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    2 Days In Mexico City - a 48 hour itinerary

    48 Hours In Mexico City

    A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to experience everything worth visiting and trying in Mexico City, one of the biggest, most complex and diverse cities in the world, a metropolis rich in tradition, culture and food. But, if you only have 48 hours to spend in the capital, follow our guide to what to do with 2 days in Mexico City and you’ll get at least the flavour of this amazing and always-changing city!

    Explore the creative Coyoacán neighborhood

    Explore the creative Coyoacán neighborhood

    Explore the creative Coyoacán neighborhood in Mexico City

    Purple jacaranda lined avenues, La Casa Azul, bohemian markets, and street food snacking.

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    Day 1 - Morning

    You have a long day ahead so put on comfortable walking shoes and start early at Chapultepec Park, the greenest area of the city, rich not only in flora and fauna but also in art and history. Use one of the entrances close to the lake facing the National Museum of Anthropology, which is one of the most important museums in Mexico and Latin America, and a jewel for lovers of Mesoamerican Pre-Hispanic cultures.

    Once inside  the park, walk around the lake from where you’ll have a picturesque view of the Castle of Chapultepec, the only royal castle in the Americas, and once official residence of Mexican Emperor Maximilian I. 

    Day 1 - Morning

    Then head up the hill and pay a quick visit to the castle itself. From there, the panorama of the park and Paseo de la Reforma (or just Reforma as Mexicans usually call it), one of the main avenues of the capital, is spectacular.

    Before leaving the park regain your energy at the Audiorama, an incredible area of the park dedicated to music and books. Just sit on a bench and relax. Make sure it is only for a short time though as no doubt you'll be tempted to spend hours in there! 

    Day 1 - Mid-morning

    Head out of the park on Reforma, passing through two of its landmarks, the Torre Mayor and the Bancomer tower.

    This is a very modern and bustling street full of skyscrapers hosting offices, hotels, bars and restaurants. Stroll through this artery embellished with historical monuments like the Huntress Diana Fountain, the Angel of Independence and the monument of Cuauhtémoc.

    Once you reach the statue of Cuauhtémoc, head to the gourmet food market, Mercado San Juan. Depending on how hungry you are, and how much energy you have, you can either get there by walking across the trendy neighborhood of La Juarez or by Uber. 

    Day 1 - Lunch


    At this wonderful market, you have plenty to try and discover among its huge variety of exotic meats, fresh fishes, insects, fruits and vegetables. Don’t miss out on tasty chapulines, grasshoppers panfried with lemon, garlic and chillies, a typical pre-Hispanic snack.

    For centuries these protein-rich and fat-free insects were the energy source of Aztec warriors, not meat! Then sit at the Don Vergas stall and try its rich ceviche cooked in the Sinaloa state’s style and its tacos gobernador (fried tortilla filled with shrimps). Queuing is worth it, I promise!

    Day 1 - Afternoon

    Once re-energised, head to the Zócalo, the main square in the historical centre, (formally Plaza de la Constitución), through the pedestrian street Francisco Madero and enjoy the incredible mix of historical buildings.

    The Zócalo, which was the main ceremonial centre in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 and is one of the biggest squares in the world. Get a glimpse of the grand colonial buildings surrounding the square, including the Palacio Nacional, the presidential building that houses Diego Rivera’s mural, “Epic of the Mexican People in their Struggle for Freedom and Independence”. 

    Day 1 - Evening

    Don’t miss a peak at the cathedral, an architectural masterpiece that took three centuries to complete and houses one of the largest playing organs you will ever see.

    And if you think you have to leave Mexico City to see ancient ruins, think again. Right at the back of the cathedral sits an archaeological site, unearthed in 1978, that showcases the remains of what once was a towering Aztec temple, Templo Mayor (the main temple). 

    Day 1 - Night

    Then take Calle 5 de Mayo and head to the spectacular Palacio de Bellas Artes, which hosts world-renowned opera, dance and theatre against a backdrop of Mexican frescos, the most famous being Diego Rivera´s “Man, Controller of the Universe”, a recreated version of the original in New York’s Rockefeller Centre which was later destroyed after creative differences between the artists.

    Don’t miss a visit to the Palacio de Correos, the old main post office. Have a drink at Torre Latinoamericana´s bar on the 41st floor and enjoy the spectacular views of the city that never ends.

    Once relaxed, head to Monumento a la Revoluciòn, a landmark commemorating the Mexican revolution, and enjoy the chilled atmosphere around it. Both places are great as spots to watch the sunset!

    Now that you're hungry, head for dinner at the beautiful restaurant Azul Histórico for a traditional dinner or if you fancy some street food don’t miss out on tacos at Los Cocuyos.

    Day 2 - Morning

    Start the day with a traditional breakfast at the elegant El Cardenal in San Angel. Everything is delicious but I recommend enchiladas de cochinita (tortillas soaked in chilli sauce topped with cochinita, a typical recipe from Yucatan), sweet buns.

    Now that you are ready to start the day go for a walk in the quirky cobbled street of San Angel, rich in art and history. Head to Plaza de San Jacinto, the main square, that hosts beautiful and colourful historical buildings. If it is Saturday don’t miss out El Bazar Sábado, a rich bazaar of Mexican handcrafts and art held in a gorgeous house from the Eighteenth Century.

    Visit the convent of San Jacinto and its beautiful garden. Stroll around the neighbourhood peaking into its churches and art galleries and glimpsing at its antique residences, called casonas, with their baroque, neoclassical and neo-colonial style.

    Day 2 - Mid-morning


    After the stroll, take an Uber to the Central Library of Ciudad Universitaria (University City), the main campus of the UNAM, one of the most important universities in Latin America.

    At the time of its completion in 1954, it was the largest single construction project in Mexico since the Aztecs and was later declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Enjoy the campus´ amazing murals of Mexican artists Siqueiros and O'Gorman around the area of the Central Library. Check the UNAM website for guided tours organised by students as part of their internship.

    After that, take an Uber to the Sculpture Space, a 120-metre circular sculpture made of huge volcanic stones surrounding black lava soil which represents the cosmos according to the pre-Hispanic culture. Walk around the ecological reserve discovering other sculptures and get to the beautiful building of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC). 

    Day 2 - Lunch

    From there, take an Uber (any taxis you see on campus only work in this area) and head to the heart of the Coyoacán neighborhood. Famous for “Casa Azul”, the house-museum of Frida Kahlo (make sure to book tickets in advance).

    Coyoacán is also known for its colorful colonial architecture and vibrant atmosphere. Start on Calle Francisco Sosa, one of the quirkiest streets in the borough. This leads you directly to the heart of Coyoacán, Plaza Hidalgo and Jardín Centenario where you can sit on a bench and enjoy some people watching.

    At this point, you might be hungry, so go to Mercado de Antojitos Mexicanos Juanita on Calle Higuera to enjoy some Mexican tapas or head to the restaurant Los Danzantes if you fancy classic Mexican cuisine with a twist instead. 

    Day 2 - Afternoon and Evening

    After you’ve eaten, head to beautiful La Condesa, a trendy area of the city packed with cool boutiques, art galleries, trendy cafes, bars and restaurants.

    Walk its tree-lined streets that are filled with finely restored Art Deco buildings in the area of Parque México and Calle Amsterdam. The borough’s nightlife is also rich, both relaxed and vibrant - if you can imagine this! - so find the place that suits you best and enjoy! 

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