Discover Tokyo through the eyes of your personal tour guide

By Sarah Miyamoto

November 7, 2023

Tourists embarking on a private tour with a private gui

Hi, I'm Sarah! Tokyo is my life, and after seven years here, I've got some inside tips you'll love.

Now, about uncovering the city's hidden gems with City Unscripted's Tokyo private tour guides. Wondering if you can hire a private tour guide in Japan? Absolutely! And trust me, it's well worth it, especially in Tokyo. With me or one of the many City Unscripted hosts as your private tour guide, we'll customize your adventure to your interests, be it history, food, or urban exploration.

My absolute favorite spot? Yanaka Ginza. It's a timeless shopping street with quirky shops and fantastic street food.

Kagurazaka is another gem I adore. It's where old Tokyo meets modern elegance. The first time I found it, I was captivated by its cobblestone streets and traditional teahouses.

Say goodbye to tourist traps, and let's embark on electrifying Tokyo tours.

  • The power of personalized experiences
  • Your Tokyo adventure begins
  • Discover Tokyo beyond the tourist trail
  • Uncover Central Tokyo in a day
  • Explore Tokyo's must-see gems
  • Discovering Tokyo's food scene
  • Wonderful day trips from Tokyo
  • Why City Unscripted?
  • Your Tokyo adventure awaits
Private guide and tourists on a tour

The power of personalized experiences

The wonder of personalized private tours in Tokyo? It's like painting your very own canvas of this magnificent city. Tokyo private tours like City Unscripted let you shape your itinerary, crafting it around your passions, not some cookie-cutter template.

Flexibility is critical, and you'll have the chance to tap into the local expertise of our fantastic private tour guides, who know Tokyo inside out. This isn't just a private tour; it's your adventure, allowing you to set the pace and dive deep into Tokyo's treasures.

Trust me, you're in for a fantastic time exploring Japan's capital with an outstanding tour guide who's just as eager as you are to make your trip unforgettable.

local guide and tourists planning their route

Your Tokyo adventure begins

Your Tokyo adventure commences with the excitement of meeting your dedicated local guide, someone who's not just a walking Tokyo encyclopedia but also an absolute blast to explore with. But the journey starts even before that.

After selecting and booking your favorite experience, you'll answer a few questions that will help us understand your interests and desires. This information is crucial because it allows us to match you with the perfect guide who will craft a tour tailored to your wishes and preferences.

So, whether you're a foodie looking to delve into the culinary scene or eager to explore the main attractions like the renowned Meiji Jingu and Tokyo Skytree while discovering hidden gems along the way, your guide is here to make it happen.

You have full control over your trip's pace and direction, ensuring your Tokyo private tours are precisely how you envision them with an outstanding guide from City Unscripted.

Your Tokyo adventure is about you, and it begins with the freedom to design an itinerary tailored to your passions and desires.

Private guide taking tourists on a Tokyo tour

Discover Tokyo beyond the tourist trail

Beyond the tourist trail lies Tokyo's true treasures, and as your dedicated local guide, I'm thrilled to unveil the city's best-kept secrets. From hidden gems like the tranquil Rikugien Garden, where we can immerse ourselves in centuries of history amidst stunning autumn foliage, to lesser-known local restaurants tucked away in the alleys of central Tokyo, I've got a treasure trove of recommendations that'll make your private tours an unforgettable journey.

Tokyo isn't just a city; it's a world waiting to be explored, and with my knowledge, flexibility, and insider tips, we'll create a tailored experience that brings this vibrant culture to life.

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to an extraordinary adventure where you'll see Tokyo through the eyes of local private guides – it's bound to be an absolute blast!

For an in-depth exploration of Tokyo's best hidden gems, consider booking City Unscripted's "Uncover Tokyo's best-kept secrets" tour. It's a unique private tour with a great guide that takes you off the beaten path.

People crossing the busy Shibuya Crossing

Uncover Central Tokyo in a day

Embarking on a journey through central Tokyo with a local guide is an exhilarating way to explore the city's rich tapestry. In the span of a day, we'll unravel the hidden treasures nestled within the heart of Tokyo, from renowned landmarks like the Shibuya crossing and the Meiji Shrine to the lesser-known gems scattered throughout charming neighborhoods like Daikanyamacho and Nakameguro.

With my local expertise, your day in Tokyo becomes a tailored adventure, offering you a unique perspective on the city's cultural diversity.

Consider booking a City Unscripted tour to customize your one-day Tokyo visit, ensuring you get the best of Central Tokyo. We offer a variety of private guides, each providing a distinct view of this vibrant city, making Tokyo private tours truly unforgettable.

Explore Tokyo's must-see gems

Local guide and tourists at Senso-Ji Temple

Exploring Tokyo’s myriad gems becomes a remarkably personalized experience when you have a local guide to lead the way. Beyond the usual travel brochures, a Tokyo private tour unveils the city's authentic heartbeat. For instance, while many travelers know of Sensoji Temple, having a knowledgeable guide can transform your visit into a deep dive into its history, making the ancient stories come alive amidst the bustling streets of Asakusa.

Instead of just wandering through, you'll understand the significance behind every intricate carving and the traditions still observed by locals today.

But Tokyo's appeal isn't just in its iconic landmarks. As someone who's spent countless hours guiding visitors through this metropolis, I can vouch for the lesser-known spots that brim with culture and charm. With private tours tailored to your interests, you could find yourself in a tranquil garden that's remained unchanged for centuries or a local shop where artisans craft items with techniques passed down through generations. These are the places where Tokyo’s heart truly lies, and they offer travelers a sense of connection that's hard to put into words.

Visitors choosing their food

Discovering Tokyo's food scene

Oh, where to begin with Tokyo's food scene? It's a tantalizing blend of tradition, innovation, and sheer artistry. For travelers eager to get an authentic taste of Tokyo, a private tour with a knowledgeable food-loving local can make all the difference. From bustling Tsukiji Outer Market stalls serving the freshest sashimi you'll ever taste to tucked-away ramen restaurants in narrow alleyways, Tokyo is a paradise for every food lover, but you need to know where to look!

As you explore, you might come across nondescript doors that hide culinary wonders inside, like tiny izakayas buzzing with locals. And then there are places where chefs are reimagining traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist, creating flavors you'd never expect but will instantly adore.

But here's a little insider info: having a personal guide can transform your food experience in Tokyo. Why? Because there's so much beneath the surface. With a tour guide; Tokyo personal experiences are enhanced. You won't just eat; you'll understand. You'll learn the stories behind the dishes, the significance of an ingredient, or the history of a particular eatery. And, of course, you'll get directed to those hidden gems that most visitors miss.

To truly immerse yourself in all that Tokyo's food scene offers, consider the "Eat like a true Tokyoite" experience with City Unscripted. Embarking on a locals' food tour ensures that you not only savor authentic flavors but also explore the city's hidden gems, all guided by a passionate local. It's an unmatched culinary journey waiting to be savored.

Buddhist temple in Japan

Wonderful day trips from Tokyo

Taking guests on day trips from Tokyo is genuinely one of my most treasured roles as a knowledgeable private guide with City Unscripted. Each Tokyo tour, tailored to travelers' interests, opens up a world of local destinations waiting to be explored. Hakone frequently tops our list, with its gentle hot springs and the picturesque Lake Ashi. 

The town's proximity to Mount Fuji ensures some unforgettable views, and guests often appreciate the scenic Hakone ropeway, which offers a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape.

Kawaguchiko is another favorite that provides a taste of Japanese culture in a serene setting. Its primary draw is the stunning Lake Kawaguchi, with Mount Fuji standing tall in the background. Every walking tour here, I find guests and myself alike being enthralled by the lake's beauty, especially with the seasonal shifts that dramatically transform its surroundings.

Kamakura, a coastal town, is perfect for those wanting a deeper dive into culture. Walking its streets during a tailored walking tour and exploring its historical temples feels like a journey back in time, offering a beautiful juxtaposition to Tokyo’s modernity.

For travelers eager to delve into other destinations and discover more of Japan's captivating cities and regions, City Unscripted’s private tours are a fantastic choice. There are many ways to embark on a private 1-day tour of Tokyo or surrounding areas. They operate not just around Tokyo but also in places like Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and beyond. With passionate local guides across Japan, these tours immerse you in the very heart of each unique location.

Private guide taking tourists on a Tokyo tour

Why City Unscripted?

Because we're not just your ordinary private tour providers; we're your ticket to an unforgettable adventure in Tokyo and beyond. Travelers who explored with us have raved about their experiences, and it's no wonder. Check our Google reviews and see for yourself.

Our knowledgeable private guides elevate your trip to a whole new level. We're not just locals; we're enthusiasts who have tips on the best places and gems of the city.

When you choose City Unscripted, you're not just booking a Japan trip; you're securing a great day filled with tailored adventures that leave you wanting more!

Your Tokyo adventure awaits

Tokyo city at night, Japan

Your Tokyo tour awaits, and it's more extraordinary than you ever imagined. Trust me when I say that with a private tour guide, you'll not only visit the city but uncover its soul, discover secret treasures, and savor local culture.

Tokyo tours constantly evolve, and I'm here to ensure you experience them fully. From exploring vibrant neighborhoods like Shimokitazawa and Koenji to savoring mouthwatering cuisine at unique local eateries, every moment is an opportunity to create lifelong memories.

With City Unscripted, your trip will be filled with knowledge, fun, and great times, guided by passionate locals who are more than just private guides; they're your friends in Tokyo.

Hello, curious traveler!
Embark on a unique experience with
Hello, curious traveler!
Embark on a unique experience with
City Unscripted Tokyo.
Our personalized, private tours, led by local hosts, make you feel like you’re exploring the city with a knowledgeable friend. We’ll take you to well-known sights and reveal Tokyo’s hidden gems, unveiling stories typically missed by traditional tours. So unscript your journey, and see Tokyo through the eyes of our local hosts!

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There is no better way to see a city than with a friend who lives there. This is why we carefully match guests with their perfect host based on interested, personality and type of experience so they can discover a city beyond the tourist trail.