Hi, I’m Lolo


Hi, I’m Lolo

I’ve lived in Kanazawa for 8 years

I speak English, French and some Japanese

I am Chef


Hey there, I'm Lolo, your local host in the enchanting city of Kanazawa. Being a Kanazawa enthusiast, I've clocked countless hours exploring the nooks and crannies of this city. Walking is my preferred mode of discovery, and it's amazing how the serene atmosphere accompanies me at every turn. What captivates me the most is the variety of beautiful places that grace Kanazawa, each corner contributing to the city's unique charm. I've got the inside scoop on hidden gems around the city, and I can't wait to share these discoveries with you. Whether it's the timeless artistry or the peaceful vibes, Kanazawa has a way of making you feel right at home. So, let's go on an adventure together through the streets of Kanazawa, where every step is an adventure. I'm looking forward to sharing the beauty of this incredible city with you!

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Local cuisine Fine dining Gardens Social history Street photography Wine Local beers Street markets Traditional culture Contemporary art Second-hand markets Jazz music

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