Top 10 Chocolate Shops in Brussels

13 February 2020
Top 10 Chocolate Shops in Brussels

One thing you absolutely need to try when in Brussels is our chocolate; it’s the best in the world (not that I’m biased). Chocolate tasting is one of the top reasons people come to our city, as well as to explore our beer of course! We love our chocolate so much that we even have a special part of town for it; Le Sabon. We have so many world famous chocolatiers here that it can be hard to know where to go, but after 11 years living in Brussels and trying out pretty much all over the flavours, I can safely say I’ve narrowed the choice down. I’ve done my (edible) research, and I can happily confirm that these are the true best chocolate shops Brussels has to offer. 


Wittamer undoubtedly has the best Belgian chocolate in Brussels and is my personal favourite. I can never believe how overlooked this place is by tourists, so I always bring my friends here when they visit. The chocolates at Wittamer are so exceptional that they even have the royal warrant of Belgium. A member of the royal household comes to collect chocolates from here for every palace party - what a seal of approval. While you’re here make sure to try the pralines; they’re made with high quality cocoa beans fresh on site every day - so creamy and delicious! If you walk around to the side of the shop you can see the pralines being made in the workshop, it’s a really special experience. You also need to try the truffles filled with champagne; these are absolutely amazing. There are also delicious pineapple and passionfruit pralines with traditional Belgian cream inside if you feel like a twist on the classics.

Pierre Marcolini 

Pierre Marcolini has really risen in the ranks of Brussels chocolate shops lately; it’s now one of the most famous places in town. As you walk in you’re surrounded by jewellery shop-style counters filled with rows upon rows of delicious chocolates. Staff encourage you to take your time exploring the different flavours and are on hand with exceptional chocolate knowledge to select the perfect treats for your palette. Pierre Marcolini uses rare cocoa beans from all around the world to produce really high quality chocolate, so I would recommend taking a selection of a few different ones to get a real experience of Brussels chocolate.

Laurent Gerbaud

Laurent Gerbaud is well-known for making some of the craziest chocolate in Brussels. The chocolatiers are really creative and are always coming up with new flavours for visitors to try. They have olive oil, ginger and even curry flavours on offer! I have tried the curry one and I was surprised at how much I liked it - it had a subtle and strange flavour that appeals to my love of Asian food. This is the perfect place for some Brussels chocolate tasting, you can easily spend a couple of hours trying different flavours and relaxing with a coffee. I also think these chocolates make great gifts, they’re high quality and served in really beautiful arrangements. What better way is there to say ‘wish you were there’ than with chocolates you can’t find anywhere else?

Artisan Chocolatier Mary 

Artisan Chocolatier Mary is one of the most famous chocolate shops in Brussels and there’s a reason why! Also holding the royal warrant, the first shop opened in 1919 and has been busy ever since. Visit the original boutique on Rue Royale to sample an array of pralines and hand-rolled truffles. The store used to be a bourgeois tea salon and the art deco design is rich in Belgian history, so as you enter you will feel an air of sophistication as you are transported to another era. With excellent quality traditional Belgian chocolates, Artisan Chocolatier Mary is a must-see when visiting our sweet city. You can easily find this one, standing out against the other chocolate shops along the Grand Place. 

Frederic Blondeel

Frederic Blondeel is one of the innovative chocolatiers who has triumphed in Belgium in recent years, creating masterpieces from scratch in his artisanal Brussels chocolate factory. Blondeel roasts cocoa beans, blends them with pure cocoa butter and other natural ingredients to create the richest truffles and pralines. There are three stores in Brussels offering both classic Belgian delights and rarer flavours like matcha tea and cinnamon; there is something for everyone here! The chocolates create a sea of colour behind the glass cases; no one can help but gaze into them as they walk in. This is a great place to experience a modern twist on our beloved national delicacy.  

Brussels Chocolate Museum

If you only have one day in the city you must make sure you visit Brussels Chocolate Village. Being more than 900 m², this one of the largest museums dedicated to chocolate in the world. Tour the displays to explore the manufacture of chocolate, its uses and its history in Belgium. The best part of this museum is the tropical greenhouse which reproduces the conditions of cocoa cultivation; you could almost believe you were in the Caribbean, it’s a truly immersive experience. One of the best things to do while you’re here is visit the Brussels chocolate workshop. You can meet the artisan chocolate makers, speak to them about their trade and even taste their latest creations. Make sure you continue your chocolate tasting in the gift shop, you may find it hard to choose just one favourite…

Neuhaus Chocolates

Opened in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus, Neuhaus Chocolates created the original Belgian praline. The Swiss pharmacist started selling medicine covered in chocolate to sweeten the pills, but their real success came 15 years later. Neuhaus’ grandson Jean Neuhaus Junior came up with the idea of filling chocolate with different flavours and the traditional Belgian praline was born! Another royal warrant holder, Neuhaus today boasts that their chocolates are sold all in ‘perfect condition’. Make a visit to the Galerie de la Reine boutique for a taste of Belgian history, as you pass the glowing arches you won’t be able to resist having a look inside. Some of most famous wares such Neuhaus’ History Collection box are on display and the shop has some beautiful art nouveau architecture. Don’t miss this historical wonder when you’re in Brussels. 

Planete Chocolat

Make a visit to Planete Chocolat for a chance to see the inner workings of a Brussels chocolate factory. The artisan chocolatiers will give you the history of the chocolate making process as well as an insight into how they make their traditional pralines. You can taste the purest dark chocolate and see how Belgians came to make their national delicacy so sweet and creamy. While learning all about their finest creations you’ll have a chance to try some of their best-sellers, it’s the best kind of interactive experience. When you have a chance to buy your favourites, try some traditional pralines and some of their truffles. The Moka flavour are delicious!

Patrick Roger

A fantastic Brussels chocolate shop for art lovers is Patrick Roger. Renowned across the globe, the boutique is famous for its elaborate sculptures made only from high quality chocolate. Roger is a talented artist and showcases his most impressive pieces in his boutiques. His exhibit ‘Primates’ won him worldwide recognition and it’s not hard to see why! Visit the store to stare in awe at the sculptures, it’s hard to believe he’s created such intricate figures using only chocolate. When you’ve had a look around try some of the rare chocolate flavours on offer. As well as the high-quality Belgian chocolate used to make the artwork, you can try basil chocolate and others made with various spices. Add Patrick Roger to your list for an afternoon filled with creativity. 

Galler Chocolatier

Another innovator in chocolate making is Galler Chocolatier. Known for his unique flavour combinations, Galler is ideal for when you’re coming to the end of your chocolate shop crawl and crave an alternative to pralines. The orange glow will lure you in and the huge variety of flavour will make sure you stay there. Their most famous creations are raspberry truffles, white chocolate with marzipan and pistachio and orange pralines filled with almond paste. If you fancy a break from chocolate, they also serve a rainbow of delicious macarons in here. The boutique has lots of beautiful gift boxes too, perfect to share this genius with a family member or as a memento of your time in the chocolate capital of the world. 

Edited by Holly Jenson

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