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    Best Places To Eat In Tokyo – Recommended By A Local

    By Blanka Kobayashi

    August 10, 2023

    Best Places To Eat In Tokyo – Recommended By A Local

    Hello, I'm Blanka. I've been a Tokyo resident for the better part of two decades. Over the years, I've found that one of the greatest joys of living in this metropolis is exploring its incredible food culture. Yes, you might recognize me from leading Tokyo tours with City Unscripted. But today, I'd like to take off my tour guide hat and share with you, as a fellow food lover, some of my favorite culinary discoveries across the city.

    Tokyo's food scene reflects its character, presenting a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and budgets. It's a city where you can find everything from modest street-side eateries serving comforting bowls of ramen to extravagant dining establishments recognized by Michelin stars.

    In this article, we'll embark on a culinary journey through Tokyo, exploring the city's gastronomic delights that won't break the bank, as well as those that might be worth that special splurge. But remember, this isn't a sales pitch for a guided tour. It's a sincere sharing of experiences, with the hope that it encourages you to explore Tokyo's diverse culinary landscape for yourself when you visit.

    So, if you're planning your next adventure in Tokyo or just curious about its food scene, read on. Together, we'll uncover some of the city's most loved dining spots.

    The price of dining in Tokyo

    City Unscripted article image

    In Tokyo, the cost of dining is as beautifully diverse as the city itself, opening doors to all kinds of culinary adventures regardless of budget. For those looking for value, an array of fantastic options exists, certain to keep both your stomach and wallet feeling wonderfully content. Ramen chains like Ichiran and Ippudo satisfy noodle lovers with their comforting bowls, while conveyor belt sushi bars such as Sushi-Ro provide a playful, affordable spin on one of Japan's most iconic dishes. For a delightful fusion of Tokyo station buzz and street food charm, the stalls at Asakusa's Nakamise Street and Tsukiji's Outer Market present an exciting, budget-friendly journey for your taste buds.

    Yet Tokyo also knows how to serve up a lavish food experience. For those looking to splurge, the city's best restaurants are ready to cater to your gourmet desires. Delight in world-class sushi from the hands of a master sushi chef at Sukiyabashi Jiro, or immerse yourself in the graceful, traditional dance of kaiseki dining at establishments like Kikunoi and Ryugin. Experience the unique synergy of French and Japanese cuisine at L'Effervescence. And for a cozy mid-range treat, why not indulge in the soothing warmth of a shabu-shabu meal at Shabuzen or the delicate crispiness of Tokyo's finest tempura at Tsunahachi and Tensuke?

    Tokyo's dining scene isn't just about satiating hunger but about satisfying curiosity. In this city, every restaurant, sushi bar, and food stall serves not just a meal but an unforgettable experience, a story told through Japanese food, and a taste of the city's vibrant culture. From bustling fish markets to elegant sushi counters, from Koto City's local gems to Tokyo station's quick bites, every bite is a testament to Tokyo's culinary prowess.

    So here's to Tokyo - the city where every meal is an adventure and where each dish, from sushi to soufflé pancakes, is a delicious chapter in its gastronomic tale.

    Gourmet experience: Den and other high-end dining

    City Unscripted article image

    If you're hunting for a truly gourmet experience in Tokyo, Den stands as a beacon of modern Japanese food.

    This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an epicurean adventure that's not just about the food but also the warm hospitality and the element of surprise.

    Every visit here feels like a discovery. With a flexible tasting menu, you might find yourself biting into their signature dish of "Dentucky Fried Chicken" or maybe savoring their play on the classic salad with Japanese oysters, green onions, and a delightful surprise ingredient. It's fun, it's exquisite, and trust me, it's like nothing you've ever experienced before.

    In comparison, you have other top-tier Tokyo restaurants like Sukiyabashi Jiro and Ryugin.

    Sukiyabashi Jiro, famously featured in the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi", offers a minimalist sushi experience that is extraordinary in its simplicity.

    You'll be watching the sushi chef's every movement, each piece of sushi a work of art. On the other hand, Ryugin presents the quintessential kaiseki dining experience, with dishes that reflect the seasons and the rich Japanese culture. These fine dining establishments are not just about the meal but the narrative woven into each course, each bite.

    From Den's innovative twist on classics to Sukiyabashi Jiro's exquisite sushi and Ryugin's embodiment of kaiseki - Tokyo's high-end dining scene truly is an exploration of Japan's culinary artistry and a must-try for any food lover in the city.

    Street food culture in Japan

    City Unscripted article image

    Diving headfirst into Japan's street food culture is an experience that leaves your heart fuller and your taste buds richer.

    This is especially true in cities like Osaka, often referred to as the "nation's kitchen".

    Here, the streets are brimming with bustling stalls offering delightful bites like Takoyaki - octopus-filled dough balls, pan-fried batter delight Okonomiyaki, and skewered Kushikatsu, perfect for on-the-go indulgence. But don't let me get started on the savory-sweet Dotonbori-style pizza, bubbling with melted cheese, a sight as delightful as it tastes.

    But the street food culture is not confined to Osaka alone; it thrives equally in the heart of Tokyo. Meandering through Ameya-Yokocho market in central Tokyo, you'll be greeted by the alluring aroma of street food wafting from the stalls lining the streets. From the grilled salmon that draws you in with its smoky scent to the crispy tempura, each dish is a sensory journey.

    Let's not forget Tokyo's specialty - Monjayaki, a kind of runny pancake made with various ingredients like green onions, beef tongue, or even squid ink mayonnaise!

    And for the sweet-toothed explorers, the fluffy souffle pancakes and fresh fruit sticks dipped in sweet soy sauce make for a perfect dessert. A walk through Tokyo's street food scene is like flipping through a vivid storybook of Japanese culture - an amazing experience that brings you closer to the heart of the city.

    Exploring Tokyo's best eateries

    City Unscripted article image

    Embarking on a journey through Tokyo's culinary landscape feels like stepping into a captivating flavor maze - every turn introduces you to an exciting new gastronomic delight. Take, for instance, Sushi Saito. An unassuming gem among Tokyo restaurants, this sushi bar might seem modest at first glance, but its three Michelin stars hint at the extraordinary culinary experiences that await inside.

    With head sushi chef, Takashi Saito, at the helm, sushi transcends its simple ingredients and transforms into a mesmerizing work of art.

    Each piece, whether it's a delicate sea urchin or rich freshwater eel, celebrates the freshness and quality of Japan's seafood, underscored by the chef's extraordinary skill. The sushi bar's intimate counter seats provide a front-row ticket to the passionate craftsmanship behind every roll, making for a sushi experience that's truly one-of-a-kind.

    Yet, if your culinary curiosity craves a deeper dive into the world of traditional Japanese cuisine, Kanda awaits to welcome you.

    Nestled in a serene corner of central Tokyo, this three-star Michelin kaiseki restaurant is a renowned name among the best restaurants in Tokyo.

    With its seasonally changing la carte, Kanda presents a tasting menu that reads like a love letter to Japan's culinary tradition. Imagine savoring delicacies such as grilled salmon paired with soul-soothing miso soup or luscious Japanese oysters - every dish is a symphony of flavors. And when the pace of your food journey asks for a leisurely pit stop, Fuglen offers the ideal respite.

    An Oslo-origin cafe, Fuglen serves some of the best coffee in Tokyo, crafting the perfect interlude in your gastronomic adventure.

    So, whether it's the dizzying heights of sushi craftsmanship at Sushi Saito, the elegant kaiseki experience at Kanda, or the comforting embrace of a Fuglen coffee cup, Tokyo's eateries offer a ceaseless gastronomic odyssey that will keep you coming back, fork and spoon in hand, ready for the next bite.

    Tsukiji Fish Market: A storied legacy and the move to Toyosu

    City Unscripted article image

    The story of Tokyo's food scene wouldn't be complete without a tribute to the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market. For years, this bustling hub of activity has been more than just a market - it's been the heart of the city's fresh seafood supply, a meeting place for the early risers, and a haven for sushi lovers. Generations of sushi chefs and local diners have visited Tsukiji, their stories and laughter filling the market's narrow aisles. As a foodie, the sight of fresh sea urchins, glistening seasonal seafood, and the chance to watch sushi chefs at work is an amazing experience that was uniquely Tsukiji.

    However, times changed, and so did Tsukiji.

    The wholesale operation moved to the shiny, new Toyosu Fish Market, shifting the tradition to a modern setting near Tokyo Bay.

    But worry not because the spirit of Tsukiji lives on! The Tsukiji Outer Market, or 'jogai-shijo', remains a vibrant food scene. Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi, famous sushi restaurants that used to have hours-long queues in Tsukiji, still offer some of the best sushi in Tokyo. With the freshest ingredients coming directly from Toyosu, each sushi piece carries the legacy of Tsukiji and the promise of Toyosu.

    In essence, Tsukiji’s transition to Toyosu is like turning a new page in Tokyo’s culinary storybook, where the old and the new create a delicious narrative that every food lover should experience.

    Tokyo specialties and unique Japanese dining experiences

    City Unscripted article image

    Just when you think you've tasted all that Tokyo has to offer, the city surprises you with its specialties.

    Take tonkatsu, for example. It's a simple dish – a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. But at Tonki, they've turned it into a Tokyo specialty worth traveling for.

    Watching the chefs in action as they pan-fry the breaded pork to a perfect golden brown is like a culinary ballet. The result is tonkatsu so crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside that you might question everything you knew about fried food. With a bit of tangy tonkatsu sauce, some grated cabbage on the side, and a bowl of miso soup, this meal turns into a delightful experience that captures the essence of Tokyo's dining culture.

    If you thought that was a mouthful, wait till you hear about tsukemen at Rokurinsha. Nestled within Tokyo Station, this ramen shop serves a dish that has become a Tokyo specialty - tsukemen.

    Unlike regular ramen, tsukemen is all about dipping. Thick, chewy noodles are served separately from a rich, flavorful broth.

    Every bite is a fun little experiment - how much broth to dip, how long to let the noodles soak. The result? A roller coaster of flavors, as the intensity of the broth meets the gentle firmness of the noodles. And the best part? This unique dining experience is available at both la carte and tasting menu options.

    Japanese vs. international cuisine in Tokyo

    City Unscripted article image

    What sets Tokyo apart, apart from its incredible assortment of Japanese food, is the city's open-arm embrace of international cuisine. French cooking, with its delicate flavors and sophisticated techniques, has found a second home here. L'Effervescence, a Michelin-starred restaurant, stands out with its amalgamation of French culinary traditions and Japanese influences. Each dish from the tasting menu is a work of art - think wagyu beef with a light sesame oil dressing or scallops bathing in a pool of perfectly balanced soy sauce. While savoring the flavors, you also get to experience the intricate layers of Japanese culture, making your meal an amazing culinary journey. L'Effervescence is just one stop in Tokyo's French cuisine landscape, so make sure you explore and discover more!

    Yet, the international scene in Tokyo doesn't stop with just high-end French cuisine. It extends to something as universally loved as pizza! Take, for example, Savoy Pizza. A pizza bar in the heart of Tokyo, Savoy is all about thin crust, wood-fired pizzas prepared in a traditional pizza oven. Watch your pizza get an artisan touch as the dough gets stretched, topped, and cooked in front of you. The flavor combination is simple but heavenly - melted cheese, green pepper, maybe some shiitake mushrooms, or even squid ink mayonnaise for an adventurous twist. Tokyo takes the familiar comfort of a pizza, adds its unique twist, and serves it up in a setting that blends the best of both worlds

    Where the locals eat: Hidden gems

    City Unscripted article image

    Away from the bright lights and buzz of Tokyo's well-known dining establishments lie a plethora of hidden gems that local folks like me absolutely adore. One such place is Tatemichiya, nestled quietly in the trendy neighborhood of Daikanyama.

    Unassuming from the outside, but walk into this izakaya and you'll be welcomed by the aroma of sizzling yakitori, a gentle hum of classic rock music, and the friendly smiles of the staff. It's less of a sushi bar and more of a sanctuary for good food and good vibes.

    Their pan-fried wagyu beef is a must-try, with every bite releasing a harmony of umami flavors. Accompanied by a cold beer or sake, the experience truly embodies the spirit of Tokyo's hidden dining scene.

    Just as enticing is Yoshino, tucked away in the lively chaos of the Tsukiji Outer Market. Imagine starting your day with a bowl of their signature miso soup, the warmth spreading through your senses as you watch the market bustle around you. Their sushi is another must-try, prepared with the freshest seasonal seafood straight from the market. One bite of their sushi and you'd experience the city's dining ethos - fresh, local, and beautifully simple. Visiting these hidden gems is akin to going on a food tour of the city, with every dish revealing a slice of Tokyo's specialties. It's less about ticking off the best places to eat in Tokyo - Japan, from a list and more about diving headfirst into a food culture that's as varied as it is delicious.

    Food tours and guides

    City Unscripted article image

    Navigating the gastronomic landscape of Tokyo can be an overwhelming affair, given the city's vast array of dining options. This is where food tours play an invaluable role, providing curated culinary journeys that serve as your own personal Tokyo food guide. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the city’s iconic neighborhoods of Asakusa and Shinjuku’s Omoide Yokocho through a culinary lens.

    In Asakusa, food tours provide an immersive experience, tracing the area's rich history through traditional dishes like tempura and miso soup, while also offering a taste of innovative contemporary cuisine.

    Every bite unravels a story, and with each sushi restaurant or ramen shop, you experience a piece of Tokyo's food culture.

    In contrast, a food tour through the nostalgic alleys of Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku is a dive into Tokyo’s vibrant street food scene. Here, yakitori (grilled skewers) sizzle over hot coals in tiny stalls, sushi chefs meticulously craft their art at intimate counter seats, and the inviting aroma of ramen bowls wafts through the air.

    It's fast food, Tokyo-style - casual yet supremely delicious, and all the more enjoyable when shared with fellow Japanese diners in a communal setting.

    Whether it's the subtle artistry of a Michelin-starred sushi bar or the humble comfort of a street-side stand serving the best meals in the city, food tours offer the unparalleled opportunity to experience Tokyo's culinary scene in all its delicious diversity.

    As our gastronomic journey through Tokyo's mesmerizing food scene draws to a close, it becomes abundantly clear: Tokyo is a living, breathing banquet table. From the intricate mastery of sushi preparation at acclaimed counters to the heartwarming simplicity of a raw egg over rice at a Tokyo station eatery, the city thrives on a beautiful diversity of flavors. The culinary experience here is not just about satisfying your hunger; it's about cherishing the authentic story told by each meal, the passion, and dedication mirrored in every plate. Tokyo's dining room is as wide and varied as the city itself, from the neon buzz of Shibuya City to the traditional charm of Koto City.

    And, just when you thought you'd tasted it all, Tokyo springs up with yet another delicious surprise, turning even the most unassuming meals into culinary masterpieces. Every bite into a soufflé pancake, every slice of the best pizza, and every sip of miso soup is a testament to the city's incredible commitment to quality and innovation. Tokyo is not just a city for food lovers but a vibrant, bustling haven for anyone seeking a vivid sensory experience.

    As you explore, with your trusty Tokyo food guide in hand, remember - every corner of this bustling metropolis holds a food story waiting to be discovered. In Tokyo, every meal is more than just a feast, it's an unforgettable memory in the making.

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