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    Solo Traveller's Guide to Singapore - Things To Do Alone

    By Farishia Osman

    October 9, 2020

    Solo Traveller's Guide to Singapore - Things To Do Alone

    Edited by Holly Stark

    With many great things to do in Singapore alone, such as cycling through the city streets, cafe hopping, exploring hippy neighbourhoods and admiring the twinkling Singapore river, the island city won’t leave you disappointed. When journeying on your Singapore solo travel adventure, you’ll soon find that city is alive in its illuminated state, both during the day and at night. It’s a city for everyone. At its heart is an opening and welcoming to people from all walks of life. To describe my city I would use the name of a food: rojak. It means mixture or eclectic mix. The food which the saying takes its meaning from is actually a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Other than referring to this fruit salad dish, the colloquial meaning rojak correlates directly to the people and vibe in Singapore. The ratio and diversity of people is amazing. My city is a mixture of everything; and that’s echoed in its food scene too; if you’re wondering where to eat alone in Singapore, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety. So if you’re travelling to Singapore alone, fear not, as the city will love you, and there will definitely be something to cater for you!

    Travelling Solo

    If you find yourself wondering “Is Singapore safe to travel alone?”, there’s no need to worry. Singapore solo travel is a good option as Singapore is an extremely safe and clean city. Feel free to travel to any parts of Singapore alone anytime of the year, regardless of how you identify. The Garden City is known for its safety and is largely brought about by the integrity standards and respect towards everyone in the community. The locals work hard to ensure that everyone coexists harmoniously without any problems. You can see a variety of religions residing peacefully side by side on the same road, South Bridge, where multiple different places of worship; Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist, are located. You can walk safely and feel free but as with any major city it’s never a good idea to walk alone late at night at dark in secluded places. Here’s our top Singapore solo travel tips of the best things to do in Singapore alone.


    If I was spending a day by myself in Singapore, my ideal day would involve cycling around the city, bike sharing, hopping on the bike and looking around the city. Cycling on the road is a really fun thing to do alone in Singapore. With a variety of maintained paths at various difficulty levels, there are cycling options for everyone. Maybe you prefer a casual bike ride to a serious cycle, but whatever it is, be sure to take enough water and supplies as the Singapore heat is intense. Often known as ‘bike island’ due to its nearly nonexistent vehicle traffic, Pulau Ubin is an amazing place to take a bike and experience a peaceful break from the city.

    Cafe Hop

    The ultimate local Singapore food and drink experience for me means eating together. One of my best tips for travelling alone to Singapore is to avoid the malls and instead head to coffee shops; discovering various local areas. A great way to connect with locals and other travelers is through food, and coffee. Food opens opportunities and doors to great conversation. You can learn about types of food and share stories. The Malayan Council is a cafe which I adore. It’s not too cheap but they serve delicious fusion food. Based on Malay food which incorporates “western” dishes into it; the spot is great for a Singapore solo travel itinerary. If you want to test the waters with Southeast Asian flavours, it’s a good place to try and get a mix. Part of the recent cafe scene which boomed in the last five years ago, The Malayan Council make great desserts, cakes and local pastries. Eat like a local and try the classic Ondeh-Ondeh Cake; a fluffy pandan-flavoured cake, with crispy caramelised gula melaka syrup, topped with coconut shavings and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Explore The Civic District

    If you’re into museums and history; check out the Civic District. The Civic District is where Singapore’s historical, architectural and cultural heritage started and is home to some of the best museums and galleries. The area is situated along the glistening Singapore river. The area is perfect for any museum buff seeking what to do in Singapore alone. Be sure to check out the National Gallery Singapore. It’s relatively new and is a really nice place to go. As well as being packed with history, the area is considered the birthplace of modern Singapore; and makes a fascinating contrast. Home to some of Singapore’s most notable historic buildings and spaces, the Civic District is a thriving arts, cultural and lifestyle precinct. Head on a historical, urban and cultural trail or bike ride around the district, soaking up the sights, and uncover some of Singapore’s historically important landmarks such as the former Supreme Court and City Hall, Old Parliament House, and the Padang. With plenty of shade-providing leafy trees and wide, open lawns, you can peacefully enjoy the area.

    Enjoy Tiong Bahru

    This is an old neighbourhood which has been revamped to be quite hippy; with quirky cafes, iconic street art, small quaint boutiques, old buildings of Singapore houses and an interesting mix of old and new. Check out record stores, galleries, studios, book shops and tea gardens. If you’re interested in culture, local artists, or anything creative, this is a great stop to add to your Singapore solo travel guide. It’s also a cool Singapore district to stay in. One of Singapore’s oldest housing estates, this district has been transformed over the years into a neighbourhood where the contemporary and the traditional merge into a seamless blend. Whether you’re looking to express your individuality with a keepsake, or are seeking inspiration for your next work of art, Tiong Bahru has you covered. Enjoy Singapore’s bohemian vibe and explore the area.

    Eat At Lau Pa Sat

    One of my must-eat places for anyone traveling alone is the Lau Pa Sat hawker center. The open space for food has history and is now a bit more modern since its renovation. It is home to a charming old vibe and local food from different ethnic groups. Built-in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat or Telok Ayer Market has a striking presence. A true Singapore landmark, it was gazetted as a national monument in 1973. An architectural gem, the hawker centre offers the best of local cuisine. So enjoy an ice-cold beer and tuck into a plate of yummy Hainanese chicken rice or chilli crab as you uncover the elegant old-world vibe of one of Singapore’s best food courts. If you’re wondering what to do at night in Singapore, grab a delicious meal and cold drink at the hawker centre.

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