Odaiba: Tokyo's Perfect Blend of Retro and Futuristic Fun

July 3, 2024

Odaiba: Tokyo's Perfect Blend of Retro and Futuristic F

Hey japanstafriends! If you’re looking for a Tokyo adventure that’s both a blast from the past and a peek into the future, Odaiba is your go-to spot. This man-made island is not just a shopping paradise but also a treasure trove of quirky experiences and stunning views across Tokyo Bay.

Shopping Odaiba

First up, let’s talk shopping. Odaiba’s malls are themed to the max. One of our faves is the Daiba Itchome Shoutengai in Decks Tokyo Beach. It’s like stepping back into the 1950s, with sweets, merchandise, and characters from that time. You’ll find treats like kibi dango, sticks of konnyaku jelly, and Pinky—those retro sweets that are often hard to find. Plus, there’s a nostalgic lineup of arcade games to get lost in.

Round 1 Game Arcade

But wait, there’s more! Right next door is the super modern Round 1 game arcade, where you can dive into the latest high-tech games. Although the crane games are super addictive, I find that the medal games are more fun for your money’s worth. My current fave is the Super Mario one!

Poop Museum

Feeling a bit adventurous? Odaiba is home to some of the weirdest and whackiest museums, including Tokyo’s very own Poop Museum. Yes, you read that right! Enter the magical world of super cute poop, play silly games, and laugh your heart out.


Getting to Odaiba is a highlight in itself. Hop on the Yurikamome line for a ride that’s as scenic as it is fun. Once you’re there, don’t miss the random yet iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty replica and the towering Gundam statue. The Fuji TV building is another must-see—head up to the observation deck for killer views of the city.

So, next time you’re in Tokyo, make sure Odaiba is on your itinerary. 

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