Seasonal or restricted availability experiences

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Not all experiences can happen year round, some are designed to take in the majesty or impact that occurs at specific times of the year. These could be natural like Cherry Blossom season, celebrations like Oktoberfest or many other examples. Having a mixture of year round and seasonal experiences ensure you are always relevant and guests can benefit from your knowledge and you can really maximize opportunities at certain times of the calendar.

Some considerations for building seasonal or restricted availability products;


Seasonal or restricted availability products are usually tied to a festival, celebration or event. Using your knowledge and travel know how you should identify these events and design for them specifically knowing that a lot of guests will be seeking these types of experiences at this time. Your Creator manager will also reach out to you from time to time to participate in special promotion events relating to these seasonal or restricted availability experiences.


Operating window

These kinds of products are only available during a certain time window, this can also be time-related as much as date. Ensure you discuss with your Creator manager the operating window of your experience. They will ensure that it cannot be operated outside of the given window or time allocations.

Nature seasons

If your experience has a natural element or reliance, consider the changeable nature of the dates and plan accordingly.


As a special event or rare occurrence, you should consider the pricing of your experience and whether it should attract a premium or not. Often guests that will be purchasing an experience of this kind are doing so because they are in the destination for the same purpose as your experience theme.

Age restrictions

Some celebrations are themed around content that may not be appropriate for all ages, this is an important consideration and should be clearly communicated in your experience. Not doing so may lead to cancellations or other issues.

Is your experience designed to have the guest spectate

Spectator or participant?

Is your experience designed to have the guest spectate or participate in the celebration, festival, event etc? Depending on the intention the experience should be appropriately designed, special consideration given to how the overall experience may unfold during its duration.

Special considerations

Is the guest required to dress a certain way or carry specific items with them? Ensuring this information is readily available improves the accessibility and satisfaction of your experience.

Host selection

Depending on the experience you may wish to request special host attributes to deliver the experience as you see it. Please make your Creator manager aware during the experience creation process.

Hello, curious traveler!
Embark on a unique experience with
Hello, curious traveler!
Embark on a unique experience with
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