Half day in Osaka with a local

Dotonbori Road, a hilariously wild sense of humour and probably a food coma.

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  • Private &

  • 4 hours

  • From
    $41.25  USD
    per person
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  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
    (including English)

What you'll do

Osaka’s whirlwind of chaotic shopping, lantern-lit mazes of izakaya bars and frenetic canal-side entertainment districts is a lot to get to grips with, but your local insider will make sure you make the most of your 4 hours together. Discover locals-only Osaka, where fish seamen is a delicacy and vendors consider bargaining to be a traditional art form. You could want to let off some steam with the locals in a sento bathhouse, before swapping nudity for cosplay in Nipponbashi, one of Osaka’s fashion and otaku hotspots, where a geek-culture obsession comes as standard. Our hosts will show you that the best way around Osaka is on the canals and that despite its futuristic exterior, the city’s trendiest music still comes on vinyl…

Where you’ll go


You’ll get to see the very best of Osaka, from Shinsekai, a burgeoning former slum where the Tsūtenkaku Tower gleams from above, or nearby Dōtonbori, the entertainment district where neon lights shimmer off the waters of the canals, exposing a spectacular array of experiences. There’s just so much to see and do in Osaka, but with one of our hosts leading the way, you’ll experience the very best of this remarkable city in just four hours. Witty, chatty locals greet you at every turn in Tenma, a bustling nightlife quarter near Osaka Castle, and in Ura Namba, a central district famed for its eateries, sake flows as easily as the conversation does. Plus, you can always be sure that your host will have a trick (and a snack!) up their sleeve...

  • Spend four hours with your host and explore the real Osaka.

  • See the most famous attractions, as well as a few that remain secret to most tourists.

  • Discover neighborhoods and attractions through the eyes of your host, and gain unique insights.

  • Taste authentic street food at your host’s favorite spots.

  • Get plenty of help planning the rest of your stay in Osaka

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • Private and personalised experience
  • 4 hours with a host
  • Walking experience ( if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options )
  • Hotel meet-up ( available on request for central location )

What’s not included

  • Food and drink
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

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  • 3 The best part!

    The best part!

    Experience the city like you would with a knowledgeable friend living there

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Reviews for this experience

Our 1/2day walk in Osaka

We are three women in our 60’s and were treated to a very informative and enjoyable walk through Osaka with our guide Brice. We learnt and saw a lot of things we wouldn’t do ourselves. We would highly recommend it!

October 2019

Reviewed by Ricky H , hosted by Brice

Invaluable local information

Brice took us on a tour and covered a wide range of Osaka city with us in a half day. We used the tour to get us started and oriented for trips within and outside the city. He showed us some very unique and special cool places in the city which we were able to visit later for night life. Later he responded to emails for follow up advice. Fun and great guide!

October 2019

Reviewed by Robert M , hosted by Brice

Friendly and informative tour

Brice our guide was brilliant and fun as we wandered round the hotspots of Osaka. He was happy to do the bits we wanted and threw in a couple of well hidden secrets which we would never have found on our own. Great value compared to other options and I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

September 2019

Reviewed by William W , hosted by Brice

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