10 Best things to do in Milan with Kids – Recommended by a local

Updated: 12 December 2019

By: Stefania Lupi, a food and travel lover jumping between Hong Kong and Milan.

Edited by: Matthew Wears

Milan is an amazing city to take your children to because there are so many different sights and experiences that will keep them entertained. Firstly, there are all of the city’s amazing historical sights where they can learn about important people and places that have shaped the city into what it is today. As well as this there are so many other things to do in Milan with kids that they’ll love, such as the aquarium in Sempione park, or Milan’s kid friendly Fun Park; Leolandia. I will also include some of the best areas to stay in Milan with kids, as well as some of the most popular places to eat in Milan with family that your kids will be sure to love. I hope you’ll be inspired to visit this amazing city which is guaranteed to be the perfect family getaway.

Spend a day lounging in Sempione Park

Content page entry image  Spend a day lounging in Sempione Park

One of Milan’s greatest green spaces is Sempinone park. It’s the perfect place to come on a warm sunny day and a great option if you’re looking at some free things to do in Milan with kids. The park contains many attractions that your children will love such as playground areas and even a small rideable train that are all perfect if you’re visiting Milan with toddlers. It also has some amazing historical attractions too such as the Arco della Pace, a huge ornately decorated city gate in the North of the park. Another highlight that your kids will love is the Torre Branca, a one-hundred meter steel tower that is one of the highest points in all of Milan. For just four Euros you can catch an elevator all the way to the top for some of the best views of city - although this might not be suitable for younger children or those that have a fear of heights!

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Spend an afternoon in the Natural History Museum

Content page entry image Spend an afternoon in the Natural History Museum

The city’s Natural History Museum is one of the most interesting places in Milan for families. Its large and diverse selection of exhibitions cover almost every possible topic, from fossils to dinosaurs all the way to plants and the history of man. There really is something for everyone here, and many of the displays are have interactive sections that will keep even the youngest of your kids entertained. Some of the highlights are the incredible T-Rex skeleton and the impressive selection of over one-hundred dioramas which is the most of any Italian museum. It is located in the North-East of the city within walking distance from the Brera district and Sforza Castle. Tickets are just five Euros and there are no reduced fees for children, although there is free entry on Tuesdays after 2PM and then any other day in the final hour from 6:30PM.

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Experience a Football game at the San Siro

Content page entry image Experience a Football game at the San Siro

Few stadiums in the world are as iconic as the majestic San Siro. Home to both AC Milan and Inter Milan, the ground has seen some of the most memorable games in recent years. Taking your children to see a football game here is definitely one of the most special and unforgettable things to do in Milan with kids, but maybe avoid it if you’re travelling to Milan with toddlers or younger. Ticket prices vary greatly depending on where you sit and who is playing, so I would recommend going to smaller games which will be cheaper than a fixture with say Juventus or Roma. Visitors under 16 years of age can also get discounted tickets on the AC Milan or Internazionale website. The quickest way to get to the stadium is via the M5 Metro line Westbound from Garibaldi Station although it can also be reached by tram number 16 that leaves from the Duomo. 

Try some famous Italian Ice Cream

Content page entry image Try some famous Italian Ice Cream

I think it’s fair to say that no-one is as satisfied as a child with an ice cream. Everyone knows that Italy has some of the best ice cream in the world, and Milan certainly does not disappoint. There are fantastic dessert parlours all around the city but a great central one is Ciacco located just west of the Duomo. This would be perfect spot to rest with your family from a busy day of sightseeing as they’ve got seating inside and loads of flavours of ice cream for your kids to choose from. La Gelateria Della Musica is also another great one and is located in the Navigli neighbourhood. If you’re looking for where to eat in Milan with kids then this area is great as restaurants such as God Save the Food and The Meatball Family all offer basic children’s meals such as burgers, pizza and pasta.  

Go to the Duomo

Content page entry image Go to the Duomo

Even the shortest trips to Milan require visit to the spectacular Duomo. This is the largest gothic church in Italy and one of the most impressive places to visit with your family in Milan. The cathedral is open from 8AM until 7PM daily and costs just three Euros for adults, and two Euros for children aged six to twelve. A great option for older kids is to pay an extra nine Euros for access onto the cathedral roof where you can get spectacular panoramic city views. If you want to learn more about the cathedral there is the option of child friendly tour guide that can be arranged online or near the entrance. I would also say that this maybe the best area to stay in Milan with kids as there are loads of family friendly hotels all of which are near to many of the city’s top sights. Just be aware that you might be paying a little bit more for the great location.

Visit Milan’s Aquarium

Content page entry image Visit Milan’s Aquarium

The Civic Aquarium of Milan dates all the way back to 1906 making it one of the oldest anywhere in Europe. The beautiful Art Nouveau building contains thirty-six pools with over one-hundred species of marine life from all around the world. It costs just five Euros for adults and kids up to eighteen go for free and on Tuesdays it is free for everyone from 2PM until 5PM. This is one of the most loved things to do in all of Milan with family and because it is located in the East end of Sempione it would work perfectly with spending a day in the park area with your children. It is also part of the Tourist Museum card that can be purchased for just twelve Euros for a three-day pass. This gives you free entry into some of the major museums including the Natural History and Sforza castle, making it a very good idea if you’re thinking about visiting these too!

Spend a day in the Civic Planetarium

Content page entry image Spend a day in the Civic Planetarium

Located just next to the Natural History Museum is another one of Milan’s most unique museums; the Civic Planetarium. It was built in the 1930’s and is the largest operational planetarium anywhere in Italy. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Milan with kids and I know families that visit over five times a year! Even if you’re not an astronomy enthusiast, it’s still very unique and informative experience that is completely immersive. You sit within a huge dome that can seat three-hundred and twenty people and state of the art projectors show a detailed representation of the night sky above you. Guided sky observations take place every Saturday and Sunday at 3PM and 4:30PM and are not to be missed! Tickets cost five Euros for adults and three Euros for children under eighteen making it a top cheap experience for the whole family.


Content page entry image Leolandia

One of the most popular Milan kids attractions has to be the magical Leolandia. This is the most visited park in Italy and is a place that really has something for everyone in the family. Leolandia contains such a broad range of attractions including rides, games, shows and even a farm where you can feed the animals. The rides span from thrilling rollercoasters all the way down to the most basic of rides for parents and babies. There are multiple chill-out spaces for your family and the dining options are some of the best kid friendly restaurants in Milan. Prices change depending on when you book but the average cost for adults is twenty Euros and for children under eighty-nine centimetres it is free. It is located just twenty minutes outside of the city centre and reachable by train, bus or car although I would recommend getting a taxi purely to make it easier with kids.

Discover an 18th century farmhouse

Content page entry image Discover an 18th century farmhouse

Located on the busy central street of Corso Lodi, Cascina Cuccagna is a tranquil open space that can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. This is one of the very best hidden gems anywhere in the city and one of the most unique experiences in Milan for families. The farmhouse is made up of a garden area that grows fresh, seasonal fruit and veg as well as a dining area that is one of my favourite kid friendly restaurants in Milan. It has a wonderful children’s menu and even a baby menu featuring purees that are freshly produced on site, making it top baby friendly Milan restaurant too. You are free to lounge around on the grass and play board games that are available from the on-site café. There is plenty of space for your children to play in a safe environment where you can over them whilst tucking into a delicious slice of freshly made cake.  

Take a daytrip to Lake Como

Content page entry image Take a daytrip to Lake Como

Located just fifty kilometres North of Milan is the undeniably beautiful Lake Como. This is the start of the Italian Alps with some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world, best enjoyed in the warm Summer months. It is easy to catch a train from Milan Central station to Varenna, a typically Italian village which acts as a great base for your trip. It also has a waterfront area where you can either swim, rent kayaks or even take a short ferry ride to Bellagio, a place commonly referred to as the jewel of Lake Como. Alternatively, a popular option for families is to book a day tour which will take you to all of the famous spots around the lake. A day trip to the lake is one of the best things to do in Milan with kids and often a highlight for all family members.