10 Must Do Things In Berlin At Night - Recommended by a Local

10 Must Do Things In Berlin At Night - Recommended by a Local

By Andrea

Edited by Emma White

 Berlin is renowned for its diverse and vibrant nightlife. From never-ending night clubs to quirky, intimate bars and grungy underground techno venues, the German capital has something to offer everyone. The nightlife in Berlin is a true reflection of the city’s inclusive nature and the ‘anything-goes’ attitude of Berlin locals. This easy-going lifestyle made me fall in love with Berlin and it’s the reason I’ve chosen to call this city home for the past three years. There are countless things to do in Berlin at night and trying to find the best night time activities can be overwhelming. So check out my list of recommended things to do in Berlin at night to help you experience this magical city like a local!


1. Techno at Berghain

Deemed techno capital of the world, Berlin is the place to be for weekend-long techno parties and world-class DJ’s. For those who want to get a real sense of what Berlin Techno is all about I’d recommend Berghain. Berghain is a Berlin institution and one of the most famous clubs in the entire world. Inside this abandoned power plant you’ll find all types of clubbers getting lost in the music and dancing their way into another world. Just beware of the strict door policy here. They prefer people to come for the music rather than just to party so my top tip is make sure you know which DJ is playing when you go as they’ll try to catch you out!

2. Best of Both Worlds at Kater Blau

Located on the banks of the Spree, Kater Blau is best enjoyed in the summer thanks to its large and colourful outdoor area overlooking the river. This versatile Berlin club stays open all hours through the weekend and regularly hosts world famous DJ’s playing the best music around. Want to party all day and all night? Kater Blau. And if you’re not a fan of dark and cramped clubs but still love great music then Kater Blau is great for that too – Grab a beer from the bar outside and enjoy the music whilst you admire the view. 


3. Discover Berlin’s Art Scene By Night

My favourite thing about the nightlife in Berlin is how diverse and creative it is – I love that you could start off at a sophisticated art exhibition and end up dancing to electro music in a secret cellar surrounded by people bathed in neon lights and wearing fancy dress! Art is a passion of mine and having worked in a contemporary art gallery here in Berlin, I can say that Berlin’s art scene is truly special – even at night! Places like Sameheads and Art Stalker often hold art-related night events but my tip is to use Facebook to search for events near you, it’s a great way to scale the choices down and to keep on top of new or ‘pop up’ events.  


4. Bar Hopping

Bar hopping is extremely popular here in Berlin and is definitely the best way to get to know the city by night. Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauerberg are well-known bar hopping hot spots with tons of places to hang out. One of my favourite bars is Bohnengold – I love to come to this funky bar with friends to listen to music with a beer before heading to the dancefloor later on! For those wondering what to do in Berlin alone at night time, consider bar hopping - I guarantee you will meet all sorts of wonderful and interesting people.

5. Späti

Most nights out in Berlin will involve a stop at a nearby spätkauf (späti). Although they're essentially 24 hour convenience stores selling drinks and snacks, they are nevertheless an integral part of Berlin’s nightlife. Späti can be found on almost any street and often have outdoor seating where you can sit and enjoy your drinks amongst the locals. Not only are they a cheap alternative to a bar, they also provide you with one of the most authentic experiences of Berlin’s nightlife that you can get!

6. Experience Berlin’s Alternative Nightlife at Madame Claude 

It's hard to describe Madame Claude. It’s a weird and wonderful sensory overload which perfectly represents the essence of our city. Formerly a brothel, this Kreuzberg bar is well-known for its intense alternative style. The unique upside-down decor of the main bar creates the illusion that you're sitting on the ceiling while the graffiti covered walls, ambient music and quirky vibe all add heaps of character. This hidden gem is more than just a bar, it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss! 


7. View of Berlin by Night 

Another one of the cool things to do in Berlin at night is to get up high after sunset for a view of Berlin lit up against the dark sky. One of the best views of the city can be seen from Bar 203, open until midnight, at the top of the Berlin TV Tower. Enjoy sightseeing at night from above with 360° panoramic views of Berlin while sipping on your favourite cocktail.

8. Craft Beer at BRLO BRWHOUSE 

Brewery, Restaurant, Bar and Beer Garden, BRLO BRWHOUSE is a great spot for anyone who likes… you guessed it, beer! The brewery is built out of old shipping containers and truly represents Berlin's urban hipster lifestyle. For a place built of metal boxes, the atmosphere is surprisingly cosy and the restaurant’s contemporary menu is designed to complement the different craft beers. You can also book an evening tour of the brewery to find out more about the history and brewing process. 


9. Walk Down Unter den Linden

Known as the Champs Élysées of Berlin, Unter den Linden Straße is one of the top sightseeings in Berlin and the perfect place for an evening stroll. With the exteriors of the buildings and the Brandenburg Gate brightly lit up at night time, this majestic boulevard is a treasure. 

10. End the Night with Döner Kebab

Most people would agree that a good night out must include food at some point and what better way to soak up the alcohol on your way home than with a Döner Kebab? This tasty street food is the king of Berlin’s night time food scene and is a must eat for anyone enjoying a night out in Berlin. Try yours at Mustafa's, Berlin’s best kebab joint.


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