoon tea in the coffee section in the Observatory, watching the sunset of Hong Kong. It is one of the best views of Hong Kong other than doing a hike.

Every evening at around 8pm, you should grab a spot which is visible across the harbour so that you will be able to take some good pictures of the light show. 

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Hello, curious traveler!
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