7 Most Fun Cafés in Budapest

June 26, 2024

7 Most Fun Cafés in Budapest

Budapest's café scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From cozy book nooks to whimsical animal-themed spots, there's a fun café experience waiting for everyone. Here are seven of the most fun and unique cafés that you absolutely must visit in Budapest:

1. Massolit Budapest Books and Café

1. Massolit Budapest Books and Café

For book lovers, Massolit Budapest Books and Café is a haven. Tucked away in the historic Jewish Quarter of Budapest, this charming café offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Shelves brimming with a wide selection of books, including many English titles, line the walls. Grab a cup of good coffee or a slice of homemade cake, find a cozy nook, and lose yourself in a good book.

Opening hours from Monday to Sunday is 9.30am to 7pm

2. ZOO Café

ZOO Café

If you’re an animal lover, you will love ZOO Café. It’s a unique place where you can enjoy your coffee in the company of animals, where you can interact with a variety of bunnies and turtles to exotic birds and reptiles. They have 65 animals of 20 species along with 25 special coffees.

The staff is attentive and ensures both the animals and guests have a good and stress-free experience. Whether you're petting a rabbit, cat or holding a snake, your visit to ZOO Café is guaranteed to be memorable.

Because of the cafés popularity and few seatings, a reservation is needed (recommended is to book 3-4 days ahead). 

Opening hours from Monday to Sunday is 10am to 10pm

3. Cat Café Budapest

Cat Café Budapest

If you find company by cats the best kind of company, Cat Café Budapest is the PURRFECT place to be. Situated in the heart of the city behind St. Stephens Cathedral, this café is home to a dozen adorable cats. You can enjoy a wide range of beverages and light snacks while the cats roam freely around you. 

Cat Café Budapest also promotes animal adoption and awareness. Because of the cafés popularity you might need to wait a few minutes before being seated. 

Opening hours from Monday to Sunday is 10am to 9pm (Children under the age of 8 can only visit the cafe on weekdays between 10am and 6pm)

4. Macaron Heaven

Macaron Heaven

Sweet tooths can find shaped macarons and macaron-based desserts at Macaron Heaven. A café dedicated to the art of the macaron with a twist, as they make special shaped Macarons as well as glass macaron cakes, Macaron ice cream sandwiches and more with exotic combinations like lavender and Earl Grey.

Pair your macarons with a cup of specialty tea or coffee, and indulge in a sweet treat that looks as good as it tastes. The fun, pastel-hued décor adds to the café's charm and is the perfect instagrammable spot in Budapest. 

Opening hours from Monday to Saturday is 11am to 7pm

5. Béla


Béla is more than just a café; it's a space that transforms from a laid-back coffeehouse by day to a lively bar by night. This café has a cozy, bohemian interior filled with vintage furniture and fun decorations. Their menu offers delicious breakfast, light bites, and a variety of drinks, including surprising cocktails.

Béla's relaxed vibe makes it an ideal spot for socializing or working, and their unique interior makes it another fun location to snap some pictures from in Budapest. 

Opening hours from Monday to Saturday is 11.30am to 11pm (hours are subject to change)

6. Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden

Step into a fairytale, whimsical café with floral decorations and chic décor. Vintage Garden offers all day breakfast and brunch but also serves as a cosy Italian restaurant in downtown Budapest, which changes its interior occasionally. Vintage Garden has had immense success and has become Hungary’s “most photographed” restaurant, and as soon as you step inside, you’ll see why. 

Opening hours from Monday to Saturday is 9am to 10pm (breakfast runs until 5pm). 

7. Csók Bisztró

Csók Bisztró

Located inside the Hungarian Art & Business Center, is this hidden Café. HAB focuses on Hungarian contemporary art; a truly diverse and vibrant scene full of talented artists who push and reimagine the boundaries of art every day!

On a sunny day, their outside terrace is just the perfect place to enjoy a cappuccino before or after visiting the 2 main art spaces, and the fun part of this cafe is that is has a rainbow staircase, clouds in the ceiling and paint everywhere.

Opening hours from Sunday to Saturday is 9am to 7pm

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