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    The Beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral

    April 24, 2024

    The Beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral

    London is full of iconic monuments from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, however, there is one which is most recognizable and famous worldwide, St Pauls Cathedral! Being one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and its dome only second to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, this over 300-year-old structure has survived multiple fires and wars, witnessing history unlike any other. Located in the heart of the city, it had been London's tallest building until the 1960’s and even with the skyscrapers that fill modern London, St Pauls is under the London Protected Views law ensuring that it won’t be obstructed by new builds from the cities highest viewpoints such as Primrose Hill or Greenwich Park. With its 360° beauty, this architectural marvel is one of my favorites to photograph, so here are my top spots to capture it, in all its glory!

    From the banks of the Thames

    From the banks of the Thames, you can get a view of the cathedral framed by the Millennium Bridge and the buildings nearby, there's something quite magical about seeing its big reveal whilst strolling along the river. Here you can capture it as the sun sets and the bricks get illuminated by a vibrant red glow!!

    St Pauls has been used in many iconic movies

    St Paul has been used in many iconic and beloved films and television series, such as Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Mary Poppins, its iconic steps where the bird lady signs give a very unique view. Looking directly up from below you can see every detail that has been meticulously constructed from the base up, all the way to the top of the dome. Every intricate silhouette that has been sculpted and curated by architect Sir Christopher Wren is highlighted.

    Reflection Garden

    Across the street, hidden in a garden is a gem of a spot that not many know about - the Reflection Garden. Created in collaboration between the City of London Corporation and local design practices this space gives you a double view of the cathedral mirrored in the pool below. Perfect during any season and lighting, this unique spot is a must-go when visiting!

    The quintessential British aesthetic

    A personal favorite of mine and one that I find captures the quintessential British aesthetic is from the south side of St Paul. Hidden between the trees and bushes that grow around its garden, is a classic red telephone box. If you crouch from a lower angle you are able to compose a shot that captures both, creating a postcard-like image to bring back home!

    Primrose Hill

    Lastly, slightly further out, south of Camden and north of Regents Park is Primrose Hill. Part of London's Royal Parks, it is loved year-round by its visitors who come to relax on the grassy hills and witness its spectacular view of  London. It is also one of the viewpoints that is protected by law to ensure that St Paul's Cathedral cannot be obstructed by any new builds, meaning that it can clearly be seen whilst you watch the city illuminate as the sun sets behind!

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