Must Try Manchester’s Munchies - 7 Food Spots You HAVE TO Try!

June 20, 2024

Must Try Manchester’s Munchies - 7 Food Spots You HAVE

1. Haunt MCR, Manchester City Centre, M2 3NQ

From speciality coffee to Italian wines, Haunt Manchester offers exceptional brunches and locally sourced artisanal bakes. Boasting the best selection of Italian wines in Manchester, this spot is one to try out, whether you stop for a coffee and brunch or visit at night for the wine and cocktail bar. Brunch options include pastries, ‘nduja hash, breakfast brioches, and brunch cocktails, including mimosas and bloody mary. Afternoon delights comprise delicious ciabatta subs, soups of the day, and steak and truffle on a toasted brioche. By night, there is an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, beers, cocktails, and wines to choose from.

Haunt MCR, Manchester City Centre, M2 3NQ

2. Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester City Centre, M2 5QJ + M4 5BF + M1 4GS

Rudy’s Pizza hosts some of the greatest Neapolitan pizzas in Manchester! With 3 locations across the city centre, you’re bound to get a table in this bustling pizza spot. Originally established in 2015 in Ancoats, Rudy’s has become renowned for its authentic pizzas. The pizzas feature a 24-hour fresh fermented dough with fresh toppings. No bookings are needed for this spot as they have a no-reservation policy! With options including Salame, Portobello, Calabrese, Margherita, and white- / pesto-based pizzas, as well as salads, and vegan and vegetarian choices, everyone will be satisfied coming here! You even have the choice to add garlic or truffle oils to your pizzas!

Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester City Centre, M2 5QJ + M4 5BF +

3. The Black Friar, Salford, M3 7DB

One of my favourite spots - The Black Friar. Located just outside the city centre, this charming pub, built in 1886, offers a traditional pub atmosphere for diners, drinkers, groups, and events. The menu features popular dishes such as truffle fries, pies, and Sunday roasts (ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE), plus scrumptious desserts. This food spot brings together historical charm with some contemporary touches, making it a very popular place for casual meals, events, special occasions, or just for a drink. From pub grub classics like pies, fish & chips, and burgers, to the Sunday service with the most divine roast, The Black Friar is the perfect spot to experience the classic British pub!

The Black Friar, Salford, M3 7DB

4. Bundobust, Manchester City Centre, M1 2AG + M1 6EQ

Known for its vibrant Indian street food and craft beers, Manchester hosts two Bundobust locations. The Manchester Piccadilly (M1 2AG) spot is great for a pitstop before/after you catch a train. The Bundobust Brewery, located at the St. James’ Building on Oxford Street (M1 6EQ), combines a brewery with a restaurant. Here, there is a 150-seat taproom and restaurant providing visitors with freshly brewed craft beers alongside Bundobust’s signature street food. Something that sets this aside from other street food is the vegetarian and vegan-friendly aspect of Bundobust. Around two-thirds of the menu is completely plant-based, so it makes indulging in street food both enjoyable and sustainable.

Bundobust, Manchester City Centre, M1 2AG + M1 6EQ

5. Ramona, Manchester Northern Quarter, M4 5JG

Detroit pizza, a margarita bar, a campfire, a beer garden, and a coffee counter…what more could you need? Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Ramona is a well-received spot for locals and tourists. Formerly an MOT station, Ramona combines a pizzeria, margarita bar, wood grill, bakery, beer garden, coffee counter, and live performances in one spot! Whether you’re after a bottomless brunch or to try their tater tots (10/10), this venue provides a vibrant, exciting, and lively atmosphere perfect for group gatherings, casual meals, or special occasions. 

Ramona, Manchester Northern Quarter, M4 5JG

6. The Alan Manchester, Manchester City Centre, M1 4LG

On the ‘boujee-er’ side, The Alan is a stylish aesthetically pleasing hotel and bar in central Manchester. Praised for its unique industrial-chic interior, the hotel presents contemporary amenities, plus an elegant bar and restaurant servicing breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. For a special occasion, I spent a night in the hotel and indulged in the complementary breakfast brunch provided with my hotel booking. With well-decorated spacious rooms, attentive staff, and a relaxed ambiance, this hotel and restaurant is one of my favourites in Manchester even if it's on the pricier side.

The Alan Manchester, Manchester City Centre, M1 4LG

7. Central Bay, Salford Quays, M50 3XW

This exciting new development at Quayside MediaCity provides great, vibrant waterfront dining and drinking experiences. Despite being located outside of the city centre, Central Bay is easily accessed via the Metrolink tram. You can spend a whole day here eating, shopping at The Lowry, and visiting the Imperial War Museum, Old Trafford, and Media City! With more than 13 diverse kitchens, this food hall is perfect for picky eaters, groups with varying culinary preferences, or big foodies. Dine and choose delicious delicacies from Ethiopia, India, China, Brazil, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Greece, Vietnam, the Caribbean, and MORE!! The service here is quick, and you will not be disappointed. 

Central Bay, Salford Quays, M50 3XW

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