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When your cruise ship has docked at some of the world’s most iconic cities, it would be unwise to waste a second of your time. Instead of scrambling with maps and trying to plan for public transport, simply shake out your sea legs and let a local guide pick you up right at the port for one of our memorable shore excursions.Our tours by locals squeeze in all of a city’s top sights (and a few hidden gems) tailored to your interests. Whether you want to see ancient architecture in Rome, modern museums in Stockholm, or wacky themed cafés in Osaka, our shore excursions let you see the best of a city in the little time you have.

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Discover a city on a shore excursion

A cruise stop-over is the perfect opportunity to explore a city’s history and heritage. On our tours with locals, you’ll be lead deep into their city to taste the food, tour the streets – and maybe even travel through time in Kobe and Yokohama, where you’ll see ancient temples just a stone’s throw from neon-lit nightlife.

Is your ship docked in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, or on the edge of the fairytale floating city of Venice? Wherever you end up, our shore excursions in Italy are a sensory feast of fantastic food, ancient art, and tradition that traces back centuries.

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Stay in the city or explore a neighbouring one

On our shore excursions in Rome or tours by locals in Stockholm, you’ll be occupied for hours. But if your ship has docked at a smaller city with fewer major attractions, you won’t even have to stay put! With a local guide to take care of the transport, why not move your shore excursion further out on a day trip to a neighboring city?

You could dock in Kobe and spend your time exploring Japan’s small, scenic jewel – or you could hop on a train to historic Kyoto or high-tech Osaka for a totally different side to Japan. Your experience; your choice!

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CityUnscripted featured excursions
Shore excursions tailored to you

When you have limited time, you don’t want to waste it. That’s why all our shore excursions are 100% personalized by our local guides. We’ll take the stress out of planning the perfect day because we’ll do it all for you!

Our shore excursions in Italy and Japan will satisfy foodies, history buffs, and architectural aficionados alike. And, whether you’re intrigued by the Swedish music or museum scene (or both – there’s an ABBA Museum, after all) on our Stockholm tours from cruise ships, you’ll get an experience that sparks your fascination and excitement.

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