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    4 unique one-day trip itineraries from Tokyo recommended by a local guide

    By Yuji Ito

    November 2, 2023

    Explore the options for 1 day trips from Tokyo

    Hello, I'm Yuji. While Tokyo is often celebrated for its vibrant scenes, there's so much more to explore just a short distance away. As a local guide with City Unscripted, I've had the pleasure of introducing visitors to both the well-trodden paths and those lesser-known pockets of the city. Our Tokyo tours are always personalized, offering a view of Tokyo that many might not stumble upon by themselves.

    In fact, I've put together a few of my favorite day trip itineraries to share with you. I'm truly excited to present them below. If you're eager to deepen your connection with Tokyo, please read on. I'd be delighted to guide you through its many captivating dimensions.

    Make the most of your day trips with City Unscripted

    Considering a day trip from Tokyo or maybe a journey to Mt Fuji? Let me share a little secret: City Unscripted makes these trips a breeze. From personal experience, here's why they stand out: when you embark on an adventure with City Unscripted, you're not just getting a tour, but a personalized experience with a guide who genuinely cares. Gone are the days of scouring countless travel blogs, deciphering maps, or getting overwhelmed by transport details. The team manages all that so you can be in the moment.

    And trust me, it's not just about ticking off landmarks. It's about diving into the real essence of a place. As a guide myself, I've seen the difference it makes when travelers genuinely engage with their surroundings. It’s beyond just sightseeing; it's about truly connecting.

    Wondering if you can do day trips from Tokyo? Definitely. A day outing to Mt Fuji? Without a doubt. Join us, and let's create memories that aren’t just about the places but the experiences they offer.

    • Itinerary 1 - Nikko
    • Itinerary 2 - Hakone
    • Itinerary 3 - Kamakura
    • Itinerary 4 - Yokohama
    • Last thoughts

    Itinerary 1 - Nikko

    1. Nikko: A spiritual and natural retreat

    Nikko is one the most enchanting day trips you can take

    Morning: Departure from Tokyo

    Kicking off one of the most enchanting tokyo day trips, we head to Nikko, a destination where spirituality and nature intertwine effortlessly. Now, let’s make this journey smooth by taking the bullet train, this is one of the quickest ways to get from central Tokyo to this natural retreat.

    the bullet train is the quickest way to get from Tokyo

    I usually start my day early, catching a train from either Tokyo or Shinjuku Station. Tokyo Station is quite central, and from there, it’s easy to find direct trains that whisk you to Nikko station. If you fancy a more laid-back morning, no worries! Trains run frequently, ensuring that the route to this spiritual haven is always accessible.

    The journey itself is an appetizer for what’s awaiting – passing sceneries that slowly disconnect you from the city vibes, preparing you for a day brimming with awe and serenity. Nikko is less than two hours away, making it perfectly manageable for a day trip, yet a world apart in terms of the tranquility and cultural richness it offers.

    So, all set? Let’s roll and allow this day to unveil the wonders that lie a brief journey away from the bustling heart of Tokyo! With City Unscripted, the adventure is not just about the destination, but also the delightful secrets and stories that unfold along the journey!

    Mid-morning: Spiritual exploration

    As the morning sun paints Nikko with warm hues, our trip from Tokyo evolves into a spiritual exploration at the illustrious Toshogu Shrine. 

    Embark on a spiritual exploration at the Toshogu Shrine

    Stepping into this space, you feel an immediate connection to the local history and culture. The shrine, a lavish final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu, is a masterpiece of traditional architecture. I find that whenever I wander through its magnificent torii gates, there’s a profound sense of being part of something timeless. Guided by the intimate stories and insights from a City Unscripted guide like me, visiting Toshogu isn’t just sightseeing—it’s about unraveling the meaning behind each carving, gate, and towering bronze statue.

    The lush surroundings amplify the experience, with ancient cedar trees standing as silent guardians of the shrine’s numerous temples and the splendid Five-Story Pagoda. Each step here feels like walking through the pages of a rich historical saga. I's always best to dive deep into the spirituality of Nikko, enhancing your journey with tales, symbolism, and the serene beauty that makes Toshogu Shrine one of the best day trips in Tokyo.

    Tip: Visit early in the mid-morning hours. The soft light, combined with a tranquil ambiance before the crowds swoop in, allows the place’s mystique to truly shine.

    Lunch: A taste of local cuisine

    Enjoy Nikko’s exquisite local cuisine

    Embarking on one of the most delightful segments of your trip from Tokyo – it's time to tantalize your taste buds with Nikko’s exquisite local cuisine. Ah, where do we start? Well I have a soft spot for "Yuba," tofu skin, a Nikko specialty! Pair it with some warm, soothing soba noodles, and you have a meal that echoes the essence of this historical town.

    I’d recommend popping into Hippari Dako, a charming spot I often find myself drawn back to. It’s cozy, authentic, and brimming with delightful aromas that invite you in for a heartwarming meal. With City Unscripted’s guides' insights, finding these local gems becomes a delightful adventure of its own, turning your day trip into an exploration of flavors and culinary stories.

    Exploring the local eateries, each with a unique tale, is a chapter you don’t want to skip in your Nikko journey. It’s not just about eating; it’s about immersing yourself in a rich, edible culture that gives every traveler a taste of Nikko's spirit.

    Afternoon: Nature’s marvels

    Situated about an hour from Nikko Station

    For an afternoon well-spent on your day trip, I often point friends and visitors to Lake Chuzenji. Situated about an hour from Nikko Station, this spot holds a special place in my heart. The route there, along the Irohazaka Winding Road, is memorable with its changing landscapes and views.

    Once you get to Lake Chuzenji, just a short distance away is the impressive Kegon Falls. Watching the water cascade from roughly 100 meters, I’m often reminded of the rich mosaic of Japanese history and nature intertwined.

    Nikko, with its blend of natural beauty and historical significance, is why it's one of my top recommendations for day trips from Tokyo. If you're mapping out a round trip from Tokyo, spending your afternoon here can offer a refreshing contrast to the city's hustle.

    Evening: Culinary delights and comfortable stay

    Make your day trip from Tokyo memorable.

    As the evening unveils its calm, Nikko transforms into a warm embrace of culinary delights and comforting stays. Let me whisk you through the evening charm of Nikko, sharing my personal recommendations to make your day trip from Tokyo memorable.

    I recommend heading to Kamaya - Café du Réverbère for dinner; it's a lovely spot that offers some of the best tempura dishes, and if you're in the mood for a warming bowl, their soba noodles are a treat! Freshly made, these dishes promise a culinary experience reminiscent of Nikko's essence.

    Now, if you're thinking of a cozy overnight stay, you're in for a treat. I'd suggest the Turtle Inn Annex. Nestled close to the river, this inn captures the serenity of Nikko with the convenience of being near major attractions. The ryokan-style rooms, paired with the gentle hospitality, offer a rejuvenating rest after a bustling day trip from Tokyo.

    City Unscripted shines in tailoring these experiences, seamlessly blending local insights with traveler curiosity so let your guide know what your preferences are and they will be sure to give you some recommendations for a overnight stay that ticks every box.

    Itinerary 2 - Hakone

    2. Hakone: A blend of art and nature

     Depart from Shinjuku Station

    Morning: Journey to Hakone

    Let’s kick off one of the most invigorating day trips from Tokyo by hopping aboard a train bound for beauty and tranquility. Depart from Shinjuku Station via the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar", a cozy journey that offers picturesque views, setting the mood for the adventure ahead.

    Morning: Journey to Hakone

    In about one and a half hours, you’ll find yourself embraced by Hakone’s scenic wonders. If you have the Japan Rail Pass, consider taking the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line from Shinjuku Station to Odawara Station. From Odawara, it's a breeze to access the heart of Hakone via the Hakone Tozan Train or bus. For the economical explorers, the Hakone Free Pass is a treasure, offering unlimited use of Odakyu-affiliated buses, trains, boats, and cable cars in the area.Navigating Hakone is part of the adventure! And with City Unscripted, the journey is sprinkled with tips and insights that only a local buddy like me could offer. So, fasten your adventure belts, as we delve into Hakone’s blend of art and nature!

    Mid-morning: Visit to the Hakone Open Air Museum

    The first stop on our Hakone adventure is the mesmerizing Hakone Open Air Museum, easily accessible from Chokoku No Mori Station. A place where the brilliance of art intertwines effortlessly with the beauty of nature, offering visitors a unique cultural experience on their day trips from Tokyo. Spread across expansive grounds, the museum houses a diverse collection of over a thousand artworks, sculptures, and installations.

    Explore the mesmerizing Hakone Open Air Museum

    An essential highlight is the impressive Symphonic Sculpture, a tower adorned with beautiful stained glass, allowing visitors to climb inside and enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Hakone scenery. Navigating through the museum, City Unscripted guides ensure that you uncover the fascinating histories and stories behind each piece, providing a richer, more engaging experience. Our valuable insights and tips enable visitors make the most out of their visit without missing out on the museum’s hidden gems.

    Lunch: Local and international flavors - dining suggestions

    Fact: sushi pizza is something you won't find back in c

    As you meandered your way through Hakone's art-filled landscapes, you'll start to notice the enticing aroma of local eateries. One of my absolute favorite spots, which I often recommend to those on day trips from Tokyo, is The Fujiya, situated not too far from the museum.

    They serve an impeccable Hakone-style tofu that just melts in your mouth. If you’re hankering for a warm bowl of goodness, then Togendai View Restaurant is a must-visit. Their volcano-themed ramen, inspired by nearby Mount Fuji, is both a visual and gastronomic delight.

    Now, for those who want to mix it up a bit, there’s La Terrazza, an Italian-Japanese fusion bistro with views that complement their eclectic menu. Their sushi pizza is something you won't find back in central Tokyo, blending familiar Italian zest with traditional Japanese flavors. Trust me, as a City Unscripted guide, I’ve seen the joy these culinary spins bring to first time visiors, so I urge you to try them yourself!

    Before hopping onto the bullet train at Tokyo Station or making your way to Shinjuku Station for your journey back, make sure to pack some yomogi mochi or kintsuba—traditional Hakone sweets, they great snack and can be picked up at any local eatery.

    Afternoon: Exploration of Lake Ashi and Hakone Shrine

    Catch a stunning view of Mount Fuji

    Once you've had a taste of Hakone's culinary scene, I'd love to guide you to Lake Ashi next. This is a place I've visited countless times, and I never get tired of it. Trust me, the pirate ship cruise across the lake is a must-do. On a clear day, you can catch a stunning view of Mount Fuji from the ship!

    Just by the lake, there's the Hakone Shrine. Every time I walk its paths, I'm reminded of Japan's deep-rooted history and traditions. The Torii gate, which stands in the waters of Lake Ashi, is a sight that always gets my guests reaching for their cameras.

    Hakone is among the most popular day trips from Tokyo for good reason. It offers a blend of nature and spirituality that's just a short round trip away from the capital city. Ready to dive into these experiences with me? I'm eager to show you around!

    Evening: Recommendations for evening meals and accommodations

    Hakone Kamameshi Soba - their buckwheat noodles

    My go-to choice for winding down the day is always a delightful meal at a cozy restaurant. For a heartwarming dinner, consider trying Hakone Kamameshi Soba - their buckwheat noodles are a local specialty and an absolute must-try.

    If you’re a sushi enthusiast like me, Itoh Dining by NOBU is a delightful spot where traditional meets contemporary. Their menu is a fusion of Japanese classics with a touch of global flavors, guaranteeing a delightful dining experience.

    For accommodations, let me share a gem - Hakone Gora Byakudan, a ryokan that exemplifies Japanese elegance. The rooms are tastefully decorated, offering tranquility that harmonizes with Hakone's natural beauty, and the hot springs within are a serene retreat for your senses.

    Alternatively, the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa offers a luxurious stay with spacious rooms and impeccable service in a setting reminiscent of a serene hot spring town, ensuring a restful night after your adventurous day trip.

    These selections are the same ones I personally suggest to my close friends and family when they visit. They are not just typical tourist spots; they offer unique experiences that will stay with you long after your visit.

    Itinerary 3 - Kamakura

    3. Kamakura: Ancient Buddhas and tranquil trails

     Explore ancient traditions echo amoungst the Great Bud

    Morning: Setting off to Kamakura - Transport details from Tokyo

    The journey to Kamakura is as straightforward as it is scenic! From Tokyo Station, you’re just about an hour away from stepping into a world where ancient traditions echo amongst the Great Buddha. I usually take the JR Yokosuka Line direct to Kamakura Station.

    See  ancient traditions echo amoungst the Great Buddha.

    It’s a smooth ride, and the transition from the buzz of the big city to the calm, historical allure of Kamakura is almost cinematic. Try to grab a window seat! The route offers some lovely vistas that subtly prep you for the beautiful day ahead.

    And with one of City Unscripted's friendly guides, you’re not just traveling; you’re embarking on a delightful day trip, curated with local insights that sprinkle a touch of extraordinary on the usual transport practises.

    Mid-morning: Visits to great Buddha and Hase-dera

    The monumental Great Buddha (Daibutsu)

    First on our itinerary is the monumental Great Buddha (Daibutsu). If you’re coming from Kamakura station, a breezy 10-minute local bus ride will get you there, but I prefer the leisurely 20-minute walk, soaking in the quaint charm of the streets.

    Standing majestically at Kotoku-in temple, the Great Buddha is a colossal bronze statue that’s been meditating here since the 13th century. The serenity radiating from Daibutsu is palpable, and you can even go inside the statue! It's a surreal experience that I always find quite profound.

    A stone's throw away from the Great Buddha, journey next to Hase-dera. This enchanting temple houses a massive wooden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, and is surrounded by beautiful, blooming gardens, complete with koi ponds.

    As you wander through, you’ll find spots like the observation platform, offering splendid views of the town and the ocean - the perfect place to capture some memories.

    The path between the Great Buddha and Hase-dera is filled with delightful little souvenir shops and cafes where you can taste the local specialty, sweet potato ice cream - a must-try, trust me on this! And remember, wandering around these sites with one of City Unscripted's guides by your side means you won’t miss the stories and the small, magical details that bring the history of these spiritual sanctuaries to life.

    Lunch: Where to eat in Komachi-dori street

    Post-morning explorations, it’s time to let the culinary adventure unfold on the lively Komachi-dori Street, where every footstep is a chance to indulge in a new flavor.

    Enjoy a variety of eateries and food stalls

    Just about a ten-minute walk from the grandeur of Hase-dera, the street buzzes with a variety of eateries and food stalls, each echoing the essence of Japanese culture through its dishes. Navigating through the delightful maze of food options on Komachi-dori is like embarking on one of the most vibrant day trips from Tokyo. What makes the experience more enriching is the insight from a City Unscripted guide, our intimate knowledge of local spots allows for a curated and authentic dining experience that aligns with your tastes and preferences, ensuring that your day trip is as delightful to your palate as it is to your spirit.

    For a delightful start, you might want to try some freshly made takoyaki - octopus balls that are a local favorite. Pair it with a delightful bowl of ramen from one of the numerous spots scattered along the street - a fulfilling and delightful option that never fails to hit the right notes! And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, do not miss out on the deliciously warm and inviting taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake filled with sweet red bean paste.

    Afternoon: Exploration of hiking trails and Engaku-ji

    Here you'll explore traditional architecture

    Riding on the high from a delightful lunch at Komachi-dori Street, let’s steer our adventure towards the captivating trails and majestic temples of Kamakura.

    The hiking trails here are rich with history and natural beauty. Each step you take allows you to deeply connect with nature and the historical essence of the area. Engaku-ji, one of Kamakura's most important Zen Buddhist temples, is where our journey gracefully unfolds.

    Nestled amongst the towering trees, this sacred space breathes a sense of calm that’s almost mystical. Walking through its grounds, you’ll find yourself lost in the profound spirituality and traditional architecture that adorn the temple.

    Evening: Traditional fare and cozy accommodations

    The most popular day trips end their stay in Japanese I

    After your scenic afternoon among hiking trails and temple grounds, an inviting aroma awaits as dusk envelops Kamakura. Dive into the bustling side streets near Kamakura station.

    Here, local eateries serve specialties that will tantalize your tastebuds. For an unforgettable experience, I often suggest Ichikanjin, known for its rich and savory noodle dishes - you'll taste the very essence of eastern Japan in every bite.

    If you fancy prolonging the Kamakura charm, a few traditional Japanese inns, dot the city. One of my favorites is Kamakura Rakuan, a restored traditional house with a modern twist. It's a great spot to soak up the authenticity of Japanese culture.

    And if you’re looking to piece together a more personalized evening or need recommendations for your next trip, City Unscripted guides can help craft those unique moments for you. Whether it's a extension on your day trips from Tokyo or expanding to other nearby areas, we’ve got you covered.

    Itinerary 4 - Yokohama

    4. Yokohama: Gardens, gourmet and glamour

    Coastal city with amazing amazing panoramic views

    Morning: Quick travel to Yokohama

    When the first light of day breaks, Yokohama is just a quick and convenient journey away, making it perfect for day trips from Tokyo. From Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station, you can catch a direct train to Yokohama, whisking you away to Japan’s vibrant port city in less than an hour. It’s one of those trips from Tokyo that feels almost effortless.

    Tip: Take the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line

    I personally prefer taking the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line, a swift ride that offers glimpses of the changing landscapes between the capital city and Yokohama. It feels like a soft transition from the bustling big city vibes of Tokyo to the more laid-back, yet equally intriguing, atmosphere of Yokohama.

    Embrace each moment, and if there’s anything specific you wish to know or any personal recommendations you need for the journey, City Unscripted guides like myself are here to guide you, making your travel not just a trip, but a delightful story to be told.

    Consider starting your journey a little early. This way, you get a head start, beating the crowds and making the most of the city as it starts to awaken.

    Mid-morning: Exploring traditional beauty

    A hidden gem in the midst of the bustling city of Yokoh

    As the morning unfolds, I always find myself drawn to the serene beauty of Sankeien Garden. It’s one of those enchanting places that seem to easily convey Japan’s illustrious history and traditional architecture. This exquisite garden feels like a hidden gem in the midst of the bustling city of Yokohama.

    Embarking on this part of your day trip, you’d be greeted by a harmonious blend of seasonal flowers, historic buildings, and gracefully arched bridges. During my visits, the garden always offerers a tranquil escape, a place where each path seemed to lead to a new, delightful discovery.

    Whether it’s the ethereal charm of the cherry blossoms or the warm, vibrant hues of autumn leaves, Sankeien has a timeless beauty that resonates with every season.

    Lunch: A culinary journey in Chinatown

    Yokohama's Chinatown promises a gastronomic delight

    Hungry after your garden stroll? Yokohama's Chinatown promises a gastronomic delight that'll transport your taste buds straight to the heart of China.

    When I think about my most cherished day trips from Tokyo, sinking my teeth into some authentic dim sum or savoring a spicy Szechuan dish always stands out. And while I have a few personal favorites, you really can't go wrong here. From bustling street vendors to elegant sit-down establishments, each corner of this vibrant area offers something unique.

    If you’re overwhelmed by choices, one place I often suggest to my friends is the Kai'in-kaku. With its unique Japanese flare, their traditional Cantonese dishes never disappoint. And for those craving Peking duck, Shimon Syurō serves it succulent and crispy.

    With the best hotspots constantly changing, I recommend asking your City Unscripted tour guide where to eat; with your dietary preferences and local knowledge in mind, your guide is sure to find sumptuous spots, ensuring your lunch experience is both delicious and memorable.

    Afternoon: Modern attractions at Minato Mirai

    As the afternoon sun graces the vibrant port city of Yokohama, let's dive into the modern marvels at Minato Mirai! This sleek and stylish area will give your tokyo day trips an electrifying touch of the future.

    I've always found Minato Mirai to be like stepping into a dynamic canvas where creativity knows no bounds. From the towering Landmark Tower that offers a breathtaking observation deck to the playful wonders of Cosmo World amusement park, the options are endlessly exciting!

    Landmark Tower that offers a breathtaking observation d

    But if you ask me, nothing beats the experience of strolling along the waterfront, where the cool breeze carries tales of this city’s maritime glory. Pair that with a visit to the CupNoodles Museum, a tribute to instant noodles that’s both whimsical and enlightening, and you've got yourself a delightful blend of education and entertainment. Taking a City Unscripted tour means diving deeper into the area. Your guide will show you the spots that most visitors miss and share stories that locals cherish. So, are you ready to juxtapose your historical morning with a sensational splash of the contemporary?

    Minato Mirai is your passport to an afternoon brimming with explorations that effortlessly combine tradition with modern allure, making your trips from Tokyo richer and truly unforgettable!

    Evening: Gastronomy and glamorous stays

    As daylight wanes and Yokohama dons its vibrant night-time colors, the city invites you to explore its gastronomic delights and cozy accommodations to conclude your memorable day trip.

    An array of traditional Japanese courses

    Allow me to share some local favorites for a delightful dining experience. How about a visit to the Yokohama Bay area? Here, Tsukijitamazushi Minatomiraiten, a waterfront restaurant, delights with its sushi and traditional Japanese courses, offering a delightful ambiance paired with a panoramic ocean view. For those seeking a contemporary twist, "Jack Café" at the Bay Quarter Yokohama, allows you to savor inventive international dishes while basking in the laid-back, stylish  atmosphere. Considering turning this memorable day into a spectacular night?

    Yokohama is home to luxurious hotels such as "The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu," where you can immerse yourself in opulence, enjoying spacious rooms and captivating city views. So why rush? Relish each moment, allowing Yokohama’s evening charm to cradle you in its warm, vibrant embrace, ensuring your journey from Tokyo is nothing short of extraordinary.

    Last thoughts

    Your treasure trove of day-trip destinations

    And there you have it, a treasure trove of day-trip destinations. These curated journeys, lovingly shared by a local enthusiast, are gateways to exploring the landscapes, history, and culture that lie just a stone’s throw from the bustling heart of Tokyo.

    Each destination offers a unique story, a different facet of Japan waiting to be unveiled. From the serene, historical allure of Kamakura to the vibrant, eclectic energy of Yokohama, these trips are meticulously designed to immerse you in experiences that resonate with authenticity and charm.

    As you step back into Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station at the end of your day trip or weekend trip, you'll be bringing home not just souvenirs but also heartfelt memories and a deeper appreciation of the beauty and diversity that exists a brief train ride away from the capital.

    The journey doesn’t end here. With every time you visit Tokyo, new paths unfold, and hidden gems reveal themselves, inviting you to explore, discover, and cherish Japan’s remarkable destinations. Happy travels!

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