Explore Neukölln, Berlin’s artistic neighborhood

Explore Neukölln, Berlin’s artistic neighborhood

Progressive spirits, Turkish pizza and flying kites on old airport runways.

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  • 3 hours

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  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
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Imagine a stroll through the diverse and creative streets spotting street art, quirky boutiques and flea markets while you feast on baklava and maybe even hang out on an old airport runway.

You’ve just imagined Neukölln.

With one of our Berlin hosts by your side, you’ll be quickly immersed in the creative and welcoming spirit of this alternative district.

There’s an infectious feel to locale, riddled with crafts, local arts and a diverse food scene, including freshly baked Turkish eats.

Your host will open your eyes to the progressive Neukölln, which is littered with exciting hidden gems that they are ready to reveal.

Fancy a food frenzy on your visit? You can enjoy baklava, köfte, lahmacun - Turkish pizza, and other authentic Turkish specialties.

Maybe even head to the disused airport where locals have picnics, roller skate and fly kites on the old runways.

Your host is there to offer you a deeper connection to the area - a connection that will have you feeling like a real local.

  • Enjoy an unscripted 3 hours in one of Berlin’s hippest and most alternative neighborhoods.

  • Delve into one of Neukölln’s flea markets, where you can indulge in various Middle Eastern treats, trinket and stroll through boutiques and other stores.

  • Enjoy the street art that is scattered through Neukölln

  • Check out some of its quirkier hangouts like a repurposed old airport and public galleries

  • Get advice from your host and other friendly locals you might meet about the other great Neukolln offerings.

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • 3 hours with your host
  • A private and personalized experience
  • Walking experience (if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options)
  • Hotel meet-up (available on request for central location)

What’s not included

  • Food and drink
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

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