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    Top things to photograph in Venice

    April 24, 2024

    Top things to photograph in Venice

    Known as the city of water, Venice is the perfect place for your 'Somewhere in Northern Italy' slice of life experience. Roaming through the narrow cobblestone streets, with the fresh breeze blowing along the canals as the gondolas glide through the glistening waters beside you, you’ll see how photogenic of a city this place is!

    Venice is built up of canals

    Unlike most places in the world Venice is built up of canals that connect to the sea around and is used as the cities main way to get around with waterways being full of boats that are taking people to the other islands, dropping off local produce or being hand rowed as someone gets down on one knee! Capturing this is something that is specific to this place!

    A very walkable city with over 400 bridges

    Even so, it is a very walkable city with over 400 bridges connecting the various islands to one another, each architecturally verse, being built across such a scope of eras!! You will find a unique beauty to each if it be the intricate details of the banisters that line across the bridge or the way they are compacted into such tight and distinct spaces. The Rialto Bridge is a must see, the stone arch bridge is the oldest in the city and crosses over the narrowest point in the Grand Canal. It is known for its architectural and engineering marvel and is featured in many of cinemas most beloved films!!

    See wooden shutters line buildings

    For me the windows in Italy are some of my favorite things to capture, each telling such intricate stories simply through color, shape and the details that surround! Common across the city you will see wooden shutters line buildings in various patterns, and you can start to formulate stories for who may live there, by the washing that hangs across or  the plants that sit below amongst the furniture of the balconies. I find they create such beautiful images to capture and often remind me of the specific locations I was at when taken!!

    There's such beauty in being able to pick out what to c

    There's such beauty in being able to pick out what to capture during these moments and how to compose! These images you’ll take will be the perfect memory to share when telling your stories of your time in Venice!!

    And as I love to always say- ANDIAMO!!

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    Hello, curious traveler!
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