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Your perfect 48 hours in Kyoto: A journey through Japan's enchanting imperial capital

By Till Schweppe

September 14, 2023

Your perfect 48 hours in Kyoto: A journey through Japan

Hey, I'm Till! You know, while Tokyo's lights dazzle and buzz, there's another city that often captures my imagination. Amidst the electric vibes of Tokyo, I frequently find myself yearning to visit Kyoto, Japan. Envision a place where the shimmering Golden Pavilion reflects the sun's rays, and the vibrant torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine lead you into a world of tradition. Kyoto feels like stepping into a beautifully illustrated storybook, every corner bursting with history and heartbeats of ancient tales.

Though I've made a name as your go-to guide in Tokyo with City Unscripted, my escapades on various Kyoto tours have endowed me with unforgettable stories. It's not just about sightseeing in this city; it's about diving deep into a rhythm that gracefully interweaves the old with the new.

So, if you're ready with 48 hours and a passion for discovery, allow me to be your compass in Kyoto's wonder-filled lanes. Together, we'll navigate the magic of this imperial gem, one mesmerizing step at a time!

The ultimate 48-hour itinerary

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Day 1: Cultural immersion

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Embarking on your 48 hours in Kyoto adventure? While many travelers swiftly traverse through Kyoto Station on the JR Line, keen to get to their next destination, consider a slight detour.

Kyoto Station is more than just a busy transit hub; it stands as an emblem of modern architectural prowess amidst the traditional backdrop of the Kyoto Prefecture. Contrary to the belief that Kyoto solely represents ancient temples and timeworn traditions, this city harbors a unique fusion of the bygone and the contemporary.

With its vast glass facades mirroring the city's landscape, Kyoto Station beautifully symbolizes Kyoto's knack for harmoniously blending the past and the future. It's places like these that truly emphasize the essence of hidden gems Kyoto has to offer. While Tokyo radiates its own charm, Kyoto's blend of surprises, like the Station, is unparalleled. So, before setting off on your next stop, take a moment here. After all, in travel, sometimes the unexpected pauses are the most rewarding.

Late morning:

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Once you've had your fill of the modern vibes at Kyoto Station, it's time for a soul-soothing stroll to one of Kyoto's crowning jewels. Nestled in the heart of Kyoto City but feeling a world away, Kiyomizu Dera Temple awaits. Just a short walk into Southern Kyoto, and you'll find yourself transported to a sanctuary of tranquility, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Kiyomizu Dera, a Zen temple, is one of those main attractions that lives up to every ounce of its reputation.

The beauty of this place isn't just in its stunning architecture or its panoramic views of the beautiful city but in the serenity it offers amidst Kyoto's lively rhythm.

Tokyo has its temples, but there's something undeniably special about this iconic spot in Kyoto, Japan. As you wander the temple grounds, let the ambiance captivate your senses. Your 48 hours in Kyoto is not just an itinerary; it's an experience, and Kiyomizu Dera promises a memory you'll cherish long after your journey ends.


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After soaking in the spiritual vibes at Kiyomizu Dera Temple, it's only fitting to nourish yourself with a meal that's just as soulful.

The areas surrounding this UNESCO World Heritage Site are dotted with delightful eateries that offer a window into the culinary soul of Japan's ancient capital.

It's not just about the food; it's about the ambiance, the setting, and the genuine warmth that radiates from every corner.

In my many strolls around Kyoto, one of my favorite pastimes is discovering quaint local spots near the temple, tucked away from the city's main drag. These are places where you can relish a traditional Japanese meal, perhaps overlooking a beautiful garden or in the cozy embrace of tatami rooms. With 48 hours in Kyoto on your itinerary, it's essential to savor these moments when time seems to stand still.


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If the morning was all about serene temple visits and delightful culinary dives, your afternoon in Kyoto, Japan, is about to shimmer with an unmistakable golden glow. Yep, it's time to experience the magic of the Golden Pavilion, also famously known as Kinkakuji Temple. Just the thought of it fills me with awe every time. In the heart of the city lies this majestic structure, where gold leaves blanket the temple and reflect brilliantly upon the surrounding pond, making it a sight you just can't miss on any Kyoto itinerary.

Kinkaku Ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) is a testament to Japan's meticulous craftsmanship and artistry, a shining beacon amidst the lush gardens of Kyoto Japan.

As you walk around, every angle offers a different shimmer, a different perspective, and a unique reflection of the surroundings on its glistening facade. And while pictures might do it some justice, nothing compares to standing there, letting your gaze drift over its splendor. Your 48 hours in Kyoto should absolutely include this marvel, where history and architecture dance in golden harmony.


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As night falls over the enchanting city of Kyoto, the lively streets of downtown Kyoto beckon with aromatic promises. The city has this incredible knack for seamlessly transitioning from its serene daytime persona to a vibrant, nocturnal character full of life, laughter, and (most importantly) scrumptious food. It's not just about filling your belly; it's about an experience, an immersion into the true flavors of Kyoto, Japan.

Let me let you in on a little secret: downtown Kyoto is sprinkled with many restaurants, each with its own charm. Whether it's a cozy eatery tucked away in a narrow alley or a bustling izakaya echoing with cheerful conversations, there's a spot waiting just for you. The ambiance, combined with Kyoto's authentic local dishes, makes it a dining experience to remember.

Your 48 hours in Kyoto wouldn't be complete without letting your taste buds dance to the city's culinary symphony


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There's something undeniably magical about Kyoto's nights, especially when you're looking for a tranquil escape from the day's adventures. Just a walking distance away from the city's vibrant core, the serenity of Imperial Palace Park awaits. The whispering trees, the gentle night breeze, and the soft rustling of leaves create a symphony of peace that's pure Kyoto, Japan.

The beauty of spending your night at Imperial Palace Park is how it manages to make you feel worlds away from the city, even though you're right in the heart of it. Gazing up at the clear night sky or simply taking a leisurely stroll, it's moments like these that etch into your memory. It's a reflective and calm oasis, perfectly capping off your day in this mesmerizing city.

Day 2: Nature's serenity

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Rise and shine, and gear up for a fresh day infused with nature's serenity! If you thought Day 1 was awe-inspiring, just wait until you step into the realm of Fushimi Inari Shrine. As dawn breaks, the orange glow of thousands of Torii gates welcomes you into a world where every corner feels like a page from a mythical tale.

These gates, winding their way up the sacred Mount Inari, are not just a sight for sore eyes but a path that tells tales of devotion and history deeply rooted in Kyoto, Japan.

The beauty of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is that it offers an experience like no other. And guess what? There's no entrance fee, making it an absolute must-visit on any Kyoto itinerary.

Each Torii gate, generously donated by individuals and businesses over the years, forms a mesmerizing tunnel that leads you on a journey of reflection and wonder.

As you make your way up, the city unfolds beneath you, painting a panoramic picture of Kyoto, Japan. Starting Day 2 with this kind of magic? It's bound to make your 48 hours in Kyoto unforgettable!

Late morning:

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As the sun climbs higher and Kyoto bathes in its warm glow, let's trade the city's historic stone for something a bit more... verdant. There's nothing quite like the whispered tales of the Bamboo Forest. With every gentle sway of the towering bamboo stalks, you'll feel the very heartbeat of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, one of Kyoto's true natural masterpieces.

Walking through this verdant wonderland is like stepping into another world. The sun filters through the densely packed bamboo, casting a soft, otherworldly green light that'll leave you spellbound. The sounds? Just the murmur of the wind playing among the bamboo leaves and your own footsteps echoing softly. It's a place of tranquility, a little slice of heaven right here in Kyoto, Japan. If you ever wondered what it felt like to walk in a dream, well, this is pretty close.


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Is your stomach giving you little hunger hints after that dreamy stroll? Well, let's flip the script on traditional dining and head for a delightful picnic! Imagine this: Sitting under a cherry blossom tree with a view of Kyoto's surrounding mountains, unwrapping a beautifully curated bento box filled to the brim with local specialties. Each compartment reveals a new delight, from fresh sushi rolls to tempura veggies and delightful Japanese pickles, all perfectly seasoned and prepared.

Ah, there's no place like Arashiyama to relish a bento lunch! With every bite, you get to taste the culinary wonders of Kyoto, Japan, while the serene ambiance of nature provides the perfect backdrop. Now, picture this: a gentle breeze, the soft rustling of cherry blossom petals, and the taste of Japan right at your fingertips.


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And now, for a sight that's pure magic. Picture this: A temple that gleams not with silver but with the ethereal beauty of its surroundings - welcome to the Silver Pavilion! This iconic spot is an absolute must-see in Kyoto.

Even though the pavilion isn't actually covered in silver, its history and stunning garden views will make you feel like you've stumbled upon a hidden treasure from the Edo Period.

The reflections of the water surrounding the temple and main hall create a picture-perfect scene that's absolutely mesmerizing.

The calmness here, with the soft chirping of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves, sets a tranquil mood, which contrasts so beautifully with the bustling heart of Kyoto. As you roam the temple grounds, every corner, from the meticulously manicured gardens to the traditional architecture of the main hall, reveals a new facet of Japan's rich history. Trust me, by the end of your visit, you'll understand why this spot has captured the hearts of so many travelers.

Late afternoon:

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Southern Kyoto, set against a backdrop of mountain slopes, is where the city's true character shines.

The landscape, while close to the heart of Kyoto, feels a world apart. It's an eclectic mix: think quiet paths leading up hillsides and narrow streets echoing with soft chatter and daily rhythms.

Now, when you venture here, you'll notice that Southern Kyoto isn't just about picturesque views, though they're undoubtedly a highlight. It's about the vibe, the pulse of everyday life in Japan. Small cafes dot the streets, local artisans show their craft, and at times, you might just find a hidden gem of a viewpoint or a quiet garden. It's this genuine, unscripted side of Kyoto that makes exploring the southern parts so rewarding.


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When you're in Kyoto, a meal along the Kamo River isn't just about the food—it's an experience in itself. Picture this: a breezy evening, the gentle ripple of the river, and the ambiance of a city that knows how to preserve its history while embracing the future.

Right here, along the riverbanks, you'll find an array of restaurants showcasing the culinary prowess Kyoto is celebrated for.

From intimate spots where chefs meticulously craft each dish to lively places where the atmosphere buzzes with excitement, the Kamo River dining scene has it all. Dive into dishes that bring out the best of Japan's flavors, with fresh ingredients and techniques passed down through generations. Whether you're seeking a sumptuous multi-course meal or a simple yet satisfying bite, the many restaurants along the river ensure you're in for a treat.


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Gion District is more than just a location in Kyoto—it's a vibrant tapestry of history, tradition, and culture. As twilight blankets the city, Gion comes alive with a unique charm that captures the very essence of Japan.

Meandering through its narrow streets, with old wooden machiya houses lining the way, you might just catch a glimpse of a local Geisha, graceful in her intricate kimono, or an apprentice Geisha, known as a 'maiko', rushing to her next appointment.

This is the place to experience the heart and soul of Geisha culture. Listen closely, and the distant sound of a shamisen might reach your ears, transporting you back in time. Don't just walk; observe, listen, and let Gion's spirit immerse you in stories and traditions that have thrived here for centuries. It's an evening in Kyoto you won't soon forget.

Unlocking efficiency with Japan Rail Pass

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Seamlessly navigate Kyoto's attractions with the convenience of the Japan Rail Pass.

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There's nothing quite like zipping between Kyoto's enchanting attractions with the ease and efficiency that the JR Pass brings to the table. Just imagine no fumbling around for loose change or trying to decode complicated ticket machines. Simply flash that shiny pass and watch as Japan's world-renowned railway system unfolds before you, ready to whisk you away to your next adventure.

And it's not just about convenience; the Japan Rail Pass offers unbeatable value.

Whether you're darting between Kyoto's hidden gems or expanding your journey to other parts of Japan, this pass is your ticket to unlocking the best the country has to offer, without breaking the bank.

Trust me, with the JR Pass in your pocket, Kyoto's wonders are just a comfortable train ride away!

Enjoy swift access to key sights from JR Kyoto Station.


City Unscripted article image

Ah, JR Kyoto Station – not just a transport hub, but the gateway to a treasure trove of Kyoto experiences! With your trusty JR Pass in hand, you're in a prime position to jet off and explore the city's mesmerizing sites. Think of it as a magical carpet ride but on rails. The station itself is a marvel, perfectly capturing the fusion of modernity and tradition that defines Japan.

Venturing out? The train lines stemming from here are your fast track to the city's cultural heartbeat. From ancient temples to bustling markets, it's impressive how seamlessly the JR Pass connects you to the very essence of Kyoto. And here's a little secret: some of the most unforgettable moments happen during those train rides as the city's landscapes unfold outside the window.

Culinary adventures and captivating markets

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Indulge in Kyoto's gastronomic delights at Nishiki Market.

City Unscripted article image

Nishiki Market is where Kyoto's culinary heart beats the loudest. Picture this: narrow lanes brimming with stalls and vendors, each passionately showcasing what makes Japanese cuisine genuinely exceptional. From vibrant pickles and fresh seafood to unique sweets and steaming street foods, every twist and turn tease your taste buds. And if you're feeling a tad overwhelmed by the abundant choices, just pop into one of the many restaurants dotting the area. Here, Kyoto's rich culinary traditions come alive in every dish.

But what truly sets this market apart isn't just the food. It's the spirited atmosphere, the chatter of locals bargaining and sharing stories, the wafting aromas that play a symphony in the air.

In Nishiki Market, you don't just eat; you experience a slice of Japan's living culinary history.

Experience the art of tea at traditional tea houses and savor delectable Soba noodles.

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Ah, the timeless magic of Kyoto's tea houses! These quaint establishments are more than just places to grab a cuppa; they're portals into Japan's rich tea culture. Stepping into one feels like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of tradition.

The meticulous brewing process, the delicate teacups, and the ceremonial precision with which each cup is served—it's not just tea but an art form you get to sip. The whole atmosphere whispers tales of old, of moments shared over tea, of bonds formed, and stories spun.

And once you've immersed yourself in the world of tea, it's time to let your palate dive into another Japanese classic: Soba noodles. Thin, delicate, and served either cold with a dipping sauce or hot in a flavorful broth, these noodles are as much a treat for the taste buds as they are for the soul. So, whether you're slurping them up at a bustling street stall or a tucked-away eatery, the combo of traditional tea and Soba noodles promises an unforgettable Kyoto culinary adventure!

Kyoto Tower: A panoramic tapestry

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Kyoto Tower is more than just a towering marvel; it's your window to the very soul of Kyoto. Picture this: You're ascending effortlessly, and as you rise, the expansive view gradually unfurls before your eyes.

The cityscape, with its intricate patterns of streets, rooftops, and bustling life, seamlessly blends with the majestic mountain slopes that cradle Kyoto.

It’s like watching a meticulously crafted tapestry, where every thread tells a story.

From this vantage point, it's evident how Kyoto, with its deep-rooted history, has beautifully intertwined urban advancements with nature's grandeur. The mountains, standing tall in the distance, not only provide a serene backdrop but also remind you of Japan's harmonious relationship with its natural surroundings. Every glance out offers a fresh perspective, making Kyoto Tower an essential experience for those eager to see the city in its full, breathtaking context.

Tenryuji Temple and Togetsukyo Bridge

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In the heart of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, lies the serene Tenryu Ji Temple. With only 48 hours in Kyoto, it's an essential pit stop.

The temple's pristine gardens whisper tales from the Edo Period, capturing the essence of nature in meticulous design and offering a tranquil space to reflect. The Sanmon Gate stands tall, reminding visitors of the temple's significance in Kyoto's rich history.

Not far off, the Togetsukyo Bridge stretches gracefully across the water, an emblem of timeless elegance and charm.

Unlike the bustling streets of Tokyo, crossing this bridge feels like stepping into an age-old painting. It's not just a pathway but an experience, a bridge connecting Kyoto's past and present.

With these two main attractions, one quickly understands the allure that keeps drawing people to this mesmerizing city.

Cultural kaleidoscope at Gion Corner

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Picture this: With just 48 hours in Kyoto, you find yourself at the vibrant Gion Corner, a hotspot that's practically radiating with Kyoto's essence.

Here, the arts and traditions aren't just displayed; they come alive! Every performance, every sound, and every gesture envelops you in a dance of history, making you feel an integral part of the city's living tapestry.

Now, dive deeper into the enchanting world of Geisha. Beyond their elegance and poise, there's a depth of Japanese culture waiting to be explored. Gion Corner isn't just a venue; it's a journey, a cultural embrace that connects you to the heart of Japan. So, while Kyoto might be a city to visit, places like Gion Corner ensure it's an experience to remember!

Accommodation in boutique comfort

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After a day drenched in the beauty and wonders of Kyoto, what better way to wind down than in the cozy embrace of boutique hotels? Think of them as the unsung heroes of your 48 hours in Kyoto, with each one uniquely designed to offer a slice of serenity. Here, it's not just about a place to rest your head; it's about diving into plush beds, soaking in the charm of the decor, and relishing the distinct blend of modernity and tradition.

And Kyoto, being the heart of Japan, ensures that every traveler is greeted with its signature hospitality.

In these boutique hotels, every door opened, every corner turned, and every service provided sings a song of warmth and impeccable comfort. It’s an intimate experience that feels tailored just for you, making your Kyoto journey genuinely unmatched.

Departure and reflection

City Unscripted article image

As the sun sets on your whirlwind 48 hours in Kyoto, you'll find yourself holding onto a myriad of emotions, each one shaped by the city's intricate blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Saying goodbye isn't easy, especially when every lane, every temple, and every smiling face you've encountered feels like a cherished memory. Kyoto has a way of imprinting itself on the heart, leaving you with a narrative that's both personal and enchanting.

And where better to wrap up this unforgettable journey than at JR Kyoto Station? As you prepare to depart, let the bustling sounds and sights of this station serve as a gentle reminder of the city's timeless charm. With every step, you’re not just leaving behind a place; you're carrying with you stories, moments, and a piece of Japan that'll keep calling you back.

In just 48 hours, the enchanting realm of Kyoto unfurls a tapestry of timeless wonders that linger in the heart. From the sunlit glint of the Golden Pavilion to the echoing footsteps on the wooden balcony of Kiyomizu Dera Temple, each moment is steeped in history and splendor. Strolling along the cobbled streets of Hanami Koji, the ancient tales whispered by the walls of Nijo Castle and Tenryu Ji Temple come alive while the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest hums a lullaby of nature and heritage. Each twist and turn of the Katsura River, as it meanders beneath the Togetsukyo Bridge, paints a scenic dance of water and stone. And as you savor the diverse culinary delights, you're reminded of the city's seamless blend of tradition and modernity. As you chart your path back to Osaka International Airport, the memories of Kyoto—its temples, forests, and vibrant streets—promise a longing to return to Japan's heartland.

Appendix: Additional recommendations

Gaze upon the radiant Yasaka Pagoda and Kiyomizu Dera at night.

City Unscripted article image

The charm of Kyoto doesn't end with the setting sun; in fact, it takes on an even more magical glow.

The Kiyomizu Dera Temple, for instance, stands as an iconic symbol of the city, and its beauty is heightened when illuminated against the night sky.

As you wander the temple grounds, let the soft glimmers of light guide you, creating a serene ambiance that feels almost otherworldly. This nocturnal beauty offers a fresh perspective, revealing the intricate details and architectural mastery that have made this temple a beloved spot in Japan.

Not far off, the Yasaka Pagoda beckons with its towering elegance. Bask in its radiant allure as the pagoda shines brilliantly, contrasting the dark canvas of the night. This combination of historic architecture and atmospheric lighting crafts an experience that feels like a dance between the past and present and serves as a beautiful testament to Kyoto's enduring allure.

Walk the serene Philosopher's Path and connect with history and nature.

City Unscripted article image

When I first set foot on the Philosopher's Path, it felt as though I had stepped into a tranquil painting of Kyoto. The path, lined with cherry blossoms, offers a soothing ambiance, ideal for contemplative walks beside the canal. The gentle rustle of leaves and the distant chimes of temple bells formed a harmonious symphony that still lingers in my memory. Japan's beauty, I realized, wasn't just in its iconic landmarks but also in these hidden corners where history and nature intertwine.

And speaking of temples, the path serves as a gateway to a handful of them. During my journey, I effortlessly transitioned from the canal's peaceful scenery to the spiritual embrace of these sacred spaces. Each temple had its unique aura, and as I explored, I felt more connected to Kyoto's rich tapestry of history. Walking the Philosopher's Path is more than just a leisurely activity; for me, it is a deep dive into the heart and soul of the city.

Marvel at the illuminated beauty of cherry blossoms in season.

City Unscripted article image

When I first visited Japan during cherry blossom season, my expectations were high, having heard countless tales of the ethereal sakura beauty. But nothing truly prepared me for that magical evening in Kyoto. As twilight descended, the cherry blossoms began to glow, each delicate petal illuminated, creating a surreal dreamscape that words can hardly describe. The soft light bouncing off the blossoms painted the surroundings in a palette of pinks and whites, turning every moment into a living, breathing postcard.

If there's one recommendation I'd passionately make to anyone visiting Japan in spring, it's to catch this nighttime spectacle. Sure, cherry blossoms in daylight are a sight to behold, but under the glow of lanterns and streetlights, they take on an otherworldly beauty. It was as if Kyoto donned a shimmering cloak for the night, and I was lucky enough to witness it.

Travel tips and essentials

City Unscripted article image

One of the smartest moves I made on my Kyoto adventure was investing in the JR Rail Pass. Not only did it allow for unlimited rides on most trains, but it became my golden ticket to some of the city's gems, including the ethereal Bamboo Forest.

Efficient transportation in Japan isn’t just a luxury—it's the standard.

Whether I was hopping between cities or heading to local spots like Nishiki Market, the trains were punctual and spotless, making every journey a pleasure.

Now, let's chat about food! While Kyoto boasts rich culinary traditions, I found it delightful that many places also offer English menus. This made it much simpler to navigate through the plethora of options and dive right into local specialties. Plus, there's nothing quite like the mix of familiarity and exploration when spotting a known dish and then discovering a local twist to it. With a little bit of preparation and an open mind, every meal becomes a delightful experience of its own!

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