Best Things To Do In Bologna At Night

Updated: 12 February 2020

Wondering what to do in Bologna at night? Thanks to its large university population, Bologna has so much to offer when the sun goes down. It’s is a fun and friendly city, with evening entertainment covering everything from live music, cosy


, eclectic bars and world-class restaurants. Nightlife in Bologna is not to be missed, and despite Bologna’s historic past, the city feels young and alive. It’s vibrant, friendly and you truly get a sense that you’re surrounded by so many smiling people.Things to do in Bologna at night are endless and depending on your taste, there will always be something for you. From pretty bars with the best


in Bologna to unconventional cafes, breweries and classy wine bars, you’ll be sure to have a good time in the city. Bologna nightlife is about friendly people, good vibes and good sounds. Here are my top tips and Bologna nightlife guide; complete with the best Bologna nightlife areas, the best bars in Bologna and where to eat in Bologna. So sit back by the table of a traditional trattoria and have a glass of wine with some tasty, famous Bologna food while chatting with friends, and you might just be tempted to continue on to the perfect place to dance the night away.

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Osteria del Sole

Since 1465, this old tavern in Bologna has been serving locals their drinks in their traditional bar. Once inside Osteria del Sole, you’ll go on a journey through time - the bar is over 500 years old - all the while sipping a delicious glass of wine. Everything remains the same here; including the walls, the courtyard, the garden, and the stairs that lead to the cantina, which undoubtedly makes it one of the coolest places to spend a night in Bologna. The place is home to a great wine list - for both red and white lovers - beer on tap, and other Italian liqueurs and digestives such as grappa and locally produced Montenegro. There’s  a bring your own food (BYOF) policy too, so if you’re wondering what to do in Bologna at night be sure to grab some cheese, bread or cured meats from the Quadrilatero food market and head over to Osteria del Sole.. Spend the second half of your day in Bologna soaking up the food and culture of the city here, in true local style. 

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Bar Maurizio

Your Bologna evening entertainment simply wouldn’t be complete without a sipping a spritz under the porch of Bar Maurizio and watching a spontaneous stand-up comedy or live music show. For many locals, as well as the students in Bologna, Bar Maurizio is considered the best bohemian bar in town. If you like good vibes, tiny spaces and a clientele of people discussing the great philosophies of life with a backdrop of live entertainment, this is the spot for you. Fall in love with an utterly mesmerizing place and a Bologna hidden gem with a great atmosphere. Drink alongside Italian artists, academics and people who simply enjoy a drink as you gather together over live jazz and local bands. Wondering what to do in Bologna at night on a budget? Bar Maurizio is both reasonably priced and is centrally located; perfect for a relaxed night in the city.

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Bar Miki e Max

Miki e Max is not just a bar, but a place to spend time mindfully and observe the local life of the city that flows through it. The owners are direct, but don’t let that intimidate you; it’s simply part of the philosophy and charm of the place. In no way refined, the unique bar which serves up a variety of drinks, deserves a visit for those who wish to go beyond the superficial and touristy of nightlife in Bologna. It’s for those who desire instead to enter into the realms of a truly local Bologna spirit. Order a glass of wine and watch people pass by. See the elderly and the young happily coexist, hear the sounds and exchanges of both jokes and insults, and see locals dip pieces of bread into the most indescribable-looking broths. The old pinball machine continues to trill, but times have changed a little for this original symbol of student protesting. Holding onto its 70’s style atmosphere, Miki e Max is one of the top local things to do in Bologna at night, so don’t miss it if you’re seeking an authentic night in the city. 

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Parco Del Cavaticcio

During summer, the beautiful and vast Parco Del Cavaticcio flourishes into a hub of music and culture. Now an integral part of the new cultural and entertainment hub of Bologna, which includes MAMbo, Cassero and a film library, the Parco Del Cavaticcio becomes the home of Bologna festivals. Opening with the Bio Parco in June, which presents a series of concerts held for the Biografilm Festival, Parco Del Cavaticcio becomes host to many important names as part of an international avant-garde, new Italian rock and hip-hop scene. A great spot to experience something new, Parco Del Cavaticcio is one of the top things to do in Bologna at night. Pass through the Giardino del Cavaticcio; a thin, covered strip of lush greenery that occupies a few hundred meters of the place where the old port of Bologna once stood. Linked to the Cavaticcio canal, the area is a great place to wander through and is one of the top free Bologna night attractions.

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Osteria Dell'Orsa

Whether you show up to Osteria Dell'Orsa at lunchtime or dinner, the atmosphere is always alive and well at “The Bear.” A spot loved by locals, Osteria Dell'Orsa has flourished over the years from its humble beginnings as an alternative punk hangout into the now traditional osteria with a shop next door selling handmade pasta to take away. The perfect spot to mix with the locals on wooden communal tables, a night at “The Bear” could bring anything from live bands to poetry readings to heated philosophical discussions. The pasta of the day could be artichoke lasagna or gnocchi with courgettes. Italy is the epicenter of freshly prepared pasta and the gastronomic paradise city of Bologna is no exception. Don’t miss this reasonably priced pasta spot from your Bologna evening entertainment guide. 

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