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    Best Things To Do In Mouraria Lisbon - Neighbourhood Guide

    February 20, 2020

    Best Things To Do In Mouraria Lisbon - Neighbourhood Gu

    The Mouraria neighborhood in Lisbon has remained under the radar for centuries, and is only just starting to be discovered even by Lisboetas - most don’t venture so far. So before the city’s best-kept secret gets out, head to Mouraria to experience life like a local - if you can untangle the maze of narrow cobbled streets that wind their way uphill. Despite its history-rich credentials, multi-cultural Mouraria in Lisbon has managed to keep itself hidden from the tourists heading to neighboring Alfama to experience the city’s medieval past, as this is the only area of the city that wasn’t destroyed by Lisbon’s infamous earthquake. You won’t find wide boulevards, artistically paved squares, or grand fountains, but you will find a culture-rich enclave packed full of local character. It’s well worn, but that’s why I love this Lisbon neighborhood so much. If you are wondering what to see in Mouraria, here’s how and where to eat, drink and do Mouraria like a local.

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