What to do in Bangkok this Summer - Things to do in June, July and August 2019

Get ready for the heat because Bangkok, Thailand, is unsurprisingly hot in summer. But, Bangkok summer weather is slightly unusual, in that it’s possible for temperatures to be slightly lower at this time than in spring. Throughout June, July and August you can still expect the average maximums to be above the 30 ° C mark, but this will taper off by one or two degrees as July and August roll by. If you’re wondering what to do in Bangkok this summer, keep in mind that it’s likely you’ll also encounter some rain, and depending on the exact time of your arrival, your trip may coincide with monsoon season. With average rainfall starting at 150mm in June, and growing to as much as 190mm in August, it’s important to come prepared. Still, if you’re a fan of summer travel, Bangkok is an ideal place to visit, and the mixture of popular tourist attractions and several Bangkok summer events will make it a rewarding trip.

Things to do in Bangkok in June 2019

June marks the arrival of monsoon rains, and although the average temperature drops by one or two degrees from May, it’s still likely to be hot and humid. It’s important to plan ahead for the high heat by packing light clothes, sun protection, and rain gear. This is particularly important if you’re intent on ticking off the main things to do in Bangkok in summer, as many of these are outdoors. Most building interiors do, happily, have air conditioning, and embracing the heat and humidity is all part of the Bangkok experience - especially when you know you can retreat indoors to the blissful cool of air-con at a moment’s notice!

If you’re a fan of retail therapy, there’s no better time to visit Bangkok than in summer. That’s because from mid-June to August the city’s Amazing Grand Sale takes place - it’s really called that, so expect nothing less than amazing things - whereby shoppers can pick up incredible discounts on just about everything imaginable. An early trip to a Bangkok market at this time of year can also deliver some amazing results, as it’s not as stiflingly hot as in other months. June is also a great time to visit the Grand Palace, the city’s most popular tourist attraction, and an unavoidable inclusion on a list of things to do in Bangkok in 3 days. That’s because if you get there early, it’ll likely be quieter now than at any other time of the year.


Things to do in Bangkok in July 2019

The heat and humidity continue into July in Bangkok, and the average high is still 33° C, with the average low unchanged at 26° C. There’s also an average of 14 rainy days in July. Although rainfall usually occurs in short, sharp bursts, July can bring as much as 160mm of rainfall over the course of the month. Because of this it’s one of the quietest times of the month as far as tourism goes, and it’s officially the low season. Those who can tolerate the heat, and are looking for a good bargain, often claim this is the best time to visit Bangkok. The fewer crowds also mean it’s a good time to spend some time exploring Bangkok’s iconic attractions, and many people at this time of year opt for a half-day tour to avoid the heat of the midday sun.

If you’re looking for traditional things to do in Bangkok in summer, then July is a good time to visit. Asana Bucha and Khao Pansa are two Buddhist holidays that fall next to each other, and are particularly important to Thai Buddhists. In 2019 Asana Bucha day is on July 16th, and it’s celebrated at temples across the city. There’s also a parade through the city that’s an intriguing event to witness. As the temperatures climb, it’s also a good time to experience some of Bangkok’s famous nightlife. There are lots of things to do in Bangkok at night, but a summer cruise along the Chao Phraya River may just be what you need to cool off. If you’re a fan of running, there’s also the Pattaya Marathon to consider - it takes place on July 19th and leads runners through remarkable scenery on the outskirts of the city, but it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Things to do in Bangkok in August 2019

There’s little change in the weather between the months of July and August, and you can expect the highs to still be hovering uncomfortably around the 33° C mark. There’s also still a good chance of a fair amount of rain falling in August, sometimes to the point of flooding. The torrential downfalls often go as quickly as they arrived though, allowing for enough time to explore the city and take in its many sights. As in July, the heat and humidity tend to keep many tourists away, so while it may be warmer, the lower tourist numbers are often considered a big enough reward. As such, it’s a great time to head to some of the main tourist attractions, and sample some of Bangkok’s famous street food without the mad crush that sometimes accompany both.

But despite the lower tourist numbers, August is a busy time in Bangkok for the locals. If you’re wondering what to do in Bangkok this summer, you might want to time your trip around mid-August. That’s because you’ll get to experience the queen’s birthday celebrations on August 12th. Residents across the city dress in light blue and hold candles, and it’s an interesting event to witness as an outsider. Another popular traditional festival, the Ghost Festival, falls on August 15th in 2019. It’s a festival to honour the tradition of the Chinese people who remain in the country, and most celebrations are centred around Chinese shrines throughout Thailand. August is also a great time to visit if you’re a fan of film. The Thai Short Film and Video Festival, now in its 23rd year, takes place during the month and showcases the best of local and international short films.


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