Hi, I’m Arnaud


Hi, I’m Arnaud

I’ve lived in Seoul for 3 years

I speak English, French, Korean, Japanese and some Spanish

I am a 서강대학교


Hello :) I am Arnaud, 25, I have always been interested in Asian cultures, that's why I went to a Japanese university and traveled a lot in Asia. I love Seoul because you will never get bored: it's a dynamic, young, trendy, and fashionable city, without forgetting its roots. I love to call Seoul the Hub. Every day, the city is evolving, new places are built, or something different has opened. It's a multi-faceted city, everyone can find something they like in Seoul even those who are unfamiliar with Asian culture. Different people with different tastes want to visit Seoul, all of them for different reasons. We can classify the different visitors according to the following groups: the K-pop/K-drama lovers, the K-food enjoyer, the K-Fashion, the ones who love Temples/Religion sites, the mountains hikers, the rich Korean history lovers, and people that live for the vibrant nightlife that Seoul has to offer. All of these people came with a precise goal of living the Korean dream. I was also one of them, so I am in the best position to understand how you feel and where to take you to fulfill your Korean dreams. I can provide you with a true Korean experience. As your guide, I aim to show you that even if you don't speak the language and have never been to a foreign country, you can do everything you want to do, and make unforgettable memories.

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local specialities Desserts Unique/unusual Street art Parks Scenic routes Hikes Political Economic Social Buildings Religious Cityscapes Street photography Of me! Instagrammable Classical Wine Whiskey Coffee Gin Beer Tea Everyday Traditional Popular Religion Lifestyle Rituals & Ceremonial Alternative / Underground Korean style / Hongdae Style 일제강점기

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