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    Top 10 Things To Do In Taipei With Kids

    March 1, 2020

    Top 10 Things To Do In Taipei With Kids

    By Ben Wu, Taipei native and dad of 2

    Edited by Holly Jenson

    Planning a family holiday can be a daunting task as it’s hard to find things to do that suit all ages. However, there are plenty of family friendly activities on offer in Taipei! The city is very safe with almost no crime, it’s the perfect place to bring your children. I have lived here for 16.5 years and have two daughters aged 9 and 12. Even though Taipei is their home, there are still so many things I have left to show them! Here are some of the hidden gems you can discover with your kids.


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    Eat at a Shrimping Restaurant

    When kick-starting your trip to Taipei, visiting a shrimping restaurant should be at the top of your list. One of the most unique places to eat in the city, this is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. On arrival you will be given a rod and some bait to fish for tiger prawns in the giant pool. When you’ve got your catch, you can go next door and grill them yourself! Locals love these restaurants as they’re a great laid-back way for parents to have fun with their kids. The children have a great time fishing for prawns and it’s a brilliant opportunity to experience Taipei food culture, I recommend it to all of my guests!


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    Taipei Zoo

    Another great family day out is a visit to Taipei Zoo. The largest zoo in Asia, you can easily spend a whole day here. Go early to beat the crowds on weekends, lines will start to build up after 11am. Take the kids on the little train to the top of the zoo and then work your way down. There are so many enclosures to keep you busy, our favourite Is the Taiwanese animals section. You can also see our famous panda couple and their cub that was born here in 2013. It is best to avoid the zoo in the summer as the animals are often asleep, but this is a great attraction throughout the rest of the year! You can access this attraction easily using the Taipei MRT, the zoo has its own station and kids fares are very affordable.


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    Night Market

    One thing you need to do on your family trip to Taipei is show the kids our night markets. It’ll be so exciting for them to see all the street food laid out on rows and rows of stalls. Rao He and Ningxia are my personal favourites and are well worth a visit!  Food is really important in Taiwanese culture, exploring our local delicacies  will allow you to truly experience it. While you’re walking around, be sure to try our pork and pepper bun. The pastry is grilled in a traditional oven which creates a really nice char. Filled with lots of succulent pork and spring onions, the bun also contains a pepper which gives it a really nice heat. All my guests love it! 


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    Da’an Forest Park

    One of the best family friendly things to do is to visit Da’an Forest Park. A great spot for a picnic, this is the main park in Taipei city and has plenty of space for kids to run around. Wander around the forest paths and look out for the squirrels. There is also a large playground for younger children, you can keep them entertained for hours here! Just a short walk from the main station, this is easily accessible from Taipei airport and a great place to unwind on your first day here. 


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    Shaved Ice Stall

    Not far from Da’an Forest park is Yongkang Street, the supposed birthplace of mango shaved ice. Fruit is really important in Taiwan and mango is one of those products that you will see often! We pair the sweet and juicy mango with condensed milk and ice, it’s a match made in heaven! Kids always love to watch the stall-holders make the dish, they’re so quick with their hands! This dessert that is loved by both locals and tourists and is a great way to break up an afternoon or distract your kids for a little while! 


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    Core Pacific City Mall

    Taipei’s unusual Ball Mall never really took off retail-wise so the owners decided to develop it into a children’s paradise! There are ball pits, soft-play centres, go kart tracks, laser tag rooms and more. There are even themed playrooms where kids can pretend to work in a night market! This is a great place to come in the summer when the temperatures and humidity can get a bit much, you can easily spend a few hours here as a family day out. When you have tired of all the fun, there is a huge food court on the bottom floor where you can re-fuel! 

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    Din Tai Fung

    Ding Tai Fung is one of the best Taipei restaurants, known all over the world for its soup dumplings. A favourite of the locals, each dumpling is measured to perfection in size and shape. The staff here know lots of languages (which is rare) which means they can serve tourists properly. They are always very friendly and smiley, which makes it a perfect option for families. The menu is full of Taiwanese specialties to try, it’s a great way to experience our cuisine. I am really proud to have this restaurant originating from Taiwan, I always recommend it to my guests! 


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    Taipei 101

    The city’s most famous attraction, Taipei 101 needs to be on your list when visiting the capital! The tower is the eighth largest building in the world and offers amazing views across the city. Take your kids here and spend ages pointing out landmarks like Elephant Mountain and  Guandu Temple. The best time of year to visit is Autumn/Winter when the skies are clearest. Try and come around sunset for the most breath-taking views.


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    Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

    One of the best attractions for kids in Taipei is the children’s amusement park. Sitting in the bustling Shilin District, the park has lots of indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. With a Ferris wheel, teacups as well as a roller coaster and more for older kids, this is the perfect family day out! The park has plenty of eateries for you to re-fuel and is easily accessed by a shuttle bus from Shilin station. It can be very crowded on weekends so try to make your visit on a weekday if you can!


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    Chiang Kai-Sheck Memorial Hall

    One of our most famous landmarks, the Chiang Kai Sheck Memorial Hall is the perfect place for some great family photos. Stroll around the grounds, taking in the history as you go. The National Theatre and Concert Hall are nearby and are also worth a visit! There are some ponds around which are home to carps and other fish which can also keep the kids entertained. This area is a great place to experience Taipei’s rich culture and history as a family. 


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