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    Eat Like a Local in Venice: Top 5 Must Try’s

    April 24, 2024

    Eat Like a Local in Venice: Top 5 Must Try’s

    From freshly baked treats to the vibrant coffee culture that bustles through the city, you'll enjoy all the delicacies that are so iconic to both Italy and more specifically Venice. With some classic cicchetti and an artisanal aperitif in hand, you will sit back and enjoy the beauty of the colorful surrounding buildings as freshly hung washing blows in the breeze while watching the people stroll on by.. ah, la dolce vita!! I have narrowed it down to my top favorites for you to try whilst visiting the city of water!

    Starting off sweet

    Starting off sweet, kick start your day with a pastry that has become loved across the whole world, and whilst it may not have originated from Italy, they certainly have made it one of their own and put their ‘Italia’ touch on it!! The croissant or as it is commonly known in northern Italy, ‘cornetto’ which translates to ‘little horn’ can be found in most bakeries and patisseries around the city! However, you will start to see a pattern that not only will you find these flakey pieces of art in their iconic simple state but also filled with flavors that will change the croissant game as you know it!! From fresh cream, to marmalade, jams, and honey but also Nutella and my personal favorite, pistachio!! Best way to fuel up for a day of adventure!

    Accompanying this pretty pastry, is a drink

    Accompanying this pretty pastry is a drink that has become something of a daily essential and linked to the culture, tradition, and habits of most Italians, coffee!! You’ll soon see whilst visiting that throughout the streets bars, restaurants, cafes, and even gelato shops are lined up with people getting their caffeine boosts in a way that you may not be used to. Typically, in the morning you will sit down take your time, and enjoy a cappuccino let's say, but as soon as we hit the afternoon, you’ll see people in and out of these bars taking swift sips of espressos as an afternoon pick-me-up or after a nice flavorful meal! 

    Pronounced ‘chee-ket-eeh’

    Specific to Venice is our next must-try, and will fill that savory gap you’ve been looking for whilst roaming around all day! Pronounced ‘chee-ket-eeh’, is a Venetian staple, the cicchetti. You will see these in most cafes and bars around the city, they typically come as a small piece of fresh bread, and will have a range of toppings from fresh fish to local cheeses, cured meats, and more! Ordered like tapas, it’s best to order a selection so you are able to try a range of flavors and share with friends! They’re the perfect small plate to eat whilst sitting by the canals, basking in the sun, and accompanied with the next on our list!

    The Spritz

    To no surprise, the Spritz made it on the list - originating from the Veneto region, composed of prosecco from the valleys up north in the region and local bitters, this drink has become a classic across the country. There are endless variations of this drink however there are a few that have become iconic to both locals and tourists worldwide; these include the Aperol, the Select, the Cynar, the Campari, and one of my favorites, the Limoncello! So sit back, listen to the distant tunes coming from the piazzas, and enjoy this ice-cold refreshing drink!

    The gelato

    Lastly, it is one of the most iconic delicacies that is associated with visiting the country and is a classic artisanal Italian tradition! The gelato - which simply refers to ‘frozen’ is very different from its cousin the ice cream, consisting of a creamier and lighter texture this cold sweet treat is perfect for a pit stop after a day of exploring. With endless flavors, anyone can find their favorite, from vanilla to hazelnut, coffee, and sorbets you would be hard pushed to beat this pick-me-up in a cone! My personal go-to is stracciatella, a creamy vanilla with freshly chopped chocolate chips scattered throughout which makes the perfect combination of refreshing and sweet! 

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