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The best private food tours & food experiences with locals

From a secret food tour Paris-style to a food tour of NYC’s best local eats or even a surprising discovery of Tokyo’s weirdest varieties of ramen, one of our local guides will take you on a journey where you’ll get to truly experience the culture and food heritage of each new place you explore.

Whether you’re dreaming of savoring authentic Italian food at a local trattoria in Rome or a dark chocolate crêpe down a tiny cobbled street in Montmartre or maybe even learning how to eat tacos al pastor like a pro during one of our street food tours in Mexico City, our local insiders know where to find the best food in their city and they’ve got you covered!

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Discover the food culture of a city

Food is the simplest way to learn about another culture! Share a meal with one of our foodie local guides during a private food tour tailored to you and sample the best of the foods you know, discover new foods you never knew existed, learn about the food culture of the city and create memories that will transport you back many years later.

Whether you want to discover the little-known food culture of the Netherlands during a food tour of Amsterdam or check-out why Osaka is Japan’s top foodie destination, or wherever your itinerary takes you, we just urge you to arrive hungry!

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CityUnscripted featured excursions
Try authentic foods loved by locals

Why not try some of the best dim-sum at a local street food market in Hong Kong or lose yourself and pop that top trouser button during your next bout of exploring the food scene of the city with one of our top private food tours of San Francisco?

Wherever you plan to travel to - remember that no one knows the local food scene quite like the aficionados who live there. Tick off new tastes, understand more about the local food culture and find the hidden gems ‘gourmand gold’, almost too good to share, as you draw behind the tourist curtain and experience authenticity like never before.

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CityUnscripted featured excursions
From street food to high-end delicacies

No matter how advanced your palate, from aficionado status to street food enthusiast and market haggler, our personalized food tours cater to absolutely everyone.

Travel through a new city, sample the tastes that make each new place so unique and appreciate the culture by understanding how people come together to celebrate through food. From discovering the best “bomba” (croquette) in Barcelona during one of our private tapas tour, to sampling some of the most famed European foods at award-winning restaurants. We have the favored foodies on speed dial.

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