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    The ultimate Tokyo city tour package: Explore your way

    By Noriko Yamaguchi

    December 14, 2023

    Craft your own Tokyo tours

    Hey there! I'm Noriko, your go-to Tokyo guide and local foodie fanatic. For over ten years, I have been living and loving every moment in this electric city, from snapping pics of the most Instagram-worthy eats to uncovering Tokyo's best-kept secrets. Now, let me take you on a whirlwind tour of Tokyo, a city that never ceases to amaze me!

    Get ready to experience Tokyo like never before. This isn't your run-of-the-mill tour guide; this is your all-access pass to one of the world's most exhilarating cities. With City Unscripted, we're all about crafting Tokyo tours that are as unique as you are. Want to wander through the neon buzz of Shinjuku or find tranquility in the quaint lanes of Yanaka? We've got you covered!

    Our mantra at City Unscripted is simple: it's your adventure, your way. We ditch the typical tourist traps and dive straight into what makes Tokyo truly special – through the eyes of a local like me! Whether you're a sucker for sushi or a fan of historical wonders, our custom tour packages are tailored to tease your curiosity and match your vibe.

    So, are you ready to explore Tokyo's hidden alleys, savor its culinary delights, and make memories that'll last a lifetime? Join me today as we embark on a journey filled with unexpected discoveries and personal touches that make each moment in Tokyo an absolute thrill.

    • The essence of tailored tours
    • The luxury of private Tokyo tours
    • Expert tour guides at your service
    • Understanding tour costs in Japan
    • How to select your ideal Tokyo tour
    • Tokyo's can't-miss landmarks
    • Dive into Tokyo's history
    • Culinary adventures in Tokyo
    • Booking with flexibility and confidence
    • The City Unscripted Tokyo experience

    The essence of tailored tours

    Explore City Unscripted's tailored tours

    Imagine a Tokyo city tour package that's crafted just for you. With City Unscripted's tailored tours, you're not just a tourist but an explorer diving into a journey handpicked to suit your interests. Whether uncovering hidden gems, delving into Japan's rich history, or strolling through vibrant city streets, each tour is a unique blend of your desires and our local knowledge.

    Your friendly and knowledgeable City Unscripted guide will ensure that your private tour becomes a vivid, interactive story where you're not just visiting Tokyo but genuinely experiencing it. From the tranquil gardens of the Imperial Palace to the lively Tsukiji Outer Market, every step is an opportunity to discover, learn, and be enthralled, making your trip to Tokyo a personalized adventure like no other.

    The luxury of private Tokyo tours

    Our private Tokyo tours are your golden ticket

    Ready for an adventure that's all about you? City Unscripted's private Tokyo tours are your golden ticket to a city experience that's as unique as you are! Picture this: a tour guide who's more like your Tokyo insider, crafting every moment of your journey to match your wildest interests.

    Love quirky fashion? You'll strut through Harajuku's vibrant streets. Are you fascinated by history? Time travel through the ancient alleys of Asakusa. With these private tours, it's not just about ticking off the famous sights; it's about diving deep into the city itself.

    And the best part? You call the shots on the schedule. Fancy a leisurely afternoon exploring hidden gems or an energetic morning soaking in the city's buzz – it's all on your terms. City Unscripted's Tokyo tours are a celebration of your curiosity, packed with fun, discovery, and countless "wow" moments. It's like exploring Tokyo with a friend who's there to unveil the city's most exciting secrets just for you.

    Expert tour guides at your service

    Our guides craft the best tours in Tokyo

    At City Unscripted, our tour guides are the heart and soul of your Tokyo experience! Think of them as your personal Tokyo insiders, not just guiding you to the must-see spots but also sharing those little-known stories and local secrets that bring the city to life.

    When you book a tour with us, we take the time to match you with a guide whose interests and expertise align with yours. Are you passionate about traditional Japanese art? We've got a guide for that; they can provide insights and tips on visiting places such as the Suntory Museum of Art.

    Understanding tour costs in Japan

    The cost of a private tour guide in Tokyo can vary

    When it comes to understanding tour costs in Tokyo, it's all about getting what you pay for. You might be wondering, "How much does a tour guide cost in Japan?" At City Unscripted, we focus on providing a rich, personalized experience that justifies every yen spent. The cost of a private tour guide in Tokyo can vary, depending on several factors, such as the length of the tour, the level of customization, and any special activities or inclusions.

    For a typical half-day tour exploring Tokyo's must-see spots with a knowledgeable guide, you might expect prices to start from $138, offering you an insightful and fun journey through the city. The cost would naturally be higher for more extensive, full-day Tokyo tours that dive deeper into the city's hidden gems and local culture, reflecting the additional time and detailed planning involved.

    Our goal at City Unscripted is to ensure that every tour provides maximum value, combining professional guidance, personal interests, and memorable experiences, all wrapped up in a package that makes your trip to Tokyo memorable.

    How to select your ideal Tokyo tour

    There are Tokyo tours for every taste

    Selecting your ideal Tokyo tour is like picking the perfect outfit for a special day out – it needs to reflect your personality and interests! Start by asking yourself what makes your heart skip a beat regarding Tokyo. Is it the intricate history, the cutting-edge fashion, the bustling streets, or the serene shrines? With City Unscripted, you'll find Tokyo tours for every taste.

    For the history buffs, we have tours that unravel the stories behind ancient temples and historic neighborhoods like Koenji. Foodies can rejoice in Tokyo tours that explore the city's gastronomic landscape, from street food stalls to upscale sushi bars. Art and culture enthusiasts? There's a tour for you, showcasing the city's artistic side.

    When booking, consider the length of the tour and what you'd like to see and do. Our private tours in Tokyo are flexible, allowing you to shape the day around your interests. And don't worry about the details – our booking process is straightforward, and we're always here to offer recommendations and answer any questions.

    Tokyo's can't-miss landmarks

    Go sightseeing and see Tokyo's landmarks

    If you're eager to explore Tokyo's iconic sights, City Unscripted has you covered! We love to craft tour itineraries that showcase the city's must-see landmarks. From the towering skyscrapers of Shinjuku to the historic serenity of Senso-ji Temple, each spot is a chance to soak in the essence of Tokyo. Navigating the city's landmarks is as straightforward as snapping a postcard-perfect photo in front of the Tokyo Tower (or should I say, capturing a moment in Tokyo's skyline?).

    We take care of the logistics so that you can enjoy these iconic spots without the hassle of planning. Whether it's strolling through the vibrant district of Shibuya or marveling at the ancient beauty of Meiji Shrine, we've got it all planned out. These landmark expeditions suit everyone – whether you're a solo explorer, part of a couple, or traveling in a small group. Let us be your guide through Tokyo's unmissable landmarks, where every view is a highlight of your day, and each landmark adds a unique chapter to the story of this incredible city.

    Dive into Tokyo's history

    Discover Tokyo's rich history

    If you love history, you're in for a treat! With City Unscripted, exploring Tokyo's past is a breeze. We specialize in creating historical tour plans that take you through the city's fascinating timeline. From ancient sites to modern landmarks, every stop is a chance to learn more about Tokyo's rich history. Navigating the historical gems of this city is as easy as enjoying a cup of traditional matcha (or let's just call it a sip through time).

    We take care of the details so you can focus on soaking in the history without the stress of planning. Whether it's wandering through a historic samurai neighborhood or checking out a well-known museum with artifacts from centuries ago, such as the Tokyo National Museum, we've got it sorted. These historical journeys suit everyone.

    Culinary adventures in Tokyo

    We handle reservations, so you can enjoy Tokyo's rich f

    If you're a food enthusiast like me, you'll be thrilled to know that your Tokyo tour can be a delicious journey through the city's best culinary offerings with City Unscripted. Crafting a tour itinerary that tickles your taste buds is our specialty. From the freshest sushi to the heartiest ramen, every meal and snack is an opportunity to dive deeper into Tokyo's rich food culture. Integrating dining experiences into your day is a piece of cake (or, should I say, a slice of sashimi?).

    We handle the reservations, ensuring you enjoy those must-try dishes without the hassle of waiting in line. Whether it's a cozy lunch spot in a hidden alley or a renowned restaurant with breathtaking city views, we've got you covered.

    These culinary adventures are perfect for everyone – whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or in a small group. Let us guide you through Tokyo's food scene, where every bite is a highlight of your day, and every meal tells the story of this amazing city. With City Unscripted, every day in Tokyo is easy, efficient, and packed with discoveries. Maybe your local guide will take you to one of my favorite spots, Sushiryori Inose.

    Booking with flexibility and confidence

    Book your tour according to your schedule

    Booking your Tokyo tour with City Unscripted is like planning an outing with a friend – easy, flexible, and full of anticipation. Our website makes the reservation process a breeze. With just a few clicks, you're on your way to an unforgettable Tokyo adventure! We understand that plans can change, so our cancellation and rescheduling policies are as traveler-friendly as possible. Need to cancel? No worries; our refund policy is straightforward and fair.

    Are you looking to reschedule for another day? We're all about accommodating your needs. Whether you're booking a sightseeing tour and plan to witness Sensō-ji, a food exploration, or a unique Tokyo experience, you can do so with confidence, knowing that flexibility is at the heart of our service. This means you can pick your preferred dates and tours without any stress. And if you're ever in doubt, our team is just a message away, ready to recommend the best options and ensure your tour is exactly what you hoped for.

    The City Unscripted Tokyo experience

    Have fun on your Tokyo tour

    Wrapping up our Tokyo tale, it's crystal clear: City Unscripted doesn't just take you on tours; we take you on a journey into the city's heart. Each booking is your ticket to a world of vibrant streets, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're flying solo, adventuring as a couple, or exploring with friends, City Unscripted crafts each day with precision and passion.

    We make the reservation process a breeze and offer the flexibility you need in scheduling and canceling. Tokyo is more than a destination; it's a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and stories, and City Unscripted is your knowledgeable guide through it all.

    So, why wait? Book your adventure, step into the lively world of Tokyo, and let City Unscripted show you the city's many layers – each one more exciting and enriching than the last. We can't wait to see your City Unscripted Tokyo review!

    Hello, curious traveler!
    Embark on a unique experience with
    Hello, curious traveler!
    Embark on a unique experience with
    City Unscripted Tokyo.
    Our personalized, private tours, led by local hosts, make you feel like you’re exploring the city with a knowledgeable friend. We’ll take you to well-known sights and reveal Tokyo’s hidden gems, unveiling stories typically missed by traditional tours. So unscript your journey, and see Tokyo through the eyes of our local hosts!

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    There is no better way to see a city than with a friend who lives there. This is why we carefully match guests with their perfect host based on interested, personality and type of experience so they can discover a city beyond the tourist trail.