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    Top 10 Places to Drink Beer in Brussels

    By Michael Martin

    February 13, 2020

    Top 10 Places to Drink Beer in Brussels

    Notorious for its micro-breweries and creativity, Brussels is the ideal destination for any beer lover. I have lived in this vibrant city for over 11 years and in Belgium for 23, so it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of the national delicacy!  With so many beer gardens and bars, it can be tough to know where to drink beer in Brussels. But don’t worry, I’ve tried them all and you’ll only hear about the very best.

    Beer Mania

    The first stop on your Brussels beer tour has to be Beer Mania! With over 400 specialties, this bar serves some of the best beer in Brussels. This is one of my favorite places to go in the city; you’ll really get the local experience here. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling beer shelves, you may need a few minutes to decide… If you want any suggestions. go to Nacer, the owner. He’s so passionate about his trade, he will give you the best Brussels beer experience and select the perfect pint for you. While you enjoy your drinks there is also a chance to try one of the must-eats of Brussels; frites! Cooked with all organic ingredients, the frites here are out of this world and definitely some of the best in Belgium.

    Moeder Lambic

    With two locations to choose from, Moeder Lambic is one of the most popular breweries in the city. Specialising in Brussels craft beer, locals and visitors alike delight in this place. You can also try the country’s traditional gueuze here. Originally brewed by monks, the beer is dark and heavy as it needed to act as a drink as well as a meal in order for them to survive. If you’ve never tried it, it needs to be on your list. In just one sip you can taste hundreds of years of Belgian culture. Moeder Lambic hold regular themed events on the weekends so be sure to have a look in advance! Open every day, this is the ideal spot for a drink with your friends mid-week when the older breweries are closed

    Café Maison du Peuple

    Sitting in Saint Gilles, one of the most beautiful parts of Brussels, this café will not disappoint. The Café Maison du Peuple is housed in one of Victor Horta’s most famous buildings and is the essence of Belgian Art Nouveau. As you sit in the cosy restaurant there is a combination of culture, history and authenticity that you won’t find anywhere else. They only sell Brussels craft beer in here from local micro-breweries, it’s a truly unbeatable experience. They serve excellent brunch in here, my favourite thing on the menu is tartine. You can easily spend an afternoon here after a morning sightseeing or include it as part of your Brussels beer and chocolate tour!

    L’ermitage Nanobrasserie

    A key landmark on your Brussels brewery map should be L’ermitage. Right near the Brussels Beer Museum is one of the most creative breweries in the city. With shelves piled high with Brussels craft beer, you could browse their selection for hours. Something to look out for here is the white wine beer. The beer is stored in a white wine keg and slowly absorbs the flavour over time. The taste is sweet yet tangy; it’s like nothing you have tried before. There is live music here every weekend which really celebrates Belgian culture; it’s one of the best places in the city to party with the locals. Come to L’ermitage for a real taste of Brussels. 

    Cantillon Brewery

    A brewery and museum in one, Cantillon is one of the best places to go beer tasting in Brussels. Be sure to pay a visit to the traditional beer factory, as you enter you will be transported from the modern world back to 1800. Filled with timber, kegs and authentic beers, Cantillon is a true treasure trove of Belgian history. They serve a lot of sweet, fruity beers here. One of the popular favourites is the mango flavoured beer; a strong, bitter taste with a mango tang, I promise you won’t be disappointed! While you’re here make sure to also try the cherry flavoured beer, it’s rare that you will find so many traditional yet creative flavours in one place.

    Rue Antoine Dansaert

    One of the trendiest places in the city, this street needs to be on your Brussels beer tour. The more central end of this road has some beautiful art nouveau architecture and designer shops, but it’s the canalside us beer-lovers are interested in. There are lots of breweries that line the pavement here where you can try all of Belgium’s most famous beers. Sample the heavy traditional types, the fruity selection and the stronger triple beer while you’re here. IPA is becoming more popular in Belgium at the moment, and it’s my favourite nowadays; I really like the delicate floral taste. Just make sure to visit here towards the end of the week, lots of breweries aren’t open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Delirium Brussels

    There’s a reason this place is included on all the beer tours in Brussels; Delirium is the world record holder of ‘most beers offered’ with an astounding 2000 types available!  As you come through the entrance you’ll feel the warm glow of the lanterns as you gaze at the sea of beer surrounding you. The staff here are specially trained and can recommend the perfect beer for your palette, so don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by choice! Pull up a chair by the kegs and listen to some live Belgian music. The atmosphere in here is electric no matter the day you visit, it’s a perfect destination for when the breweries are closed at the beginning of the week.

    Brussels Beer Festival

    A nice change of scenery from the Brussels beer gardens is to attend the annual Brussels beer festival. The internationally acclaimed BXL Beer Fest is held every August and celebrates all the wonders of Brussels craft beer. Visitors travel from all over the world to see this spectacle in the city centre. There are over 60 breweries to try and tickets start at just 5 euros! The BXL Beer Fest also has a heavy focus on gastronomical delights, so there’ll be plenty of food on offer too. The festival is ‘the crossroads of beer and friends’, so bring your nearest and dearest along for a fun-filled weekend in Brussels. 

    Museum of the Belgian Brewers (Brussels Beer Museum)

    The Brussels Beer Museum may well be the tastiest tour of your life. Explore the brewing and fermentation process of your favourite drink and immerse yourself in the 18th century artefacts before retiring to the cosy café. Here you can try all of the traditional beers you have been learning about while surrounded by authentic tankards and the decor of a historic inn. The Beer Museum gives visitors the chance to really connect with Belgium’s rich history while enjoying their favourite drink. Open 10:00 – 17:00 daily, there is always time to visit this key landmark.

    Brussels Beer Project

    A visit to Brussels Beer Project is the ideal way to do a flash-tour of the city’s beer when you only have a short time here. This brewery is proud to provide the contemporary alternative to the traditional Belgian beers brewed by monks. Sitting on trendy Rue Antoine Dansaert, this place stands out with its creative concoctions. There is a mango and passionfruit beer, a caramelized apple flavor, and even one brewed with recycled bread! The Beer Project is releasing new flavors all the time, you’ll see lots of locals coming in on the weekends to try them. Open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, this is the perfect place to finish your week on a high. 

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