The Best Night Markets in Hong Kong

June 17, 2024

The best night markets in Hong Kong

Talking about the nightlife in Hong Kong, we are always associated with either the gorgeous scenery in the Victoria Harbour and the dazzling night markets in Kowloon. Probably if you ever have read through the guidebooks, these two things are probably something you should definitely put in your “TO-DO” list before you pack your suitcase. 

Night Market Hong Kong

To give travellers more insights towards the night markets in Hong Kong, I’ve decided to run through some tips and notes for travellers in order to maximise their experience during their stay in Hong Kong. There are two major night markets which travellers would like to spend their evening, the Ladies Market Street market & the Temple Street market. 

Stall at Hong Kong Market

Ladies Market Street market, also known as Tung Choi Street, is a shopping area that sells various, low-priced products for women and also other general merchandise. The name Ladies Market Street also came from the fact that they sell lots of womens’ products including apparels, shoes and accessories. Although it is called a night market, the market actually starts its business at noon. Yet, you will be expected to have a surge of people walking around the market after the dinner time when travellers have just finished their delicious dim sum nearby. 

People Outside Market Hong Kong

One of the best things about the market is that you will be able to exert and practise your bargaining skills. It is not unusual that some booth owners may put a high price for the item you asked for, and you can definitely counter offer a price which you think is reasonable. In most cases, with several rounds of bargains, you will be able to agree with a price in your favour, yet not all the time. With the variety of products selling in the market, I do recommend travellers to walk along the market before making the decision to proceed with the purchase as a number of stalls are selling almost the exact products.

Mural Hong Kong

Further southbound to Kowloon island, at a walkable distance, you may expect to come across the Temple Street market. Temple Street is one of the oldest district areas in Hong Kong, with more than a hundred years. This area is also named as Mens’ market due to the massive scale of cheap mens’ merchandise, apparels and food items. 

Market Stalls Hong Kong

One of the main differences between Ladies Market Street is that the Temple Street market has a massive number of Tai Pai Dong and seafood restaurants where you can sit outdoors and have beers with friends during social gathering. As supported by the Hong Kong Government, there are a number of mobile food stalls being set up at the end of Temple Street, offering different types of street food from all parts of the world for travellers to experience the night in Hong Kong. Travellers would definitely feel themselves immerse in the food paradise while they are in the Temple Street.

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