Things To Do In Inner Sunset, San Francisco - The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

By Myles Fenwick
28 February 2020
Things To Do In Inner Sunset, San Francisco - The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, the neighborhood you have to visit is Inner Sunset. This lively, district that is so loved by its locals is found along the south-eastern border of Golden Gate Park. Inner Sunset is San Francisco's centrally-located district, which is super convenient for locals and visitors alike. The streets are lined by dozens of eateries, bars, and trendy boutiques and you will be spoilt for things to do in Inner Sunset. The history of this spot dates back to the mid 19th century when it began its transformation from rolling sand dunes stretching to the Pacific Ocean into a commercial and residential hub. During the world’s fair of 1894, the area of the city from 2nd Ave. to 48th Ave. was dubbed “Sunset City” which eventually led to the current name Inner Sunset. Now that the history lesson is out the way, I hope that you will come to visit us in the lively Inner Sunset of San Francisco. Not convinced? Here are a few selling points to change your mind.


Like every San Francisco neighbourhood, good eats are plentiful! From Peruvian to Indian, Italian to Thai – the Inner Sunset district will take your stomach on a world tour in less than 10 blocks. If you do end up in the Sunset, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of eateries – so I’ll help you out with a list of the best places to eat in Inner Sunset. Marnee Thai is flavorful, fresh, and authentic – those are three words that come to mind when I think of Marnee. Once you walk through the doors, you will feel like you’ve been transported to the streets of Chang Mai – without all of the traffic. Yellow Submarine is hands down my favourite sandwich shop in Northern California. Yellow Submarine is a family owned and operated hole in the wall had been around for years. With a delicious secret sauce and sandwiches bigger than your forearm, you won't be disappointed! Side note: make sure to get a side order of their version of ‘French Fries’. And for brunch and cocktails (what more could you want?) - Fresca. Fresca serves up a mean brunch with a Latino-Peruvian twist. It’s always teaming with locals on Saturday and Sunday mornings (for good reason). Be sure to get there early, or be prepared to wait!


Now that you have a belly full of food, you’re probably looking for a local watering hole. Well! You’re in luck – there are tons of pubs, brew-houses, and bars in Inner Sunset within a 3-block radius of 9th and Lincoln. Yancy’s Saloon: if you’re up for watching some of the best athletes in the world from the comfort of a cozy sports bar, Yancy's is the place to go. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football season, this watering hole is a favorite for locals from Inner Sunset and San Francisco on game day. Or do you consider yourself a bit of a pool shark? Or do you enjoy belting your heart out to your favorite chart-topper? Then head to Blackthorn! This dive bar plays host to some seriously talented pool players and a weekly karaoke night. Have a beer and a few shots, you’ll be singing like Lionel Richie in no time. And finally, one of the few businesses that have lasted the test of time; Little Shamrock is a neighborhood bar that's been in the Sunset since 1893 – that’s more than 100 years! Grab a freshly poured Guinness, sink into a cozy armchair, and play a game of scrabble with some new friends.


With your thirst quenched and tummy full, you may be ready to get up and active. There are so many things to do in Inner Sunset so get ready for some serious fun. The great thing about the Inner Sunset of San Francisco is that are just about zero chain stores. Zero! Almost every store in the Inner Sunset district is a locally owned business. Stores like San Franpsycho,Misdirections Magic Shop, Crossroads Trading, and Green Apple Books have an amazing influence on the community around them. Go ahead and shop local – you will not be disappointed. And as long as Karl the Fog hasn’t rolled in, you can get a great ‘alternate’ view of The City’s skyline. Now keep in mind, this is a San Francisco neighbourhood, so the walk to the top of the park is pretty steep! Be liberal with your pit stops, and there are a lot of unique San Francisco homes on the way up to check out.

The Academy of Sciences is my final recommendation to check out, although technically it’s in Golden Gate Park – it’s just a stone’s throw from the Inner Sunset district and it’s one of the coolest museums that I’ve been to. Whether you’re a toddler or a grandparent, The Academy of Science will peak your interest. From an earthquake simulator, dinosaur bones, even an albino alligator – the Academy is an Instagrammer's paradise.