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    Where to find the real heart of Tokyo

    April 22, 2024

    Where to find the real heart of Tokyo

    Central Tokyo is often overlooked for its lack of sights. While most tourists will flock to the East to see Asakusa and to the West to see Shibuya and Shinjuku, they miss out on all the amazing hidden gems you can find in the ‘real heart of Tokyo’.

     Akihabara the center of electronic

    First, we have Akihabara the center of electronics and anime culture in Japan. If you have never experienced “Otaku culture” as it is called in Japan, you might be overwhelmed at first. Posters of drawn characters, maids handing out flyers to beckon customers into their cafés, and massive, 12-story arcades and electronic stores make Akihabara a Mecca for any geek and nerd. But Akihabara is more than that; if you look closely you will also find hidden gems such as one of Tokyo’s most bizarre Shrines.

    Akihabara is Ochanomizu Station

    Within walking distance from Akihabara is Ochanomizu Station, which by itself might not seem much more than another busy train station in Tokyo. However, looking at the station from a nearby bridge reveals the beautiful scenery immortalized in the animated hit film “Tenki no Ko” (2019). But even if you are not interested in Anime, the view from the bridge is worth checking out: a nice challenge here is trying to take a picture with as many trains running through the frame as possible; if you are really lucky you can get the elusive 6-train frame!

    Jimbocho is another great spot

    Jimbocho is another great spot to check out in the area. Known as the center for book lovers in Tokyo, you will find a ton of bookstores, cafes, and stationery stores. Some bookstores even have their shelves stacked upright on the street which creates a beautiful, old-school atmosphere.

    The Imperial Palace

    Finally, the area around the Imperial Palace is another great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. While most of Tokyo is built very narrow due to space constraints, the imperial palace and its surrounding moat area are very open allowing you to breathe (and maybe enjoy seeing the sky properly for the first time in a while). 

    Tokyo Station

    Just a stone’s throw away is Tokyo Station with its iconic red brick building, a popular meeting and photo spot in the city. While you are there, you can check out one of the 3 rooftop views to get an even better view at Kitte Mall, Marunouchi Building and Shin Marunouchi Building.

    So yes: Tokyo is more than just Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Central Tokyo offers something for everyone to see and will certainly surprise you with all of the amazing hidden gems you can find there. And if you want to experience them for yourself, consider checking out my Best of Central Tokyo Experience which will take you to these and many more amazing sights in this beautiful area of the city!

    Central Tokyo offers something for everyone

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