More Than Just a Gardening Area

June 17, 2024

More Than Just a Gardening Area

Travellers would always be amazed at how shops are being categorised in a certain area in Kowloon Island. All the way northbound is actually a hidden gem for travellers. An area called Flower Market Path is somewhat I will say is highly underrated. 

Buildings at Flower Market

Flower Market Path is an area where gathers a variety of flower wholesalers and retail stores that sell a mix of local breeds and imported plants. It is without any doubt a paradise for flower lovers. With thousands of plants surrounded, travellers could not imagine they are in a city of cement forest with the fresh flower fragrance and green leaves inhibited in the area. At any time of the day, the flower market is filled with people grabbing flowers for their valentines or those who wish to add extra green colour in their living room. 

Flower Market

The most crowded moment of the year is definitely the Chinese Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day. For sure, flowers would definitely be a must to observe these festivals. Don’t forget to take a few more steps to head to the Birds’ Garden after you have taken pictures with the lovely flowers and plants. I would say this is probably the best place where you can have close contact with birds and admire the traditional effort to assemble a bird cage. With no doubt, this is one of the most horrible places for people who are afraid of birds because they literally just flew above your head and you will never know when they flew over you. 

House at Flower Market

There are a lot of people who come to buy birds, probably they are either the person who is pursuing to keep a bird as pets or someone who observes the religious belief to set the bird free. During the mornings, this place is exceptionally crowded while most of the shops in the flower market are still closed. A number of elderies woke up and head to the market with their birds staying inthe cage. They hang their cage on the rail and listen to the radio, and make friends who share the same interest to expand their social circle. 

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