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If you have a long airport layover then why not take the opportunity to visit a city on a private tour guided by a local? From experiencing the local food scene or seeing the main tourist attractions or completely going off the tourist trail, our local hosts can pick you up at the airport and tailor a layover tour that will make you want to do more airport layovers!

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Discover a city on your layover

A long airport layover is a perfect excuse to escape to the city and check out the main sites, the vibrant food scene and experience a bit of the culture of the place.

Our layover tours are fully personalized to you. From walking along charming canal houses on an Amsterdam layover to eating the best dim sum of your life at a vibrant market on a Hong Kong layover or drifting away on a cloud of spices at the Eminönü Egyptian Spice Bazaar on an Istanbul layover, there is no better way to discover a city in just a few hours.

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Get picked up at the airport

One of our local guides will meet you at the airport so you don’t have to figure out how to get into town on your own and waste precious time. You will then travel downtown by the airport express train or public transport as it tends to be the fastest and most reliable travel method. We can arrange a taxi if you prefer though.

Your private tour will be fully tailored to the hours you have available and to the type of experience you are after. Your local guide will then drop you off either at the correct public transport connection that takes you back to the airport.

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CityUnscripted featured excursions
Make the most of your time

An airport layover means you have only a few hours to explore a city so the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to figure out how to navigate the city and deciding what to do. By booking a private tour with us, you won’t only get a great local host to show you the best of the city but also a fully personalized itinerary that starts at the airport arrivals lounge.

So whether you want to visit the main tourist sites, experience the food scene or even go off the tourist trail, we can deliver the ultimate, private tour for any curious traveler.

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