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    The Best Time To Visit Budapest

    By Andrew Thompson

    September 20, 2021

    The Best Time To Visit Budapest

    Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is an incredible city to visit at any time of the year. Whether you’re looking for deep blue skies and the glistening Danube, or snow-lined streets and warming cups of coffee, there’s no single best time to visit Budapest. It’s a city of distinct seasons, and Budapest weather changes dramatically between each. Choosing when to visit Budapest, therefore, depends on exactly what you want out of the city. It also means many people have strong opinions on the best time to visit Budapest, but with a bit of insight and planning, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the city at any time of the year.


    Summer is arguably the best time to visit Budapest. Budapest weather over the middle months of the year is usually in the mid to high 20s, with lots of sunshine and less than seven days of rain per month. Unsurprisingly, this is also one of the peak tourist seasons in the city, so if you’re looking for the cheapest time to go to Budapest, you may want to skip June, July and August. Hotels are often more expensive, and you may encounter some queues outside the more popular things to do in Budapest. Still, the blue skies and sparkling Danube are at their best in the summer, and if you can handle the heat and the crowds, then it’s a great time to visit.

    Picnics, riverside walks, and a packed events calendar

    There’s no better way to appreciate the summer weather in Budapest than with a picnic somewhere scenic, or with a walk or cycle along the Danube river. If you’re wondering what the best time to visit Budapest to take advantage of the famous river is, this is it. The bridges that cross the Danube fill up with pedestrians, and the lush Margaret Island becomes a relaxing haven perfect for picnics, gentle walks, or bicycle rides. Owing to the influx of tourists and predictable weather, it’s also a busy time in terms of events - concerts take place at many landmarks, and there are art exhibitions, screenings, and other exciting events taking place throughout the city. And if the tourist crowds become overwhelming, it’s also an ideal time to explore some of the city’s hidden gems that many visitors overlook.


    If you like to experience the changing of the seasons, autumn is a surprisingly good time to visit Budapest. Early autumn is still warm, with highs in the 20s and approximately five rain days per month. As the months move towards October and November the temperature drops considerably. As the weather turns and the leaves start to fall, restaurants in Budapest often start producing cold weather favourites popular among locals. And even though it can be overcast and cold in autumn, there’s a special kind of energy in the streets that makes it an equally fascinating time to visit.

    Thermal baths, changing leaves, and winter foods

    If you find yourself wondering what to do in Budapest as autumn starts to take hold, then don’t discount spending some time outdoors. The changing seasons mean the leafy green parks are often transitioning into a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows and oranges. You’ll find the best of the fall foliage on Margaret Island, but if you’re interested in an aerial view of the city take a walk up Gellért Hill - fall is a great time to walk the tree-lined pathways. The cool nip in the air is also the best time to visit Budapest baths. The baths are open throughout the year, but there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot natural spring as the weather outside starts to turn colder. If you prefer to warm up with food and drink then you won’t be disappointed. There are several wine and food festivals at this time of the year, but even if your trip doesn’t coincide with these you’ll find plenty of comfort food at most local restaurants and at the Great Market Hall.


    Budapest weather in winter is cold - with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, and with several days of snow possible. Although the story about the Danube freezing over enough to be able to walk between Buda and Pest has happened just twice in the last 30 years, it can at times be icy on the streets. The colder weather puts many people off visiting the city during winter, which means it is often the cheapest time to go to Budapest. Although it’s true that it’s a beautiful city to explore in warmer weather, a light dusting of snow, Christmas markets, hot thermal baths, and the numerous indoor activities make it a rewarding one to visit in winter as well.

    Keeping warm outdoors

    The best time to visit Budapest baths is when it’s cold outside, and many traditional thermal baths even have indoor baths, saunas and steam rooms for when it’s simply too cold and grey to be outdoors. If you prefer to be more active in the winter months you can also include a trip to the city’s popular ice rink in the City Park. It’s the largest in Europe and a hive of activity as soon as it opens. There are also several winter dishes to keep you warm. If you find yourself out on the streets you won’t be able to miss the roasting chestnuts. And the vibrant open-air Christmas markets sell warming cups of mulled wine will tide you over until you can warm up indoors. Of course, you can’t miss Budapest’s famous nightlife, and the various bars and ruin pubs are well equipped to keep you warm, even if it’s just with a shot or two of pálinka.


    As in many European cities, spring might just be the best time to visit Budapest. As the city shakes off the winter cold there are still good deals to be had, and there’s a renewed sense of energy in the city parks and along the Danube. Temperatures in the city tend to start warming up in March, but it’s still likely to encounter some lingering cold days that might have you retreating back indoors. But by the time April and May arrive, the high temperatures are in the high teens, and the city is starting to gear up for its peak season.

    Outdoor activities and spring festivals

    Unlike in autumn and winter, it’s possible to enjoy most spring days in comfort outdoors. Many restaurants set up their outdoor seating sections, and there’s a palpable shift in energy as people take their seats in the spring sunshine. At the same time, outdoor markets come back to life, and the various parks such as Margaret Island, Gellért Hill, and Károlyi Gardens are beautiful to explore. Budapest’s Spring Festival also takes place in early April, which is one of the city’s biggest cultural events. And if you want to experience the very best of Budapest’s architecture up close, the annual Budapest 100 event, during which historic buildings open their doors, takes place in early March.

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