Things To Do Alone In Hong Kong – Ultimate Solo Traveler Guide

17 February 2020
Things To Do Alone In Hong Kong – Ultimate Solo Traveler Guide

By Rachel Yu, who was born and raised in Hong Kong and knows all the best spots to visit and things to do if you’re traveling to Hong Kong alone. Edited by Elodi Troskie

Hong Kong is a great place to stay, and visit. I’ve been living here for about 40 years and I still love it here! What makes Hong Kong so special is the warmth and friendliness of the people who live here. Because it is a relatively small city, there is a special bond between locals you won’t find in other major cities. There are many cool things to do if you’re traveling to Hong Kong alone and if you want to connect with locals and meet fellow travellers, you won’t have a hard time making friends! Here is my solo travel guide for the best things to do in Hong Kong alone!

Solo Travel Tips For Hong Kong

Venturing into a new city can be a daunting experience, no matter how exciting! If you’re planning a solo trip to Hong Kong, your first question is probably: is Hong Kong safe for solo travellers? In my experience, Hong Kong is generally a really safe place to live. There aren’t any specific safety concerns you need to be aware of other than taking the usual safety measures when traveling alone – as you would anywhere in the world. My biggest tip would be to make sure you have a solid internet connection so that you have access to Google Maps or a similar app that would help you find your way around the city. Hong Kong might not be the largest city in the world, but it’s not necessarily the easiest to navigate around. I still rely on Google Maps even after so many years of living here! If you’re wondering where to stay in Hong Kong, I’d recommend hostels or budget hotels – especially if you want to meet fellow travellers and connect with locals. Now let’s get on to the solo travel itinerary for Hong Kong!

Explore Hong Kong By Foot

What I love about Hong Kong is how it has everything you’d want from a city even though it’s so much smaller than other major Asian cities. This means you can still live the urban life but it’s much easier to explore most of the city even when you only have a limited time. If you’re solo traveling to Hong Kong, a great way to start your adventure is by exploring the city by foot. Hong Kong is a pedestrian-friendly city so taking the streets by foot is safe and convenient. And if you’re getting tired, just hop on the nearest tram! Hong Kong’s tram system is the most affordable means of public transport and is definitely a much cooler way to get around than simply grabbing a taxi.

Try Local Street Food

If there’s one thing you can always count on doing alone, it’s eating. Trying local dishes is an important part of exploring a new destination – luckily Hong Kong’s street food doesn’t disappoint. Head to Kwai Chung Plaza, a hidden gem food market located in the New Territories region, where you’ll find an incredible selection of local dishes at very affordable prices. Another great place for trying street food is Mong Kok, a large shopping area in Hong Kong where you can find stalls selling anything your heart desires. The best street food hawkers in Mong Kok set up shop in Sai Yeung Choi Street, Dundas Street, Soy Street and Yuen Street. Be sure to try curry fish balls, siu mai, fried squid, rice noodles and deep-fried ice cream. And of course, you can’t miss out on Hong Kong’s famous dim sum! You can find this street food snack at most restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong.

Meet Fellow Travellers In A Hostel

If you’re used to traveling alone, you’ll probably well-acquainted with staying in hostels. Any solo traveller will tell you that sharing a dorm room with 5-10 other travellers is the best way to make friends while traveling! Chances are you’ll meet other solo travellers looking for like-minded friends to hang out with in a foreign city. Many hostels will have a cafe or bar open to the public during the day, which is a great place to meet people – both travellers and locals. Hostels are most likely the most budget-friendly accommodation, which is a bonus if you’re traveling on a tight budget. A few recommendations for really great hostels in Hong Kong are 3D Inn, Mojo Nomad Central, Rainbow Lodge and The Mahjong.

Go On A Tram Tour

I mentioned Hong Kong’s tram system earlier. The Hong Kong Ding Ding tram is one of the oldest forms of public transport in the city and although it’s more of a tourist attraction nowadays, many locals still make use of the tram for their daily commute. The tram is the most affordable way of getting around Hong Kong at less than 3 HK$ per ride – no matter the length. If you’re looking for cool things to do in Hong Kong alone, the TramOramic tour is a must do activity. This one-hour tram ride will take you on the most unique sightseeing tour of Hong Kong imaginable, stopping by all the famous attractions that make Hong Kong such an incredible fusion of historical heritage and modern culture. If you’re spending a few days in Hong Kong, a good idea would be to buy a 2-day pass granting you unlimited access to all the trams in the city.

Explore Tai O

Tai O is a picturesque fishing village located on Lantau Island. Home to the fishing community of the Tanka people, this village is known for its scenic stilt houses, making it a popular destination for photographers. Tai O is one of the few places in Hong Kong where you can still see these stilt houses. One of the major attractions of this village is the local seafood market – the central hub for locals shopping for seafood and fresh produce. To reach Tai O, take Bus 11 to Tao O station and cross the rope-drawn ferry bridge heading towards the waterfront. The entire journey will take approximately an hour, so if you’re planning a visit to Tai O, make sure you set enough time aside to make it back to Central Hong Kong before it gets too late.

Go To Temple Street Night Market

If you’re looking for cool things to do in Hong Kong at night, the Temple Street Night Market is something not to miss out on. Located in the Kowloon district, this market truly encompasses the vibrancy of nightlife in Hong Kong. You’ll find vendors selling anything from clothes, jewellery and accessories to antiques, homeware and other souvenirs to take home. Street food doesn’t get left behind, of course. This is the perfect place to grab dinner like the locals do while taking in the splendour of the cultural melting pot that is Kowloon. The market is open daily from 17:00 until 23:00. To get there, take the MRT to Yau Ma Tei Station and turn onto Temple Street at Man Ming Lane.

Watch Street Performers In Kowloon At Night

Kowloon, home to the Temple Street Night Market just mentioned, is a must visit place in Hong Kong. Located in the northern part of the city, Kowloon is one of the best nightlife areas in Hong Kong. With its incredible shopping scene and exciting arts life, Kowloon offers all the entertainment the solo traveller will need. If you’re interested in exploring the arts and cultural scene in Hong Kong, you’ll love the variety of museums and galleries situated all over Kowloon, like the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Cultural Centre and the Osage Kwun Tong. A big attraction in this area is the street performers in Sai Yeung Choi Street. Every night, spectators flood to this street to watch the local dancers, singers and artists exhibit their performance talents on the street side. This will definitely be a major highlight of your trip to Hong Kong!