The Most Instagrammable Foods In Osaka

By Emiko, a native Osakan who ate her way around her hometown’s food scene many times before swapping the bright lights of Doutonburi for London.

Edited by Holly Stark

There’s a reason why Osaka is known as the food capital of Japan. After all, Osaka is called kuidaore city; in Japanese meaning “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” Among the city's hidden gem cafes and incredible restaurants, today you’ll find a new trend comprising some of the ultimate instagram worthy food in Osaka. As well as streets packed full of tiny local eateries and world class restaurants, Osaka is home to a well kept gourmet secret of traditional regional foods, restaurants and cafes; the Kansai region of culinary delight. From high-quality Uji green tea to Izushi culture to hearty soul food like okonomiyaki, take your taste buds on an adventure through the Kansai region, and get ready to feast on the weird, wonderful and most instagrammable food in Osaka. Wondering where to eat in Osaka? Kickstart your trip with my Osaka food guide for must-try Japanese foods, secret places in Osaka, Osaka speciality food and the most instagram worthy restaurants in Osaka.  

ECO NECO Cafe & Sweet

Are you a lover of rainbows, unicorns and cute animals? If so, you’ll be sure to love the concept of ECONECO Cafe & Sweet. Econeco is a Japanese illustrator known for his Animal Parade Magical Circus Coloring Book. Selling different merchandise such as stationery, sundries and mobile goods, Econeco has branched out into the food sector and ECONECO Cafe & Sweet create some of the most instagram worthy food in Osaka. The food is like the artwork; full of the fantastic colors which came from an imaginary world. This must eat in Osaka is a great stop to relax and indulge in delicious treats, and is the epitome of kawaii culture, which we use to describe anything adorable or cute.

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Genso No Kuni Alice

Genso no kuni Alice, an Alice in Wonderland style diner, has an original menu based on Casual French and Italian cuisine, created with the image of Alice's world. With unique and distinctive “eat me!” food; such as “white rabbit”, “cheshire cat” and “soldier”, the spot is home to some of the most instagrammable food in Osaka. The “drink me!” selection includes colourful cocktails, homemade fruity sangria and a large wine selection to match the cuisine. Try “the queen of hearts” or the “mad hatter.”


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Head to the relatively new Panbo; a great place to stop by if you’re seeking where to eat in Osaka on the go. The concept is very much Osaka; walkie-eatie food. It’s kind of junk but in a funny, delicious, instagram-worthy way and the concept matches Osaka very well. Don’t miss these pancakes on a stick; a new trendy Osaka food and something you’ll find a lot in the kawaii soaked shopping areas of the city.

Long Softcream

Head to Long Softcream for a delicious, absurdly long, vanilla ice cream. The indulgent treat makes for a great snap - and tastes yummy. The spot is conveniently located in one of the best neighbourhoods in Osaka; the American Village; where you can uncover an eclectic mix of fun and see some of the wildest, most colourful styles. With an abundance of great bars, absurd and wonderful vintage shops, anime merch stores and restaurants, your Osaka trip would not be complete without a trip here. Just try to eat it all without losing any, it’s a challenge!

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque

Considering itself a space where people gather to create a city corner, Bibliotheque is a community space where coffee, desert, books, art and live music are combined. Both a bookstore and a cafe, Bibliotheque welcomes art and food loves alike. The quirky cafe is hidden in Umeda and is a must-eat in Osaka for anyone with a sweet tooth. Also one of the most instagram worthy places in Osaka, the food is delicious and will satisfy both your eyes and your tummy.

Okonomiyaki Kushikatsu Issen-yoshoku Fukumaru

Make your own okonomiyaki with colourful sauce and transform yourself into a gourmet food artist at Okonomiyaki Kushikatsu Issen-yoshoku Fukumaru. You can make only one okonomiyaki in the world; a savoury pancake which became the nation’s favourite dish from Osaka. Not to be missed when travelling to Osaka, the dish is made from a fluffy flour-based batter, cabbage and whatever else you like (okonomi derives from the meaning “how you like” or “what you like”, and yaki meaning “grilled”). The dish is usually topped with meat, seafood and vegetables and an addictive sauce, mayonnaise, bonito and seaweed flakes. The difference at this restaurant is that the ‘as you like it’ part is taken even further, and you can make your meal into a work of art before you dive in!


Japan has mastered the art of visually appealing food and that’s very evident at JTRRD; a small place in Osaka selling the most photogenic smoothies you’ve ever seen. The healthy, fruity and delicious smoothies are packed with goodness and are so visually pleasing that you won’t want to drink them! The smoothies are a real work of art, and all you have to do to order is tell the staff what your favourite color is, and they will create your drink according to that. There are six colors to choose from – pink, red/orange (depending on the seasonal fruits available), yellow, green, blue, and purple. This is without a doubt one of the most Instagram worthy foods in Osaka, as it’s clear that most people come here to snap a picture, not to drink the smoothie - although they are still delicious.

Mamezo & Cafe

Ever wanted to make your own Japanese Zen style garden - and then eat it? Head to Mamezo & Cafe, where you can do just that. Create your own mini Japanese-style garden or “Hakoniwa sweet” out of sugar, edible moss, and stones. First design it, then eat it! The spot is limited to only 20 people from 2pm. A super-cool place that you never knew you wanted to go to, Mamezo & Cafe is a must-visit for anyone seeking a truly unique and extravagant dining experience. It’s another one of Osaka’s Instagram worthy restaurants which is best to visit if you have a sweet tooth, but if not, maybe you’ll find the whole experience very Zen - you never know until you try it!

Art and Sweets Cica

Art and Sweets Cica is a cool place, home to some of the most instagrammable food in Osaka. The staff are all creators, and for each order they draw a different picture on your plate. If you love eating food while simultaneously experiencing art, Art and Sweets Cica is the place to go. Request Omakase art and have chocolate doodled on your plate next to your cronut - croissant donut - filled with fresh cream and fruits. They both look too good to eat, so once you’ve got the shot for your Instagram you won’t know where to start!


Fujifrance is a desert and baked goods store where you can expect to be really attracted by some cakes which are so intricately crafted that they really look like works of art. The taste of the food meeting the visual beauty makes a great photo. Eat a glossy red apple and feel like Snow White (the taste is surprisingly not apple but raspberry, but it’s nevertheless delicious.) Fujifrance is a wonderful place to stop by if you love sweet things, and to me are an example of the highest quality of French patisserie meeting the Japanese style of preparing food, with so much precision, skill and balance.

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