Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local
Must see Seoul with a local

Must see Seoul with a local

Myeong-dong, Changdeokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace (it’s a real thing, promise).

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  • Private &

  • 8 hours

  • From
    $53.75  USD
    per person
    based on 8 adults

  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
    (including English)

What you'll do

You’ll meet up with your host and get sightseeing, making the most of the time you have in South Korea’s capital. You could follow the crowd and see glamorous Gangnam from the top of the Lotte World Tower (all 1820ft of it), or head down to street level to take in the epic scale of malls like COEX, and the sheer luxury of Apgujeong, the most expensive slice of Seoul’s sultriest suburb. You’ll also discover culinary hotspots like Itaewon, where the world’s favorite flavors fuse along Gyeongnidan Street, a thriving hub of multinational cuisine. If you’d prefer to head off the beaten path, why not ask your host to take you to hidden gems like Sangsu, where indie vibes meet pub crawls and street food.

Where you’ll go

You’ll experience Seoul’s vibrant culture in iconic areas like Bukchon Hanok Village, a reconstructed 15th century suburb famed for its cultural value and rustic tea shops, or you could opt for the glitz and glam of more modern districts like Gangnam, a pop-culture parade of the highest order, where the who’s who of Korean glitterati come out to play. Your host will also lead you to hidden gems like Ikseon, a burgeoning hipster hangout lined with 100-year-old homes that now serve as trendy boutiques and classy cafes. See icons of futuristic South Korean architecture in the city center before kicking back and savoring some local street food at Myeongdong market, surrounded by the biggest brand names in the world.

  • Must see Seoul with a local
  • Must see Seoul with a local
  • See Seoul at its authentic best with the help of an insightful local host.

  • Visit 10 of the city’s most iconic sights in just one day.

  • From Gangnam to Bukchon Hanok Village, discover Seoul’s top spots, with a local insider leading the way!

  • Sample local food and drinks - whether you’re in the mood for Korean BBQ or street eats, your host knows just the place.

  • Fill up on handy tips from your host on how best to spend the rest of your time in Seoul.

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • Private and personalised experience
  • 8 hours with a host
  • Walking experience ( if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options )
  • Hotel meet-up ( available on request for central location )

What’s not included

  • Food and drink
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

Cancel 7 days before the experience for a full refund

How it works

  • 1

    Tell us about you!

    Once you book, fill in a quick questionnaire and tell us what you’d like from your experience.
    Tell us about you!
  • 2

    We introduce you to your perfect local

    Build your perfect tour and experience together
    We match you with a host
  • 3

    The best part!

    Experience the city like you would with a knowledgeable friend living there
    The best part!

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