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    Exploring after dark: Top things to do in Milan at night

    By Emily Sailor

    October 20, 2023

    Things to do in milan at night

    Ciao, dear traveler! I'm Emily, and I've been enamored with the northern Italian city of Milan for over six enchanting years. Throughout my numerous Milan tours, I've dived deep into its pulsating heart, uncovering secrets of the famed Milan nightlife, and marveling at the grandeur of historical landmarks such as the stunning Milan Cathedral, the opulent La Scala Opera House, and the architecturally magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Picture this: the iconic Piazza del Duomo illuminated in moonlight, the tantalizing aroma of fresh pasta wafting from hidden osterias, the ambient hum of Italian conversations, and the thrilling promise of discovering countless hidden gems. Ah, the myriad things to do in Milan at night! Having passionately roamed these streets, explored its nooks and crannies, and felt its every pulse, I'd be absolutely thrilled to share with you my insider tips and personally guide you around this mesmerizing city I'm proud to call home.

    • Milan’s nighttime charm
    • Starting your Milanese night
    • Historical and cultural landmarks
    • Milan nightlife
    • Shopping and fashion
    • Unconventional Milan nighttime adventures
    • Evening tour: Dive deeper into Milan's night mystique
    • In Conclusion

    Milan’s nighttime charm

    Milan at night

    Milan at night! Ever pondered on what makes visiting Milan after dark so special? Let's address the elephant in the room: Is Milan a night city? A resounding YES! As the sun bids its farewell and the horizon dims, Milan magically transforms. The iconic Milan's Duomo, also known as Milan's Cathedral, stands majestically against the starlit sky, its intricate details highlighted and ever so prominent. Rooftop bars come alive, offering breathtaking panoramic views of this illustrious city, with Milan's nightlife proving to be as vibrant and varied as its rich history. From the beautifully illuminated facades of ancient structures to the contemporary and modern buzz of trendy bars and dance floors, there's an infectious energy that’s palpable. One visit, and you'll understand why so many love Italy, especially its fashion capital that shines even brighter under the moon.

    Starting your Milanese night

    Things to do in Milan at night

    First-timer in Milan? Here's your starter pack. Begin at the Navigli District around 7 pm, as locals emerge for their evening passeggiata (stroll). Marvel at the canals reflecting the golden hues of sunset. And oh, if you're hunting for the best gelato, secret's out: it's Gelateria della Musica. They’re open till midnight, so no rush!


    Historical and cultural landmarks

    Explore piazza del duomo

    Piazza del Duomo

    By night, this iconic square is nothing short of magical. The Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), standing since the late 14th century, glows magnificently. Want a tip? Visit around 9 pm when the crowds lessen.


    Explore galleria vittorio emanuele ii

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

    Right next to the Duomo, it's the oldest shopping mall and a marvel of architecture. Several cafes and restaurants here are open till around 11 pm, offering a splendid view.

    Explore Scala Opera House

    Teatro Alla Scala (Scala Opera House)

    Milan’s heart of opera. If you're an arts enthusiast, the evening performances are a must. Check the official website for showtimes and ticket offices, but generally, evening performances begin at 8 pm.

    Leonardo Da Vinci's Art in Milan

    Leonardo Da Vinci's Touch

    Dive into Milan’s art galleries to admire some of the world's most famous paintings. While many close by evening, certain exhibitions, especially in the city centre, hold late-night viewings.

    Milan nightlife



    milan at night

    Milanese truly understand the art of celebration. Dive deep into the Milan nightlife guide I've thoughtfully crafted for you:

    For those unfamiliar with the city or looking for a unique experience, consider booking an evening tour with a local. Not only will you be immersed in Milan's vibrant nightlife, but you'll also gain insights, hear stories, and discover hidden gems that only a local would know. Whether you're dancing the night away at a chic club, sipping wine in a tucked-away bar, or exploring contemporary art installations, having a local by your side can elevate your experience and provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

    Milan wine bars and clubs

    Bars and clubs

    Milan, with its cosmopolitan appeal, offers a myriad of night-time destinations that promise to satiate every kind of nightlife enthusiast.

    Wine bars: The Arco della Pace region stands out for its elegance. Lined with exquisite wine bars, you can sip on some of the most renowned wines from the vineyards of Northern Italy or dive into a global wine adventure with selections from around the world.

    Rooftop bars: For those who prefer their drinks with a view, Milan doesn't disappoint. The city's skyline, dotted with architectural wonders, serves as a stunning backdrop. Notable mentions include the Radio Rooftop Bar offering panoramic views and a sophisticated ambiance, and Ceresio 7, known for its rooftop pools and iconic city views.

    Live music venues: For the aficionados of live music, Milan's club scene is more than just about dancing. Places like Blue Note not only offer a dance floor but are also renowned for hosting exceptional live music nights, from jazz performances to soulful acoustic sets.

    Dance clubs: But, of course, if you're keen to dance the night away, Milan's got you covered. Vibrant clubs with pulsating dance floors invite you to move to the beats, from the latest international hits to timeless classics. Whether you're into techno, pop, or R&B, there's a corner of Milan's nightlife just for you.onal, the selections will not disappoint. And if you're in the mood to dance? Vibrant dance floors pulsate with energy, waiting for you to join the rhythm of the night.

    outdoor cinema

    Cinema under the stars

    For film aficionados, Milan offers a unique experience. Various outdoor cinemas pop up around the city, showcasing both local and international films. Imagine watching a classic under the Milanese stars!

    Authentic Italian pizza and pasta

    Venture into the Brera district come 8 pm. Here, the streets come alive with eateries offering mouthwatering Italian cuisine that remains accessible till the wee hours. Whether it's a classic Margherita or a rich Carbonara, your taste buds are in for a treat.



    Milan food tours

    Italian Gelato

    Ice cream shops

    Craving something sweet post-dinner? Milan's gelaterias are a must-visit. Indulge in authentic Italian ice creams with flavors so rich and diverse, they'll leave you spoilt for choice.

    Here are a couple of gems you shouldn't miss:

    Gelateria della Musica: Widely considered one of the best in Milan, this place offers an array of inventive flavors like ricotta with figs or pear with Gorgonzola. It's a symphony for the taste buds!

    CioccolatItaliani: Beyond just gelato, this shop specializes in chocolate-infused delights. Try their dark chocolate gelato or the one with a heart of liquid chocolate – a true treat for cocoa lovers.


    Fresh fish, fresh cheese and good food

    Street food market

    Catering to those midnight hunger pangs, the street food markets in Milan operate till 2 am. From bowls of fresh homemade pasta to tantalizing sweet snacks and everything in between, there's no better place to satiate those late-night cravings.

    A couple of prime examples include:

    Mercato Metropolitano: An immersive culinary hub located in the Porta Genova area, it offers everything from classic Italian delicacies to global flavors. Their Neapolitan pizzas and Sicilian cannolis are particularly sought after.

    Via Paolo Sarpi: Often dubbed Milan's "Chinatown", this street is dotted with various stalls and eateries serving an array of Asian street foods. The crispy spring rolls and steaming dumplings are favorites among locals and travelers alike.

    Milan has many cultural events

    Art and Culture

    Beyond just food and dance, things to do in Milan at night also encompass a rich cultural scene. Explore art spaces that stay open late, such as the Contemporary Arts Pavilion (PAC), which often hosts avant-garde exhibitions, or the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology where nighttime events shed a different light on historical innovations. These venues showcase everything from modern art installations that challenge contemporary thought to historical masterpieces that echo the city's illustrious past. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just curious, Milan's late-night art scene is sure to captivate and inspire.

    Milans Nottingham Forest Bar

    A Forest in a City

    An unusual mention, but for football enthusiasts, a visit to Nottingham Forest, a popular sports bar, is a must. Named after the renowned English football club, this place is an absolute haven for sports lovers. With a plethora of options available, from gourmet delights to cultural escapades, Milan ensures your nights are as enthralling as your days. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable nocturnal adventure in this Italian gem.


    Shopping and fashion

    In the global fashion capital of Milan, shopping doesn’t just wind down with the setting sun—it takes on a vibrant life of its own.

    Shopping in this big city

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

    An architectural jewel, this historic shopping hub is a must-visit for nighttime shoppers. Most outlets here are open until 9 pm. Apart from high-end stores like Louis Vuitton, the Galleria also boasts artisan shops and boutique outlets, ensuring a fresh experience with each visit.

    Milan boutique stores

    Via della Moscova

    As dusk falls, the boutiques and designer stores of Via della Moscova buzz with activity, from special evening sales to exclusive showcases. Frequented by Milan's elite, it's a great spot to feel the city's pulse and maybe even spot a local celebrity.

    Milan's bohemian district

    Brera District

    A treasure trove of vintage shops and artisan boutiques that keep their doors open until late. This bohemian corner of Milan is the place to hunt for unique jewelry, handmade bags, and bespoke clothing.


    Known for its rooftops

    Corso Como 10

    A shopping experience by day and a lively party spot by night, Corso Como 10 offers curated fashion collections amidst DJ sets and themed events on its atmospheric rooftop.



    Milan's Duomo district mall

    La Rinascente

    Situated near Milan's Duomo, this iconic department store extends its luxury shopping experience well into the evening. After exploring its myriad of floors, a rooftop visit promises city views and gourmet treats.


    The famous Navigli District

    Navigli District

    Under the starry Milanese sky, the Navigli district's canals reflect the shimmering lights of vintage markets and antique fairs. With live street music and stalls draped in fairy lights, it’s a magical evening shopping experience.

    Montenapoleone Luxury District

    The heart of luxury shopping in Milan. Even if some boutiques wrap up early, many host nighttime private viewings and launch events. It's a region where fashion meets exclusivity.

    Milan's Luxury District

    Flower shops near Piazza Gae Aulenti

    Flower Shops

    Amidst all the fashion, Milan's charming flower shops, especially those near Piazza Gae Aulenti, offer a breath of fresh air. Open past midnight, these stores paint the town in vibrant hues with their artistic floral arrangements. In Milan, nighttime shopping transcends being a mere activity—it's an immersive journey into the city's rich tapestry of fashion, luxury, and culture. Whether you're a fashion aficionado or a casual browser, the city promises an unforgettable retail experience under the stars.



    Unconventional Milan nighttime adventures

    While most travelers are familiar with Milan's iconic landmarks like La Scala Opera House, the dazzling Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and the towering Unicredit, the city holds numerous offbeat experiences that truly capture its soul once the sun sets:

    Class with a professional chef

    Cooking class with a Local Twist

    Nothing immerses you more in Italian culture than an evening cooking class in a rustic Milanese kitchen. Under the guidance of a professional chef, uncover age-old secrets behind dishes like risotto alla Milanese or osso buco. Remember to pair them with a robust red from Lombardy!

    Nottingham Forest cocktail bar

    A hidden gem in the heart of the city, it's renowned for its eclectic mixology. The bar boasts cocktails that are inspired by global flavors and Milanese classics. And with its quirky interiors and avant-garde approach, it's unlike any bar you've been to. It opens at 6:30 pm and keeps the spirits high till 2 am.

    Brera district courtyards

    Hidden courtyards of Milan

    Beyond its majestic facades, Milan has countless historical courtyards and secret gardens. Take a leisurely stroll in the Brera district after dinner and you might stumble upon secluded spots that tell tales of a bygone era.


    Milan rooftop bars

    Local wine bars

    Milan is teeming with intimate wine bars that serve regional specialties. For instance, N’Ombra de Vin near the Brera district is a historic wine cellar turned bar, offering an extensive selection from Lombardy and beyond. Vinodromo in the Porta Romana area is another gem, where you can sip on curated wines in a laid-back, chic setting.


    Art Studios in Navigli

    The Navigli district, with its picturesque canals, is not just scenic but also a hub for contemporary art. Numerous art studios and workshops, often run by local artists, stay open late, especially during art events or monthly “Art Nights”.

    Open air cinemas in the big city

    Outdoor cinema

    Milan's summer nights are adorned with open-air movie screenings. Nestled in historic piazzas or amidst the lush greens of local parks, these cinemas provide a blend of local and international films. Grab a bottle of local wine, a comfy blanket, and lose yourself in cinematic wonder.


    Warehouse dance floors

    Abandoned warehouses turned dance floors

    Move beyond the mainstream clubs and head to places like Centro Sociale Leoncavallo, a self-managed social center, which offers an alternative scene. It's a melting pot of music, culture, and activism. Head to the dance floor, discuss, or just delve deep into Milan’s underground nightlife here.


    As you navigate the fashion capital's grand streets and ponder about things to do in Milan at night, venture a bit off the regular path. Milan's unconventional treasures await, offering memories that last a lifetime.

    Evening tour: Dive deeper into Milan's night mystique

    Considering a night tour to uncover the heart and soul of Milan after sundown? Here’s a perspective:


    Milan walking tours

    Walking tours

    These curated excursions are more than just a walk; they are an immersive experience. Typically commencing around 8 pm, these tours weave a narrative that blends the city's rich history with its modern-day allure. Highlights include Milan's central station, tales of its fascinating past, and insights into the life and times of luminaries like Leonardo da Vinci. For a private and personalized touch, City Unscripted offers tailored experiences that cater to your interests.

    Night bus tours

    For those who'd like to sit back and watch the city's night-lit landmarks pass by, these bus tours are a perfect choice. They set off from Milan's central station post 7 pm, offering glimpses of iconic structures like the Unicredit Tower and the verdant expanses of Sempione Park.

    Cultural stops

    Considering delving deeper into Milan's arts and culture? Booking a customizable night tour might be your best bet. These tours, tailored to your interests, often incorporate vibrant cultural stops that showcase Milan's rich artistic tapestry.

    You might find yourself immersed in impromptu cultural events taking place around the city - from open-air theater performances to intimate musical soirees. A highlight of many of these tours is a visit to the revered La Scala Museum. Here, under the soft illumination of evening lights, you get an enriched understanding of Milan's artistic legacy and its undying love for music and performance. Whether you're a history buff or an art enthusiast, the night unveils a side of Milan's culture that remains veiled during the daytime hustle.

    Sports and Recreation

    San Siro Stadium: While the formal tours wrap up by 5 pm, the real magic happens on match nights. The stadium comes alive with fervor, whether it's AC Milan or Inter Milan taking the field. The electrifying ambiance, the echoing cheers – it's an experience every sports enthusiast should witness firsthand in Milan.

    In Conclusion

    The magic of Milan doesn't dim with the setting sun; it only transforms, becoming more enchanting. From the ethereal reflections on the waters near Piazza Gae Aulenti to the historic tales echoing through the city's ancient walls, there's always something new to discover. The fascinating history comes alive in places like Santa Maria, and contemporary marvels like the Unicredit Tower provide panoramic views of this dynamic city under the stars. If you're keen to explore deeper and under a local's guidance, night tours offer an immersive experience into the city's nocturnal heartbeat.

    And amidst the vastness of this vibrant metropolis, should you seek a familiar face or simply want to unravel the city's tales over a cup of Italian coffee, remember Emily is never too far away. With stories of Milan tucked under her belt and a zest to share them, your Milanese adventure is bound to be memorable.

    So, as you embark on your Milanese nights, remember our local sentiment - Vivi la notte! (Live the night!) and let the city's charm envelop you.

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