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    The Most Incredible 2-Day Trip to Belgium: Bruges & Brussels

    May 15, 2024

    The Most Incredible 2-Day Trip to Belgium: Bruges & Bru

    Last year I embarked on a Belgium adventure but just for the weekend! We wanted to visit Bruges and Brussels in just 2 days and after visiting I think I have perfected the ultimate 2-day itinerary. 

    Day 1

    We are starting off the trip in the city of Bruges where you should start your day with a traditional Belgian breakfast consisting of freshly baked pastries like croissants or waffles, accompanied by Belgian hot chocolate or a strong cup of coffee (my choice!)

    Traditional Belgian breakfast

    After this let’s go do some sightseeing! Visit Markt Square, the heart of Bruges. Admire the iconic Belfry Tower and the colorful medieval buildings surrounding the square. You can also explore the market stalls selling local crafts and souvenirs. It’s then time to head on to probably Bruges' most popular attraction. Nicknamed the ‘Venice Experience of the North’ you can take a boat tour along the canals of Bruges. This is a great way to see the city from a different perspective and learn about its history and architecture.

    Visit Markt Square

    Time to grab a quick pick-me-up for lunch. For me, a simple street food of Belgian fries was my option to save some cash and carry on exploring but you could also pop into one of the local restaurants if you want to splash out the cash a little more. 

     Beguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    That afternoon it’s time to wander through the tranquil Beguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Admire the charming white houses and the serene courtyard, which was once home to a community of Beguines, religious women who lived a semi-monastic life. Before finishing with a beer or coffee overlooking the canal there are so many bars, pubs and cafes offering this so just pick your fancy! 

    Before heading to the capital city grab some food at a local restaurant. I’d highly recommend De Buhne for some amazing and affordable food. You can then hop on the Flix Bus or Train to Brussels which will take you around 2 hours and check into your Brussels Hotel! 

    Day 2

    Wake up bright and early to start exploring Brussels! The first stop is to visit the Main Square and have a coffee and some breakfast at one of the cute cafes down the side streets. I’d recommend Lucifer Lives. After this hop on a metro to Brussels’ biggest tourist attraction. Get yourself a ticket in advance to save queuing and explore one of the most unique buildings whilst also getting a view over the city.

     Main Square

    After this grab some lunch nearby and have a stroll around the nearby neighborhood before getting the metro over to Beerstorming! This is the start of my tour I have handcrafted with City Unscripted which shows you the best of Belgium Beers in Brussels. Here you get to embark on a micro-brewery experience at one of the best spots in Brussels! I loved this microbrewery as it wasn’t old-fashioned and took a modern way to make beer which I loved seeing. But arguably the best bit for me was actually tasting the beer which is crafted on-site. During this experience, you will get a beer-tasting session where they will get to try 4 of the brewery’s beers. I loved them all I couldn’t even pick a favorite.


    After this, you will head to Brussels Beer Project which is one of the trendiest spots in Brussels and has a huge range of beer options so you can have a pint or two with a good atmosphere. Finish your 48 hours in Belgium, the final stop is this Guinness world record-breaking bar- Delirium, which is home to over 2000 types of beer.

    It is famous for the 1M tasting sticks of beer where guests get to try 10 different types of beer. You’ll get a 1M tasting board to split between two people and the beers are interesting, let's say! You’ll get a large variety of options, some I loved some not as much but it was definitely fun to try them. Delirium is a lively place so it is a good place to finish your trip and you can even watch some live music after if you please!


    I hope you liked my 48-hour trip to Belgium do let me know if you end up going!

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