Hi, I’m Yoko


Hi, I’m Yoko

I’ve lived in Kanazawa for 46 years

I speak Japanese

I am Psychological Counselor


Hi there! I'm Yoko, your friendly local host here in charming Kanazawa! Kanazawa truly captivates me with its blend of traditional and contemporary art, delicious cuisine, and vibrant fashion scene. One of my favorite spots in the city is the bustling Kanazawa Station, where the lively atmosphere is infectious. I'm quite the regular in the Yuwaku area, where there's always something new to discover, whether it's exploring the Edo village or indulging in the relaxing public onsen. And let's not forget about Noda, where I'm well-versed in the local dialect and can point you to the best cafes serving stylish desserts and restaurants offering delectable local cuisine. So, if you're ever in need of insider tips or just fancy a chat about all things Kanazawa, I've got you covered. Let's make your experience in this incredible city as memorable as possible!

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