10 Places To Eat In London's Soho

By By Jan Hoffman the outgoing actor and theatre lover who switched Germany for the “best city in the world”

|Edited by Holly Stark

Soho, London is a great destination for serious food lovers. For whatever draws you into Soho; be it art, music, theatre, or the quirky nightlife scene, be sure to take in some of its food culture too. Whether you are looking to step back in time, people-watch over your plate and pint or discover some of the really cool restaurants in Soho – here are a few West End eats you must tick off the to-do list. From sweet and delicious pudding pantries to old pubs to breakfast grub, the question of what and where to eat in London is an ever-growing challenge. From hidden cheap Soho restaurants spots serving fusion food to the array of hipster cafes and cool restaurants, some of the best food in London can be found in the Soho area. With the area flourishing as a foodie spot and multicultural metropolis, the energy and food situation of Soho is well worth checking out. For those who want to experience the best of the city’s culinary world without confusion, check out this roundup of best places to eat in Soho London and embrace the best of the capital’s food scene.


Whether you’re craving cod, hankering for haddock or would go into battle for a battered sausage, the chippy is alive and well in Soho and Poppies is where it's at. With a rich history, Poppies is a staple on the London fish and chip scene. Their openings in Camden and Spitalfields have made them renowned across the city and Soho is now home to the third branch of Poppies. Founder “Pops” started working in the fish and chip industry way back in 1952 and opened his first solo restaurant half a century later. His restaurants are retro-styled to take diners back to an early 50s London vibe. But it’s the quality that makes Poppies stand above the rest, and the fillets of fish which are supplied fresh on a daily basis by a third-generation Billingsgate fishmonger then coated in the delicious batter are simply not worth missing. Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Soho London, Poppies is perfect for any fish and chip lover in the capital. 

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10 Greek Street

Photo credit :Bex Walton, Flickr 

Seeking delicious but reasonably cheap places to eat in Soho? A relatively small, simple restaurant in the area made a name for itself with its concise but perfectly formed menu and an easy-going yet vibrant energy. A New Zealander by birth, chef Cameron Emirali has created a loyal local following at his Mediterranean-influenced restaurant 10 Greek Street in Soho. Each plate is curated with the best of fresh, seasonal produce. The spot features a daily changing menu and an evolving, exciting wine list, which is all surprisingly good value for money. Think ricotta-stuffed courgette flowers with lentils, chilled asparagus pea soup and lemon and basil sorbet doused with vodka. The delicious food, convivial atmosphere and closely-packed tables mean eating there is never a dull experience. One of the unintentionally fun restaurants in Soho, 10 Greek Street is not to be missed for any foodie in the area. 


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Coach and Horses Pub

Photo credit :Ewan Munro, Flickr 

With an all-vegetarian food menu, the Coach and Horses is a rare spot to grab classic pub food veggie-style. With most pub menus offering scarce options for veggies, the Coach and Horses prides itself on great food, live music and is considered a true icon in Soho. The most central Soho pub, and one of the oldest, at the Coach and Horses you can find ten flavors of pickled eggs and, upstairs, a small secret tea room. The decor is firmly stuck in the past, with carpets worn threadbare; but it all simply adds up to the curious mix of both traditional standards and progressive ideas which work together perfectly. The pub claims to be London's first pub to be granted a nudist license. These granted permission for naturist nights is in protest to the spot being taken over by the Fuller's chain, and the landlord says "we're prepared to take off our clothes" to stop it. Head over to the curious spot; a charmingly cool restaurant in Soho, with great food and one-of-a-kind vibe.

Jinjuu Soho

Photo credit :Kent Wang, Flickr 

A tasty brunch is the perfect meal to keep those feel-good vibes going for your London trip. Want to know the best places to eat brunch in Soho, London? When you think of London brunch you might not immediately think Korean, but Jinjuu Soho, from world-renowned chef Judy Joo, is a must for anyone wondering what to eat in London. Hidden away off London’s Carnaby Street, the stylish brunch spot is home to incredible three-course meals of Seoul-inspired versions of brunch classics. Try Sae-Woo Pops; crispy, fried, round prawn cakes on sticks with a creamy chili mayo. Or perhaps you’ll go for La Kimchi Madam; a toasted sourdough stuffed with ham, melted cheese and béchamel sauce, and topped with a fried duck egg. Got a sweet tooth? Try the Green Tea Pancakes with mixed berries, chantilly cream and maple syrup. One of the best restaurants in Soho London for a unique brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert food experience, Jinjuu Soho is well worth stopping by. 


Bob Bob Ricard

Photo credit :Ewan Munro, Flickr 

Think excess, enthusiasm and the roaring 20’s at this one-of-a-kind restaurant that’s perfect for anyone in need of fun restaurants in Soho. On the menu: British and Russian comfort food, plus lots of Champagne and an extensive wine list. There’s a vibrancy and theatrical nature evident in every element of the place, from the decor to little touches such as the “Press for Champagne” button at each booth. Bob Bob Ricard may be known for its fun nature, but the dessert is serious - and probably plays a huge part in why guests return repeatedly to this seductive Soho spot. Indulge your senses with the Strawberries and Cream Soufflé and the Chocolate Fondant. Or perhaps you’ll go for the extravagant golden ball drizzled with melted chocolate. Inside, you’ll find yummy chocolate mousse and a heavenly chocolate brownie that is almost too beautiful to eat. Head to 1 Upper James Street for a truly unique dining experience.

The White Horse

Dating back to the 1930s, this Carnaby pub serves up some delicious classics and still proudly holds onto the traditional. Without losing its classic pub-like nature, with its prancing horse iron sign outside, art deco touches inside and wooden back wall, The White Horse feels like any really good pub should: homely, welcoming and warm. If you have grown tired of generic gastro pubs that focus more on hipster style hangouts than great quality food and drink, and are looking for something a little more authentic, The White Horse is for you. The spot takes gin and cask ale very seriously and serves up a menu of pub classics including fish and chips, steak, ale and mushroom pie and a hearty sticky toffee pudding. One of the top pub restaurants in Soho London, the local is also a specialty sausage house with six types of sausage and four varieties of mash to choose from. 


Dishoom Carnaby

Photo credit :Jeremy Waite, Flickr 

From the original site in Covent Garden, to three further sites in London, Dishoom has become one of the most popular London must eat restaurants. Each restaurant is modeled after the Irani cafes which were popular in 1960s Bombay, but each of them has their own individual design quirks. The Carnaby restaurant pays homage to the area’s history by incorporating touches of Bombay rock and roll. But despite the 60s-inspired pep, the restaurant has a youthful, accessible menu of modernized street food classics. The food offering is incredible; 

much the same as at the other Dishooms, including that famous bacon naan roll and black house daal, but there’s also classic bun maskas, chilli cheese toast, masala prawns, lamb biryani cooked ‘dum’ style, and sali boti; a Parsi favourite of braised lamb served with buttered bread. Don’t miss the delicious spot when looking for great places to eat in Soho London. 

La Bodega Negra

Photo credit :Ungry Young Man, Flickr 

This Soho Sex Shop that on the south-east corner of Soho has been attracting and confusing customers since 2011 since it is actually a secret restaurant and tequila bar. Despite the bold neon signs out front which suggest adult videos, peep shows, and “girls, girls, girls”, on offer is actually an amazing Latin-American inspired menu of tacos, tostadas and ceviche. Teamed with a long cocktail list of margaritas, wine, over 40 tequilas, agave concoctions and other Latin American recipes, the hidden spot is one of the most fun restaurants in Soho to grab food and drink and enjoy a quirkier side to London’s nightlife. Try one of the yummy starters of grilled octopus, quesadillas and tuna anticuchos, or a larger plate of aged steak, crispy pork belly, slow roasted lamb barbacoa or duck carnitas. Wondering what to do in Soho for a bit of unlikely foodie fun? Head to La Bodega Negra for a London evening of wild food and chilled vibes.


Photo credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vapiano.jpg

Serving good quality Italian cuisine at reasonable prices, Vapianos is a new style of dining which really stands out in Soho amidst the chain restaurants, fancy eateries and greasy spoons. With a relaxed vibe and speedy dining experience, the Italian spot has an open kitchen where you can witness your food being made. With different sections for pasta, pizza and salad, you can order directly from the chef cooking it and specify exactly what you want and how you like it. Pasta lovers will be in heaven with the 11 types of fresh pasta on offer. The décor is attractive, the ambiance carefree, and, crucially, taking your own food from the kitchen to your table instead of relying on staff to wait on you means you can keep your costs low and still enjoy quality Italian food. An unusual, unconventional but delicious Italian, Vapianos is one of the best restaurants in Soho London for those seeking good food at a good price. 

Kingly Court

Feeling overwhelmed with all the London food options? Check out Kingly Court. It’s not quite a street food hall, but it is still an outstanding choice for the indecisive foodie. Head through the pale blue alley, and you’ll find a colorful, energetic multi-story courtyard bursting with good quality restaurants. On the three levels, there are no fewer than 21 bars and restaurants to choose from, making it a great shout when you’ve forgotten to book a table somewhere. With so many great options available, from mac ‘n’ cheese burger joints to Japanese to Italian, you can bounce from place to place until you find something that meets your needs. After-dark and once your tummy is full, head to Cahoots; the iconic basement bar (which does require advanced booking) which is decked out in retro tube furniture, and home to delicious punchy, inventive drinks and wine

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