Best things to do in Munich at night

By Andressa Hoese (Munich) the social butterfly who swapped the bright lights of Sao Paulo for Munich’s charm

Updated: 25 November 2019

Edited by Holly Jenson

When people think of Munich, it’s usually history, beer and food that springs to mind. What you might not know is that our city has a really diverse nightlife that everyone needs to experience! With so many bars, nightclubs, beer houses and landmarks, there are always plenty of things to do in Munich at night. I have noted all my favourite places that my three years in the city have shown me into the best Munich nightlife guide so you can see the best side of the place I call home. 

Nymphenburg Palace

Content page entry image  Nymphenburg Palace

A great way to kick-start your trip in this beautiful city is with a Munich nightlife experience. Nymphenburg Palace is bound to be one of the key landmarks on your Munich attractions map and is a great place to start. Built in 1675, the palace was the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria and features stunning architecture and historic pieces to be explored. Although you should also make sure to see this place in the day, the time Nymphenburg Palace really comes alive is when the sun goes down. Lit from corner to corner, the rows of archways are become a true spectacle as the light reflects in the lake in front of the palace. Enjoying this view is a great way to do some Munich sightseeing at night and provides a relaxed alternative to the busy city. 

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Munich Distillers Bar

Content page entry image Munich Distillers Bar

With everything that you’ve heard about beer in Munich, I bet you didn’t know that Munich Distillers Bar is at the centre of our nightlife. Offering a huge variety Gin, Vodka and German rum, all of their spirits are distilled in house; it’s the best local experience you can have! There is always a large crowd of happy locals enjoying themselves in and around this bar and you won’t be able to resist having a peak through the glowing arches. Inside there are lots of cosy corners lit with candles and funky lighting fixtures; this place has a really cool feeling The Distillers Bar is known for its list of quirky cocktails made with their own spirits, it may take you a while to choose your poison…This is definitely one of the best bars in Munich and a great alternative to the beer and Bavarian food you’ll be flooded with during your visit.

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Content page entry image Hofbrauhaus

A key part of Munich nightlife is starting off with a few drinks in one of our famous beer halls. There is a reason why everyone Hofbräuhaus. The oldest beer hall in Munich, this place is filled with history and is always home to crowds of people having a great time. Constructed almost 500 years ago, this building has some really amazing architecture. As you take a seat, spend some time studying the ornate ceilings for an experience of Munich’s culture. The band on the first floor play traditional folk music to transport you to old Bavaria and keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat. This is a great place to enjoy our Bavarian delicacies before continuing your Munich night tour! 

Mandarin Oriental

Content page entry image Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental offers an alternative option to the usual Munich nightlife and is a must-see while in our diverse city. This bar is well known across the globe for its Asian-inspired cocktails and décor. There is a huge variety of both Bavarian and international delicacies on their food menu all created with local ingredients, it’s an amazing product of our multicultural city. In the winter, the lounge is cosy and inviting with a relaxed atmosphere and in the summer they open up the terrace where you can sit in the sun and enjoy an al fresco dining experience. Whenever you decide to go, this is the perfect place for a relaxed afternoon or evening with friends and is definitely one of the best bars in Munich. 


Content page entry image Glockenbachviertel

One of the best free things to do in Munich at night is explore the fun-filled streets of Glockenbachviertel. This area is famed for its nightlife and alternative culture and is a vital stop on your Munich night tour! Legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury made Munich his home in the 1980’s and Glockenbachviertel was soon home to the wildest parties the city had ever seen. Mercury celebrated in some of the most famous bars in the district; Deutsche Eiche, Frisco (now Padres) and Old Mrs Henderson (now Paradiso Tanzbar). Today the quarter celebrates individuality and is still the number one place for a memorable night in Munich; Glockenbachviertel will rock you! 

Jahreszeiten Bar

Content page entry image Jahreszeiten Bar

Jahreszeiten Bar is another one of the best bars in Munich for a classy and sophisticated evening. World-class cocktails are served along with a selection of light bites. All of the pastries and cakes in here are made by the hotel’s own specialist patissier and are always to an amazing standard. The dessert display case is one of the most eye-catching parts of the lobby, always filled with elaborately decorated petit gateaux and tarts. All of the desserts in here are created with a modern twist and are always delicious. The ceiling features a huge stained glass window which allows light to cascade into the centre, it’s a true masterpiece. Come to the Jahreszeiten Bar for a taste of the high life Munich has to offer. 

Backstage Club

Content page entry image Backstage Club

Backstage is one of the best mixes of Munich nightlife. Every week a huge variety of artists will host concerts at the venue; it’s one of the best places to see live music in the city! Their beer garden ensures you can enjoy some of our Bavarian delicacies while you wait for the show to start; it’s the perfect way to get in the party spirit! Backstage also run a number of ‘regular parties’ where they’ll play a different genre each night. From rock to garage, electro and pop, there’s something for everyone here! They always have cool light shows to accompany the music and everyone has a great time, it’s like you’re all celebrating together. No matter what music you’re into, come to Backstage for the amazing atmosphere.

Augustiner Keller

Content page entry image Augustiner Keller

Augustiner-Keller at Arnulfstrasse is definitely the best beer keller in Munich and a must-see if you only have a short time in our city. The long tunnel glows in the candlelight and the kegs and traditional benches give this place a really authentic feel. This place also encompasses a huge part of Munich nightlife, with a huge variety of Bavarian beer on tap. Augustiner-Keller also has a really varied restaurant menu including a lot of the local must-try specialties; it’s a great place for dinner and drinks. They brew their own beer here and you can drink it straight from the keg, it’s really refreshing and one of my personal favourites. The food is delicious and there is always a really chilled-out vibe; this is by far one of the best things to do in Munich.

Schumann’s Bar

Content page entry image Schumann’s Bar

Schumann’s Bar is another place in Munich that is great for all occasions. Famed for their variety of traditional and unique cocktails, the bar staff are really passionate about what they do. They serve amazing food in here; with their American Italian style, you can try anything from steak to salad, pasta and risotto. Everything is simple and laid-back, it’s perfect as a cosy place after a busy day spent sightseeing in the centre. Open from 8am to 3am on weekdays, this is also a great place to bring your family in the early evening; there’s always a relaxed atmosphere. Situated near the beautiful Hofgarten park, Schumann’s is perfectly located for you to continue your Munich night tour around the city.