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    2 Days In Munich - Best Things to Do In 48 hours

    By Andressa Hoese

    February 26, 2020

    2 Days In Munich - Best Things to Do In 48 hours

    Edited by Holly Jenson

    Sitting in south Bavaria is a city with so much history, culture and food to be explored, you may be wondering, is 2 days in Munich enough? After living here for 3 years I can tell you yes, but you’ll need some comfortable shoes if you want to see everything my beautiful, adopted hometown has to offer! I came here from Sao Paulo after meeting my husband and I am always taken in by the city’s rich culture and proud history; I have whittled down all of my favourite must-see local sights into a jam-packed 2 days in Munich itinerary to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

    Day 1- Morning: Exploring Historic Munich

    The perfect way to kick-start your weekend in Munich is by experiencing the city’s rich history. You could easily spend the whole morning exploring our beautiful old town. Head to Viktualienmarket (farmers’ market) and grab something to eat from one of the stalls for breakfast, there are plenty of Bavarian delights to try here; bratwurst, brat kartoffen, schnitzel...Stroll along to Alter Peter Church and climb the 299 stairs for the best panorama of the city, you can even see the Alps from here! Be sure to head back to Marienplatz for noon when you can watch the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel come to life. The show lasts around 15 minutes and is worth watching. After some cultural appreciation, head to St. Michael’s, a beautiful and peaceful baroque-style church; this is a great place to clear your head and admire some of the city’s most wonderful architecture. Wander back to Marienplatz a

    Lunch: Traditional Bavarian Delicacies

    For a true taste of Munich, I recommend Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom at Frauenplatz 9. This traditional restaurant is right next to Frauenkirche Cathedral and despite the touristic location, it’s a tavern for locals. Settle down at one of the cosy tables and decide which dish you’d like to try. If you only have 2 days in Munich, I would recommend getting a selection of things on the menu for a truly local experience of the city. Nuernberger also sells traditional Munich-brewed beer, a perfect companion to your comforting meal. You can spend a while here trying our local beer and really soaking up Munich’s traditional culture. If you’re not too stuffed, make your way to Maelu for dessert (Theatinerstrasse 32); their high-end delicacies look and taste amazing, they really are to die for. You won’t be able to resist their rainbow of cakes in the window!

    Afternoon: Wonderful Walks

    To truly see Munich in 2 days, you need to experience our proud military history too, so make your way to Feldherrnhalle to see the huge monument built as a tribute to the Bavarian army. Then visit the amazing Munich Residence. This impressive palace was used by the Wittelsbach dynasty for centuries and features never-ending hallways and ornate ceilings; it really is a spectacle. After that, take the bus 100 and travel towards the English Garden Park. Wandering through this beautiful space is definitely one of the best things to do in Munich; if you visit in the summer be sure to dip your feet into the Tsar River which runs through. Stop at the Chinese Tower’s biergarten in the centre of the park for a cold beer and fresh pretzel with Bavarian Obatzda; a creamy cheese dip.

    Evening: Visit the Best Beer Hall in Munich

    The oldest beer hall in Munich, there is a reason why so many people recommend the Hofbräuhaus beer hall. This place is always crowded with a buzzing atmosphere. Built almost 500 years ago, the building has some amazing architecture and the ceilings are astonishingly detailed. There are many rows of benches where you can have a beer with friends; the feeling is really upbeat. There is even a band on the first floor who play traditional folk music to help you get into the Munich spirit. But skip the food at Hofbrauhaus and instead head to Wirtshaus in der Au. This place is a popular Bavarian restaurant among locals and offers a great variety of knödel (must-try German dumplings). The food and the beer are great here and the staff are so friendly, this is a must during your weekend in Munich!

    Night: Beer, Bands and Bavarian food

    If you’re not quite ready for the first day of your weekend in Munich to end, head to Backstage for one of the best experiences of Munich nightlife. Every week a huge variety of artists host concerts at the venue; it’s one of the best places to see live music in the city! If you haven’t already filled your boots at Wirtshaus in der Au, you can grab a bite from the bar before the show starts; it’s the perfect way to get in the party spirit! Backstage also run a number of ‘regular parties’ where they’ll play a different genre of music each night. From rock to garage, electro and pop, there’s something for everyone here. They always have cool light shows to accompany the music and everyone has a great time, it’s like you’re all celebrating together. No matter what music you’re into, Backstage will be a great part of your 2 days in Munich itinerary.

    Day 2- Morning: Remembrance and Reflection

    Being the capital of the Nazi movement and the birthplace of the Third Reich means that a bit of WWII history is essential to your 2 days in Munich. There is a lot of exclusive information you will get when visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site; it’s an eye-opening experience which I think is important to discover. Just north-west of Munich, visiting this memorial is a really immersive experience and is very moving. You can reach this historic site by taking the S2 Underground line to Dachau and then boarding the 726 bus, it should only take 40 minutes and is well worth the wait. Experiencing the important part the city played in history is a great way to connect with the locals throughout your weekend in Munich, you’ll be glad you came.

    Lunch: Bavarian Beer Keller

    Richard Jonker (pinterest)

    A big part of the city’s nightlife experience is drinking in a traditional Bavarian Beer Keller; it’s something you have to do during your flying weekend in Munich! Augustiner-Keller at Arnulfstrasse is definitely one of the best places to drink beer in Munich. As you walk down the old stone steps you’ll see the tunnel glowing in the candlelight and the kegs and traditional benches will transport you back to Bavaria in its heyday. As well as lots of local beer on tap, Augustiner-Keller has a varied restaurant menu including the tasty local must-try specialities. This is a great place to come for a relaxed meal with friends or family; the food is delicious and there is always a lovely chilled-out atmosphere.

    Afternoon: The Sky’s the Limit

    You’re coming to the end of your 2 days in Munich, what to do with those final hours? Head upwards of course! Make your way to the Olympiapark to see all of the modern installations built for the 1972 Olympic Games; you can almost hear the crowds cheering. Make sure that you set aside time to go to the top of the 200m tower for an unforgettable view of Munich and surrounding villages and towns. You can see all of your favourite sights from your weekend in Munich and the Alps on a clear day; it’s the perfect way to round up your time here. You could spend a couple of hours exploring the vast area of the park or go to the nearby BMW Museum, if you’re into cars and motorbikes this is a definite must-see.

    Evening: Cozy Corners

    After trekking to all the best sights throughout your 2 days in Munich you’ll want a place to relax, and Pinocchio is the best place to do that. This cozy little Italian restaurant serves delicious pizza. Always made fresh with local ingredients, it feels like you’re eating a well-loved family recipe. I always recommend this place to friends for its great food and warm feel. The grand finale of your weekend in Munich is at the Lichtspiele Movie Theatre. They have been showing the original version of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” .for almost 40 years and sitting down to watch it is a real local experience of Munich. Lichtspiele is one of the oldest theatres in the city and still has a vintage-style screen. lined with ornate statues and lamps; it’s a really unique cinematic experience, a great way to mark the end of your 2 days in Munich.

    Night Nymphenburg Palace

    So it’s time to say farewell to Munich, you’ve seen, eaten and experienced a lot, but all good things must come to an end, right? Wrong! Not until you’ve had the chance to stroll around Nymphenburg Palace! Built in 1675, this palace was the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria and features stunning architecture and historic pieces to be explored. Night time is the best time to see Nymphenburg Palace; it really comes alive when the sun goes down. Lit from corner to corner, the rows of archways become a true spectacle as the light reflects on the lake in front of the palace. This is a perfect final sight before you leave our beautiful city, the carefully constructed towers glistening in the light of the water is something you won’t forget.

    Planning A Trip To Munich?

    So, is 2 days in Munich enough? I’ll let you be the judge. However long you decide to visit for, you’re always guaranteed an amazing time in Munich! See the best time to visit this enigma of a city…

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