Discover Harajuku: A Day on Foot and Bike

July 3, 2024

Discover Harajuku: A Day on Foot and Bike

Hey japanstafriends! Ready to explore Harajuku? This adventure on foot and bike will give you a taste of everything this vibrant Tokyo neighborhood has to offer. 

Start your day at the serene Meiji Jingu Shrine, just steps away from Harajuku Station but hidden among lush trees. It’s amazing how you can feel so peaceful here, even though you’re in the heart of one of Tokyo’s busiest areas.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Next, dive into the chaos of Takeshita Street. The fashion here is wild and wonderful, and people-watching is a must. After soaking up the unique Harajuku vibe, grab a bento or some snacks and head to Yoyogi Park for a picnic.

This park is a beloved hangout spot and the perfect place to experience Tokyo life. Renting bikes here is a blast—cruising under the trees on a tandem bike with a friend feels so free and fun. I’ve been coming to Yoyogi Park since I was a kid, so it’s super nostalgic for me. And hey, if it’s hot, swing by IKEA for a 50 yen plant-based soft serve. Seriously, how is it so cheap?

Takeshita Street

From Yoyogi Park, you could head over to Shinjuku Gyoen. You can easily spend an hour or the whole day here, depending on your mood. The gardens change with the seasons, offering a different experience each time. If you’re tired, find a rest spot and just chill out.

Yoyogi Park

Wrap up your day with a touch of Olympic spirit. Near the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium, you’ll find the Japan Olympic Museum. The interactive exhibits are super cool and give you a real appreciation for the incredible achievements of Olympians.

Olympic spirit

Getting around

Getting around

You can do this entire route by bike if you want. Rent your bikes beforehand and park them at Yoyogi Park. After your picnic and ride, cycle over to Shinjuku Gyoen and park your bikes outside.

This day in Harajuku is the perfect mix of culture, fashion, fun, and relaxation.

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